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Don’t eat eggs on Tuesday, don’t cut your nails on Tuesday, don’t get a haircut on Tuesday. We all, once in a lifetime, have been told the same by our elders. But what is the basis of our elders telling us to do something on Tuesday and things that we should not do on Tuesday? Well, in this blog, we will clear all such doubts of yours. Also, if you wish to find out the things that you must not do on Saturday as per astrology, you can check the same from HERE

In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to one God and a planet. As per astrologyTuesday is the day of Bajrangbali and also a day devoted to planet Mars or Mangal. Worshipping the God on his day is considered auspicious. And similarly, doing things that aren’t liked by God, inauspicious. 

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When it comes to Mars, the planet Mars is the force behind one’s might, valour and courage. Due to its red colour, the planet Mars also has a special effect on one’s blood. Our astrologers say that worshipping Mars on Tuesdays can help one get rid of Mangal or Manglik dosha

In astrology, a person can have a low, medium and high mangal dosh in their horoscope. While low and medium Manglik dosh is not a matter of worry, most of the time, but having a high Manglik dosh might affect you negatively. Manglik dosh is known to cause a delay in marriage for some natives. So it is best you follow the remedies to please the planet Mars, whenever possible. And honestly, pleasing Mars won’t be possible if you are doing or buying these things on Tuesday. 

Avoid doing these things on Tuesday

Don’t shave on Tuesday 

Mangalvar or Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars or Mangal. The planet Mars is also called Angarak and is associated with heat. This day can affect the human body and related elements such as blood and cause anger much easily than any other day. Hence it is recommended to not indulge in risky things like shaving that could escalate into much worse concerns for you. If you really want a shave, Wednesday is the best day to get a shave.

Don’t make Urad dal on Tuesday 

Another thing that you must avoid doing on Tuesday is making Urad dal at home. As per our astrologers, Urad dal is associated with the planet Saturn. And if you know, a combination of planet Saturn and Mars can cause intense harm to a native and his family. In astrology, the planets Mars and Mercury are enemy planets. So you must ensure they don’t find ways to interact, and not cooking Urad on Tuesday is one way to do so. 

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Do not cut nails on Tuesday

Apart from Thursday and Saturday, cutting nails on Tuesday is also considered inauspicious. But why is cutting nails on Tuesday bad? As per astrology, every type of waste material like nails, hairs, dirt, etc., is ruled by Saturn. And things like arms, razors, nail cutters, scissors, etc., are ruled by Mars. A clash of these two things can cause harm to one’s body, especially on a day when Mars or Saturn is brimming high with energy. Hence cutting nails or hair must be avoided on Tuesday and Saturday. 

Also, one should not cut nails on Thursday because Thursday is the day of Jupiter – the day of expansion. Anything that denotes expansion must not be discarded off on Thursday. 

Don’t indulge in a fight with your elder brother 

In astrology, Mars controls one’s relationship with the elder brother. Hence, you should never fight with your elder brother on Tuesday. In any such fight, you might intentionally or unintentionally cause harm to them. This could also lead to prolonged enmity between you and your elder brother. 

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Do not wear black clothes on Tuesday

Black is not the apple of the eye for Hanuman Ji and Mars. Instead, the person must wear red cloth on Tuesday. If you wear red cloth on Tuesday, you get relief from the harmful effects of Mangal dosh. However, if you wear black clothes on Tuesday, it can cause a hindrance to your growth and prosperity. You may also feel mental strain. 

Do not dig the land 

In Hinduism, Hanuman Ji is also known by the name Bhoomiputra. So on his auspicious day, if you dig land or Bhoomi, it could certainly anger God. This is why you must also not lay the foundation of your home on Tuesday. Monday and Thursday are considered the most auspicious days for performing the bhumi pujan, as per astrologers

Avoid buying these things on Tuesday

Here is a list of things that you must avoid buying on Tuesday:


First and foremost, a person must not buy any kind of makeup on Tuesdays as it can cause a rift between the married couple or even in a relationship. The best days to buy makeup as per astrology are Monday and Friday. If you plan to gift your lady something as their spouse or boyfriend, make sure it is not makeup on Tuesday. If you wish, you can gift them the same one day after or before her birthday.

Black colour clothes 

Apart from just refraining from wearing black clothes on Tuesday, you must also not buy black clothes on Tuesday. Buying black clothes on Mangalvaar brings bad luck and attracts negative energy for the native. It might also attract Shani and as you know, Mars and Shani are not the best mates. Wear red colour clothes on Tuesday as it is auspicious.  

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Iron products

Iron or iron made things like nail cutter, scissors, etc., should not be purchased on Mangalvar or Tuesday. As mentioned above, buying iron things on Tuesday can cause physical harm to the native.  

Havan Samagri 

In various instances, a havan should not be performed on Tuesday as per our astrologers. Also, you must not purchase havan samagri on Tuesday. Also, when you are performing the havan, make sure it gets over by noon. 

Tips to worship Lord Mangal on Tuesday

Lord Magal can bless the native with an abundance of luck, valour, and courage. And that is why people choose to please Mars. Some people try to please Mangal to lessen the effect of Magal dosh. If you too are looking for tips to please Lord Mars on Tuesday, then here are the best ones for you.

Do these things on Tuesday to please Mars/Hanuman Ji 

  • Worshipping Hanuman Ji and keeping a fast is one of the best remedies to please Mars and Hanuman Ji on Tuesday. Worshipping Hanuman Ji on Mangalvar enhances the native’s physical and mental health. 
  • Wear red or copper coloured clothes on Tuesday to please the planet Mars. 
  • As much as you can, don’t lend money on Tuesday. 
  • Doing an act of bravery is very lucky on Tuesday. This is one of the ways to please Hanuman Ji. 
  • As per our astrologers, doing the pooja of Narsingh Bhagwan is also considered very auspicious on Tuesday. 
  • In another way to please Hanuman Ji on Tuesday, take the blessing of Mars by reciting Sundar Kand.
  • Do charity to please Mars or Mangal. However, make sure if you are donating any edible item, you don’t eat that item.
  • When it comes to things you can donate on Tuesday, that would be red lentils, mounds, fennel, moong, wheat, copper utensils, jaggery, etc.
  • If you seek to please Mars, you must buy things like rabdi, barfi, kalakand, chena, etc. on Tuesday. 
  • It is said that on Mangalvar, one should buy laddus made of gram flour and offer the same to Lord Hanuman.
  • After taking astrologer advice, you can also use the Mangal Yantra to reap the maximum benefits from Mars.
  • A 6 Mukhi Rudraksha or 11 Mukhi Rudraksha must be worn to attract the blessing of the Mangal.
  • Recite the Mangal Mantra – || Om Kram Krim Kroom Sahi Bhaomaey Namah ||

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