Chakras of Lower Body- Secrets and Origin

Chakras of Lower Body- Secrets and Origin

Chakra literally translates for “wheel” in Sanskrit and it symbolizes the energy flow in the human body. The 7 wheels in our body are energy centers that control emotions. Early Hinduism states about the reaching of chakras. According to research, if any of the chakras ever be out of sync, it can adversely impact our health.

Muladhara chakra

  • This chakra occurs around the lowest part of the spine.
  • Muladhara chakra is called the main place of Kulakundalini. Another name of this is Bhoom Mandal.
  • This chakra is square and golden in color like the rising sun.
  • Physically aroma and health are in control of this chakra.
  • Spiritually controls religion, Artha, kama, and moksha.
  • Its spelling is – “L”
  • The desire for great enjoyment and spiritual desire in a person comes from this chakra

Svaadhishthaan Chakra

  • Located on the spine just behind the reproductive organ,
  • The form of this chakra is half-crescent, it is the circle of water element.
  • The following emotions are in control of this chakra – disregard, lack of common sense, insistence, mistrust, apocalypse, and cruelty
  • Svaadhishthaan chakra is of six petals
  • Through this chakra, a person’s work sense and advanced sense are awakened.
  • The mantra of this chakra is – “bham”
  • This chakra is said to be the Tamasic Chakra.

Manipur Chakra

  • This chakra is on the spine just behind the navel.
  • The shape of this circle is a triangle, and the color is red like blood.
  • This chakra is the biggest center of energy, from here the energy transmits throughout the body.
  • It controls the element of fire and is endowed with Rajasic quality.
  • This chakra is of 10 petals
  • The following circles are in control of this chakra – shame, evil spirit, jealousy, sleepiness, sadness, suffering, craving, fascination, hatred, fear
    The effect on the mind or body directly affects the Manipur Chakra.
  • The seed of this chakra is the mantra – “Raang”

Anahata Chakra

  • The chakra is on the spinal cord in the middle of the heart
  • From the spiritual point of view, the Satoguna of the seeker starts from here. The person’s feelings and feelings begin with this chakra.
  • This chakra also has the name of the solar system. Its color is light green.
  • Its shape is of a right angle.
  • There are 12 petals in this chakra
  • The following types of circles are in control of this chakra – hope, Anxiety, motherhood, Perplexity, Arrogance,
    A person’s feelings and inner feelings of cultivation are related to this chakra.
  • In the state of mental depression, Guru meditation and pranayama on this chakra gives amazing results.
  • The mantra of this chakra is – “Yam”

Yoga as a means to attain chakras

A chakra or a wheel is a point of prana (energy) in our astral body, located in the physical counterparts of our body such as veins, arteries, and nerves. Yoga is a very beneficial way to release life when life or vitality is absent. Yoga releases rotten and deodorant energy and invites fresh energy into our system through postures and breathing.

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