Bhakoot Dosha- Effects and Remedies in Horoscope Matching

Bhakoot Dosha

Bhakoot is considered an essential factor during marriage horoscope matchmaking. It consists of a maximum of 7 points. When Kundli is matched through “Ashtkoot Guna Milan” Bhakut becomes very important. The position of Bhakoot is 2nd from the top and 7th from the bottom. Gunas are assigned for the purpose of Kundli matching or Marriage horoscope according to the rules of Gun Milan. The cancellation of Bhakoot dosha effects is crucial for a successful marriage.

Meaning of Bhakoot

According to Vedic Astrology, when moon signs in the birth chart of couples are making unfavourable combinations like 6-8, 9-5 or 12-2 Bhakoot Dosh is formed that can be harmful to a successful marriage. This combination is made as explained below :

  • The boy from Aries sign and Girl from Virgo sign, the moon of the boy will be 8th from the moon of girl and moon of the girl will be sixth from the moon of the boy. In this case, a 6-8 combination is formed.
  • Bhakut in Kundli of 6-8: This combination will be very harmful to the health of the pair and this can also lead to an operation.
  • Bhakoot 9-5: This can cause progeny issues and many major problems in relationships. (Where moon of one person is Virgo and another person is Taurus)
  • Bhakut in Kundli of 12-2: Finance will be badly affected and there will be health complications in the marriage. ( Where moon of one person is Gemini and another person is Taurus)
  • In extreme cases where other malefic beliefs are present in their birth chart other than Bhakoot, it can lead to the death of one of the partners. There will be many disagreements and fights in a marriage that can lead to divorce.

Negative Impact of Bhakoot Dosha

Bhakoot Dosha can attract many serious issues in marital life. These problems will not be apparent but will gradually affect a marriage deeply. The person will notice the following impacts :

  • They will face financial problems in their marriage. This issue can occur in many ways. For e.g one of the partners being totally dependant on the other, business failing after heavy investment or hard work.
  • There will be problems with begetting children. This can also bring issues like a dissatisfied physical relationship in the marriage.
  • They will face constant disagreements and fights in their relationship which can lead to legal separation.
  • If Bhakoot Dosha comes in combination with another malefic dosha in your horoscope then it can also lead to the death of one partner.

Remedies of Bhakoot Dosha

It is important to cure Bhakut Dosh because it will eventually result in the ending of Marriage and many other problems in the life of the spouses. Canceling the Dosha can help you overcome many unwanted and unfavorable situations in your life that you might feel will not happen in the initial days of the marriage. But as your time for the company for each other amplifies because of your marital tie, then the problem will come across.

Bhakoot Dosha’s effect doesn’t completely vanish. However, there are Remedies for it that one can perform religiously and under the guidance of Expert Astrologers. The malicious effects of the Dosha will be reduced and they will eventually become weak. They will not harmfully affect marital life and can be tackled easily if one is aware of the remedies.

Reduce Impact of Bhakoot Dosha

When the Lord of Moon sign is similar in both birth charts then the effects of Dosha lessens. For eg: If the combination of Dosha is 12-2 then it can be canceled with the combination pair of Capricorn-Aquarius. Also, if the Bhakoot is 6-8, then it can be canceled with the pair Aries-Scorpio.

One can also perform Puja under the guidance of experts. They should peacefully deal with problems in their marriage and should not take decisions impulsively.

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Bhakoot Dosha effects or implications cannot be generalized as they are different for different horoscopes depending on another planetary status in their Birth Chart. There are chances of more problems when this Dosha amalgamates with Nadi Dosha, Gana Dosha, etc in their horoscope. The person will not face the problem due to Bhakut Dosh a immediately as this Dosha gradually affects and ruins the marital tie.

There are treatments for Bhakoot Dosha and thus there are not many reasons to worry in most of the cases. The couple should consult an astrological expert and know if this situation is actually harmful or not. There are Pujas, mantra, and donations that can easily reduce the effects of this Dosha, and couples can live healthy and strong marital life.

To know more about bhakut dosh, connect with our astrologers.

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