Effect Of Combination Of Rahu and Jupiter In Different Houses

Effect Of Combination Of Rahu and Jupiter In Different Houses

In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is a shadow planet that stimulates to break the border of society. It tells us to fulfill huge desires of fame, name, achievements, addictions. Rahu represents all the worldly desires greed, obsession, hunger. Whereas, Jupiter, also known as Guru or Brahaspati is the planet of wisdom. It represents all the good learnings, generosity, education. This gigantic planet plays the greatest role in making a person wise, benevolent, rich, literate. Together Rahu and Jupiter in horoscope form Guru Chandal Yoga.

It is not a common Yoga in the horoscope. On one hand, Jupiter remains in a sign for about 13 months. On the other hand, Rahu remains in a sign for about 1.5 years. Therefore, this yoga is formed in about 7 to 8 years. However, the result of the combination of Rahu and Jupiter depends upon the placement in the horoscope.

The two planets comprise entirely different characteristics. Rahu is a taking planet. The harmful impact of Rahu leaves a person hight and dry. Whereas, Jupiter is a giving planet. It signifies seeking knowledge and learning. When these two planets come together, the Guru Chandal Yoga proffers rather a bad effect. Thus it is more of a Dosha than a Yoga.

Let’s see what are the possible results when these two conflicting energies come together in a Horoscope –

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Rahu and Jupiter in 1st House

  • Rahu is a follower of all illicit traits. It signifies aggression, gluttony, cupidity, selfishness, and Jupiter signifies the expansion of learnings and skills. The 1st house of astrology, Ascendant House or Lagna Bhava represents outer body frame, ego, self-expression, habits, childhood, and temperament.
  • Herein, Rahu and Jupiter together give auspicious results to the native. It makes them seeker of knowledge and higher learnings.
  • As a positive result of the Yoga, the native high wisdom. They become influencing, religious, benevolent. Such natives often become teachers, religious mentors. They master in Vedas and spiritual studies.

Rahu and Jupiter in 2nd House

  • The 2nd House of astrology signifies finance. It is also called the Finance House or Dhana Bhava. This house also represents finance, prosperity, and fortune. This house also rules over the way of speech.
  • In this house, Jupiter and Rahu meet to give different results on the same edges.
  • As a result of this combination, the native attains a highly aggressive tone. They become highly argumentative and stubborn. Due to their over-aggressive tone, they often land into disputes.
  • Along with temperament issues, they tend to live far away from their family and home. As an influence of Rahu, they become stubborn and want everything they set eyes on.

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Rahu and Jupiter in 3rd House

  • The 3rd House is the realm of mental inclination. This house rules over the ability to memorize, skills, abilities to learn, habits, brother, journey, and neighbors. In this house, specifically, Rahu gives a great result in journeys.
  • With the influence, the native travels to multiple foreign lands for different purposes. By the grace of Jupiter, they grab opportunities quickly and make the best out of nothing.
  • As a result of this combination in the 3rd house, natives become successful in the media field. They earn name and fame in digital media. Also, they may become great authors or artists. Such natives perform excellently in the finance division and foreign divisions.

Rahu and Jupiter in 4th House

  • 4th House of astrology, Bandhu Bhava. This house represents possessions, property, gains, roots, land, and relationship with mother. Well, like a fancy piece of art, herein, the combination of Rahu and Jupiter bestows the native with unanalyzable creative power.
  • As a result of Jupiter, the native holds the greatest affection and attachment towards their mother. They tend to live all their life around their mother.
  • Along with the generous and loving traits, the native comprises excellency in education. They also love travel and discoveries. All their life revolves around goodness and learning.

Rahu and Jupiter in 5th House

  • The 5th house represents creativity, playfulness, romance, sexual prowess, and pleasure. This house is also called Putra Bhava.
  • The combination of Rahu and Jupiter in this house makes the native involved in a creative lifestyle. They tend to grow their creative expertise all their life. Such natives do very well in the art field. They serve for the greater good and make history.
  • Regardless of their great professional life, such natives easily get addicted to bad things. Thus, they might be involved in gambling, drugs and fact have extramarital affairs.
  • These people are intuitive with spiritual influence.

Rahu and Jupiter in 6th House

Rahu and Jupiter in 6th House
  • 6th House of astrology corresponds with health, daily life, wellness, debts, finances. This house is also called Ari Bhava. Here, Ari means the enemy. Thus, this house mainly represents enemies, obstacles, problems.
  • As a result of the combination of Rahu and Jupiter in the 6th House, the natives would be involved in dealing with gigantic financial matters. Commonly, such natives are the big fish of the share market, finance sectors, and banking.
  • Besides their professional success, they suffer several health issues. Such people are prone to abdomen issues like obesity and surgical implications.

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Rahu and Jupiter in 7th House

  • 7th House, the house of partnership. Also known as Yuvati Bhava, this house governs all kinds of partnerships either personal or professional. From the bright to the dark side of all the relationships fall under the realm of the 7th house.
  • In this house, Rahu would never give an auspicious result. Herein, the combination causes relationship issues. The native may have to suffer several heartbreaking breakups.
  • Along with the breakups, the conjunction here causes a delay in marriage. Further, they might find a partner that may have the karaka of either Rahu or Jupiter. In the end, it takes away the possibility of happiness in married life.

Rahu and Jupiter in 8th House

  • 8th house, the house of sudden events. It is also called Randhra Bhava. This house governs death, longevity, sudden profit, sudden loss. In the 8th house, the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter is the most hazardous.
  • Jupiter is strong in constructive ways than Rahu. Thus, the native attains great spiritual transformation. However, they hold a keen interest in following the mystical path.
  • Such natives collect occult knowledge. They may become spiritual teachers, astrologers, fortune tellers.
  • Along with the fascination with mystical things, these natives embrace the ability of research. Thus, they might do great discoveries in scientific fields.
  • Due to the factor of sudden events, natives with such a planetary position are most likely to suffer great sudden losses. They may also have many enemies and obstacles in their way of success.

Rahu and Jupiter in 9th House

Rahu and Jupiter in 9th House
  • The 9th house of astrology is the house of higher learnings. This house is also called Dharma Bhava. This house rules over good karma, religious instincts, ethics, higher learnings, spiritual learnings, mental inclination toward donation and charity.
  • Herein, the combination delivers fine results. It makes the natives become teachers and spiritual guides. Additionally, the stimulation of Jupiter makes them achieve authoritative positions and still be generous in nature.
  • In this house, the combination gives rather excellent results. Such natives earn fame in life and yet comprises a good nature and have gratitude.

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Rahu and Jupiter in 10th House

  • 10th House of astrology, the house of career. In Hindi, it is called Karma Bhava. It is the realm of occupation and professional front of a native. Significantly, Rahu in the 10th house gives spectacular results. It makes the person unbeatable in their professional life. However, herein the contrasting energy of Jupiter draws the exact opposite outcome.
  • A native with a combination of Rahu and Jupiter in the 10th House fails to have a satisfactory career. They have to run here and there for a good job all their life. They would change several jobs and still not find a bit of content.
  • Despite the struggle, the blessing of Jupiter would make them enthusiastic about learning.

Rahu and Jupiter in 11th House

  • Also known as Labha Bhava, the 11th House governs gain, prosperity, profit, wealth, and fame. Therewith the combination makes a person immensely wealthy. All their life, the native runs after money. Acquiring more and more wealth becomes their primary goal and all they want is financial expansion.
  • Along with the motive to earn more, they have an inclination to donate. As an auspicious result of Jupiter in this house, the native would be affectionate towards children.
  • Such a native would maintain high social standards. They would stand their grounds very strongly and have a keen interest in spiritual studies.

Rahu and Jupiter in 12th House

  • 12th House, the house of termination, destruction, and dissolution. As it is the last of the house of astrology, it signifies the end of the life cycle and the beginning of the spiritual journey. It represents self-undoing, abandonment, and imprisonment.
  • As a result of this combination, the native is prone to suffer abandonment issues. They may have several health issues both physical and mental.
  • Such a native would have to stay in foreign lands to acquire a good career path and income. They might become travelers. Along with their habits of moving constantly, they will always spend lavishly.

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