IPL 2022: CSK vs SRH on April 9, who will win?

CSK vs SRH dream 11 team

The first IPL match on April 9 will be played between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Surisers Hyderabad (SRH). Both the teams have struggled quite a bit in the tournament until now with both awaiting their first win. Also, in IPL 2022, both RCB and SRH are playing under new captains; with the team in yellow being led by Ravindra Jadeja and the team in orange being led by Kane Williamson.

Having played quite some cricket without creating much impact is something that would worry both the teams when they come out to play against each other on Saturday. And honestly, performance pressure would be more on CSK as the team is not known to struggle as it has been in the current season.

Nevertheless, it would be fun to see which team’s fate will change in the upcoming CSK vs SRH match on April 9. And to give you a hint, here is what astrologers predict about the match.

CSK vs SRH match prediction: Who will win?

Chennai Super Kings  

The IPL match on April 9 is going to be an important one for CSK. And will the team be able to register its first win, is the question here? CSK has been a very successful and strong franchise over the years in IPL, with the likes of players such as Devon Conway, MS Dhoni, Robin Uthappa and more carrying it forward. However, the current struggle in the CSK dugout is maybe due to the recent team shuffling.

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As per the astrological perspective, the CSK horoscope is currently being afflicted by a negative Moon. The averse position of the Moon is impacting the bonding between the teammates. However, the movement of the Moon into its favourable house before April 9 is the hope that the team needs. Regarding CSK vs SRH match prediction, astrologers are weighing for CSK to win its first match on April 9.

Sunrisers Hyderabad 

For SRH, the IPL 2022 season till now has been no different from the last. The team is struggling with both the bat and ball, and the players too are not in their best form. Also, astrologers are of the view that the morale of the team is down and the team is trying to hard to win without much focus on strategy.

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This plight, as per astrologers, will continue for SRH on April 9. From the astrology perspective, the weak Jupiter placed with its enemy sign in the 8th house of the SRH horoscope must convince the team to do some thinking about its batting lineup. 

CSK Vs SRH IPL match 2022: Which captain will shine?

Ravindra Jadeja is born under the Aquarius ascendant. The influence of current transit is inspiring him to make bold decisions in the field. Jaddu will continue taking risks in the field, and though it hasn’t paid him well until now, but this aspect would change going forward. The combined combination of Mars and Saturn in the 12th house indicates a fierce fight coming from him and the team. 

RCB vs MI on April 9, match prediction

For Kane Williamson, a Taurus ascendant, the IPL 2022 tournament has been good till now from a personal perspective. And this luck will shine again for him on April 9, says the astrologers. The presence of Sun in his 7th house will help him score better than anyone else in the match. 

NOTE: The above predictions are solely for astrology-related practices. Kindly do not use it for personal benefits.

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