Know What Part Of The Body Your Zodiac Sign Rules Over

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Ever wondered what body part your zodiac sign rules over? This is one fun dimension to explore when it comes to astrology and we tend to call this dimension – ‘body astrology’.

Happens, the physical traits we are born with can really tell us a lot about ourselves. Wait!! honestly, why just about ourselves? You may look at someone else’s body traits and can certainly guess what kind of personality they might be entertaining. For example, you can analyse the shape of someone’s toes to guess their personality

Exploring the body parts can also explain why we have a more of so and so trait. It can also explain why a certain part of our body deals with serious ailments. And all this is possible because of the interconnectedness of these body organs and zodiac signs. 

Each zodiac sign rules over a certain body part/parts. And at times that zodiac sign becomes stronger or weaker in our kundli, the body part too becomes stronger or weaker. So certainly, knowing a bit about body parts-zodiac rulership might help explain certain gifts you may have, and also the reason for your headache. So here you go. 

Aries: Head, Brain

Arians like to go into things ‘headstrong’ and that blessing is the result of the body parts they rule. Aries, as per astrology, rules over the head and the brain region of the human body. So while a head massage is a pure delight for the Aries, a head injury, on the other hand, could be fatal. As Aries rule over the head, they are prone to getting stressed way too easily but also snap out of it quickly. Ruling the head makes these natives thoughtful and very understanding in nature.

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Taurus: Neck, Shoulders

A Taurus lady once told me she wanted to get a tattoo on the neck and now I know why. Taurus, the sensual creatures of the zodiac jungle, rules the neck and shoulders of the human body. The Taurus natives also enjoy a grip on vocal cords and thus are really keen about singing. The bulls are said to have a ‘plenty of neck’ that is invariably welcoming of the neck kisses. But once you do kiss their neck, don’t blame us for what happens next.

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Gemini: Arms, Lungs, Nervous System, Breath

On our list of body parts that zodiac signs rule over, Gemini rules over arms, lungs, nervous system and breath. Gemini is a tactile zodiac sign who likes to create things using their arm-strength. This ‘thing’ could be as simple as building a lego tower or creating a business empire. On the other hand, ruling the lungs allow them to hit the right chords at the karaoke session and impress who’s who when on a morning walk. And let’s not talk about the blessing of having a good breath 24*7, for it makes us jealous.

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Cancer: Breasts, Chest

Cancerians are the most caring and nurturing beings of all the zodiac signs, which explains why they rule over the breast, chest and stomach in the human body. Cancer possesses a strong maternal strength and rules over home and family. And thus one can always find a safe company when they are around a Cancer. On the downside, stomach pains and the tendency to internalize anger could run amuck if things are not going well for the Cancer.

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Leo: Heart, Upper Back

A Leo has my heart. Well, that is both, a real-life story, as well a statement to explain to you that Leo rules over the heart and upper back in the human body. Now ruling over the heart means two things for Leo. One, that they are an open-hearted person who is nothing but strong and brave. And two, they are someone who suffers from an over-inflated ego. In a nutshell, either they are sending you 20 messages in a row or simply ghosting you away.

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Virgo: Abdomen, Digestive System

Virgo sign rules over the abdomen and digestive system in the human body. So you can expect a Virgo to pamper you to eat well all the time. In a nutshell, the Virgos are like the modern grandmas who want you to eat plenty but makes sure what you eat is healthy. Additionally, Virgo natives bring great cooking skills to the table. However, when things are rough for this sign, digestive issues might be written in the stars.

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Libra: Lower Back, Kidneys, Skin

As Libra longs for balance in their life, they have been bestowed with the blessing to rule over the lower back alongside kidneys and skin. The quest to find the balance that Libras are on; reflects on the body parts they rule over. Too tired in the process of balancing out the things? Well, your skin will suffer alongside aching lower-back pain and kidney-related issues. But when things are going as per the plan, you would be high on self-love and very touchy.

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Scorpio: Reproductive Organs

Scorpio is the most sensual sign of the zodiac jungle, thus no doubt these natives rule over the reproductive organs in the human body. Everything that is sex is owned by Scorpio, making these people freaks in bed. However, their association with these organs also reflects in their craving for genital hygiene, love for undergarments and taking pictures in those for themselves to stare at.

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Sagittarius: Thighs, Hips, Legs

Sagittarius rules over thighs, hips and legs in the human body. Ruling these organs makes the sign very outgoing, active and an extrovert kind. The Sags are rarely hit by mental and physical lethargy and are always in lookout for the next adventure. Their thighs are both for exploring the world and being explored.

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Capricorn: Bones, Joints, Ageing

Capricorn natives are keen about creating a solid foundation and executing a plan. And what helps them in this process are their strong bones and joints that they rule over. The Caps are also about ageing; and as much as they hate ageing, they tend to become the wisest people as they age. This lot usually have fine skeletal and the best body shape when Saturn is placed well in your chart.

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Aquarius: Calves, Ankles

Calves and ankles are the body parts that the zodiac sign Aquarius rules over. Ruling these parts allows the Aquarius flexibility in life. This flexibility is both physical, and around the choices and decisions that they make in life. Meanwhile, like the ankles, which connects the body to the earth, an Aquarian is also like a human go-between for life on earth and in space.

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Pisces: Hands, Feet

Finally, the twin fish Pisces got a hold of the hands and feet in the human body. Ruling these body parts reflect why the Pisces natives are often restless. As the feet and hands are known to make contact, Pisceans are also able to absorb both positive and negative energies quicker than anyone else. Another way Pisces can facilitate hands-and-feet is by investing in self-care for both themselves and their loved ones.

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