Coral Gemstone- Astrological Benefits and Correct Way of Wearing

Coral Gemstone- Astrological Benefits and Correct Way of Wearing

Coral is a charming gemstone of red color. It is an astounding natural gem. Similar to Pearl Stone, Coral is an enigmatic stone from the depth of oceans. In the Hindi language, it is called Moonga. It is a traditional gemstone. Since the ancient era, people wear it for fortune, strength, bravery, and good health. The durable nature of Coral Gemstone is one of its remarkable features. Alongside its startling outer form, it has significant importance in Astrology.

Commonly, Astrologers suggest this stone to people to overcome enemies, hurdles, and negativity. It is a stone that imparts a marvelous impact on both professional and personal life. Coral Stone has a direct association with planet Mars. Thus, it helps to cure the ill-effect of planet Mars.

Remedy for Mars| Manglik Dosha

Of all the nine, Mars is the eighties, fiercest, and the masculine planet. It is a red fireball that symbolizes energy. In our solar system, it the 4th planet from the Sun. After Mercury, it is the second smallest planet. In Vedic Astrology, it is the emblem of energy, aggression, courage, valor, confidence, determination. Mars is also known as Bhumi Putra in Hindi as it signifies native land in the horoscope. In addition to this, it governs over physical and mental strength, leadership, and dominance. It also represents raw energy, soldiers, policemen.

In a Birth Chart, Mars has diverse results to offer. The outcome depends upon the house which Mars sits in. With well placed and strengthened Mars in Kundali, you are blessed with bravery, leadership ability, and passion. It fills your life with constructiveness and energy. Thus, you feel no fear and step ahead bravely. However, a weak Mars in Kundali gives a tremendous amount of suffering and distress. It signifies injuries, surgeries, allergies. Along with this, it makes you cowards with a lack of discipline and clarity of thoughts. Additionally, you have to suffer pain in personal, marriage, and family life. As a remedy for malefic Mars, Coral stone is suggested by expert astrologers. Coral Gemstone influences the positive energies of Mars. It bestows good health, valor, and happiness.

Coral Gemstone relates to Mars. Therefore, it is one of the best remedies for Mangalik Dosha. Nevertheless, experts suggest Gemstones on the basis of the entire planetary position in a chart. When Mars is positioned with Rahu or Shani, wearing a coral stone can help you keep the negativity away.

Benefits of Wearing Coral Gemstone

  • Since the old times, Coral stone is the significator of honor, power, and courage.
  • The Coral gemstone enhances honor, respect, and social status.
  • It is a magnificent stone with a wide set of abilities. It can attract all the vigor and potency.
  • As Coral stone is associated with Mars, people with a malefic or weak or afflicted Mars can take the help of this gem. It brings the positivity of Mars.
  • The physical properties, energy, and intensity of this Gemstone perform to escalate your physical and mental strength.
  • If you have any negativity or negative energies around you, Moonga stone is a great option to ward them off.
  • If you have any unidentified fear, fear of darkness, supernatural powers, Coral stone can help you put them away.
  • For a happy marriage and relationship, Coral gem can be very beneficial.
  • Especially, if you have sexual issues, it can be of great help to you. It boosts stamina and passion.
  • Wearing the Coral Stone brings well-being, authority, strength, power, and recognition.
  • For people willing to go join forces and police, it is a perfect stone.
  • As it has an association with planet Mars, it generates determination in you.
  • For people with extreme laziness issues, it is a perfect gem.
  • This gemstone adds clarity, discipline, and quality in your life. For passion in thoughts, energy, and constructive Coral is the best stone.
  • It gives relief from debts. Furthermore, it bestows wellness and fortune in your life.
  • The Coral Gemstone helps you come out of obstacles.
  • For people with low self-confidence, Moonga stone works as a medicine. It boosts confidence and offers logical conclusions.
  • According to Medical Astrology, it protects you against many diseases, cuts, burns, and allergies.

Correct Way of Wearing Coral Stone

Each Gemstone has a potency to bring marvelous changes in life. Nonetheless, you must not wear it before you consult an expert astrologer. This stone is beneficial for people depending on the planets in their chart. Specifically, it is favorable for Aries and Scorpio sign. The ideal weight of Coral Gemstone is 6 Ratti (minimum). Whereas you can wear it in a Gold Ring.

Tuesday is the day of planet Mars. Therefore, a Tuesday morning is the best time to wear this stone. You should wear it in your ring finger of your right hand.

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