Effect Of Combination of Saturn and Ketu In Different Houses

Saturn And Ketu

Saturn, Shani in Hindi signifies order, law, discipline, justice, and orthodox. In Vedic Astrology, Saturn is the God of justice. On the other hand, Ketu is a headless, shadow planet on the south node of the moon. Ketu signifies solitary, isolation, imprisonment restriction, enclosure. In astrology, it is a giver planet. Both Satturn and Ketu are slow-moving planets. Together, Saturn and Ketu in Horoscope result in ultimate turmoil of selection between worldly desires & spiritual life.

Planet Saturn is the karaka of hard work, career, growth, and strong will. Whereas, Ketu stimulates the native to accept solitude. When these two completely opposite planets come together, the native suffers a constant confusion. They find themselves unable to choose between materialistic and spiritual life. However, the combination of Saturn and Ketu represents certain qualities in the native. For example, they embrace the quality of Saturn like prudent, responsible, hardworking conduct.

Both Saturn and Ketu are the giver of frustration, overthinking, dissatisfaction, denial, delay. When they form a combination in the horoscope, they can give the native a line of painful experiences in life. Excessively introverted behavior, a trail of constant denial, dissatisfaction, self-imprisonment, and chaos of delusion are some of the major impacts of the combination of Saturn and Ketu in Horoscope.

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Saturn and Ketu In 1st House

  • Saturn signifies a strict, serious, and just nature. Whereas, Ketu represents solitary & imprisonment. The 1st house of horoscope or Ascendant House signifies outer form, ego, temperament, confidence, and self-expression. With the combination of Saturn and Ketu in 1st house, the person bears the persona of a recluse.
  • This house also rules over your strength, sense of strength, weakness, childhood, viewpoint, opinion, and ideology. Thus, the native attains a serious nature, prefers solitude, and does not like involving others in their life.
  • Herein, the combination makes a person think for the long run, betterment and has a spiritual outer form. They may be involved in spiritual practices.
  • The childhood of such a native does not include many happy memories. They maintain boundaries and interact only when important.
  • The 1st House also signifies stamina, honour, health, and fame. Hence Ketu in 1st house can lessen these traits in a person. Regardless of the hard work stimulated by the energy of Saturn, natives with a combination of Saturn and Ketu in the 1st house do not achieve fame. They do not have peace of mind and stamina.

Saturn and Ketu In 2nd House

Saturn And Ketu In 2nd House
  • The 2nd House of Astrology signifies possessions. It is also called Dhana Bhava or Finance House. This house rules over your income, possessions, wealth, monetary gains, vehicles, and non-material things.
  • Herein, two similar and slow planets combine together and form two different edges that symbolize different meanings. As a result, the native does not have a serious urge to make money. They do not aim at earning and create wealth.
  • Along with this, the 2nd house also symbolizes communication and way of speaking. With Satturn and Ketu in 2nd house, the native does not hold a sweet voice. They always speak harshly and hurt the feelings of other people. Therefore, whether or not they want, they are compelled to be alone in their life.
  • Additionally, the native always suffers from a lack of money and savings. They remain unable to save for future needs. Their constant urge to give up on materialistic life and fear to leave it behind make them suffer.
  • This house also rules over the teeth, tongue, eyes, mouth, nose, bones, neck. With the combination of Saturn and Ketu in 2nd house causes serious eye problems. They have weak bones and teeth.

Saturn and Ketu In 3rd House

  • The 3rd House of astrology represents mental inclination. It rules over the abilities to learn & adapt, skill. Also, it governs your habits, interests, siblings, intelligence, communication, and communication mediums.
  • The combination of Saturn and Ketu in 3rd House forces the natives to cut off and shut their siblings. Thus, the native tends to prefer a fair distance from their siblings and do not share a loving relationship with them at all.
  • Further, this house signifies strength and valor, here Ketu does not allow to project the native any kind of strength in front of people. They adopt the nature of quitter and runner.
  • This planetary position stops the native to take any bold decision and make tough choices. They become dependent on denial and defense. They do not want to face their issues and rather look away from the problems.
  • Such people lack the courage to do something better with their life.

Saturn maturity effects on different houses

Saturn and Ketu In 4th House

  • The 4th House of astrology symbolizes your possessions, land, and property. This house rules over your happiness, roots, your relationship with your mother, real estate, vehicles, and domestic happiness. It is also called Bandhu Bhava.
  • Saturn and Ketu in 4th house mean the demolition of many significant aspects of life. For example, it draws the native apart from domestic happiness, interest in property & wealth.
  • Herein, the combination of Saturn and Ketu in 4th house stimulates the natives to abandon domestic life completely. They wish to wander and live alone. They do not allow anyone to be near them.
  • Significantly, people with such a planetary combination abandon their mother and do not participate in family matters.
  • Nevertheless, people with such a combination in horoscope would not take care of their inherited property.

Saturn and Ketu In 5th House

  • The 5th house signifies playfulness, bliss, happiness, and joy. This dominion rules over love, romance, sex, pleasure, creativity, and intelligence. This house is also called Putra Bhava. All the aspects related to love life and ecstasy fall under the realm of the 5th house.
  • Ketu also signifies self-undoing. Thus, the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the 5th House is a very negative position.
  • This house also signifies progeny. Thus, the native face extreme difficulties in terms of childbirth due to this position. They may experience a fair delay in terms of progeny due to Saturn. Whereas Ketu might stimulate them to abandon the choice.
  • Along with this, 5th house deals with the Heart, stomach, upper and middle back, spine, and pancreas. Due to the combination of Saturn and Ketu, the person may have to suffer the growth of the brain. Additionally, the person may suffer from issues like heart diseases, stomachaches, and back pain.

Saturn and Ketu In 6th House

Saturn And Ketu In 6th House
  • The 6th house signifies health, wellness, daily routine, debts, enemies. This house is also called ARI Bhava. Here, Ari means the enemy. This dominion also rules over difficulties, obstacles.
  • Ketu signifies hidden things. Whereas Saturn signifies growth. Therefore, this combination in the 6th house enhances the number of enemies of a native with time. Whatever they may do, they create enemies very fast.
  • This house also rules over sickness, accidents, injuries, rivalry, maternal relations, lower abdomen, intestine, and operation. Thus, Ketu here can cause desertion of relations and surrender in front of diseases.
  • Due to this position, there are a lot of chances for the natives to suffer terrible accidents, quick injuries, and surgeries.

Saturn and Ketu In 7th House

  • All kinds of partnership, companionship, and relationship fall under the governance of the 7th House. It is the house that defines your relationship with your partner and their intentions toward your feelings. It also tells about your passion, marriage, and affairs.
  • Saturn is a slow planet. Therefore, it is the major cause of the delay in marriage. Along with another slow planet Ketu, the planetary position may cause a significant impede and dawdle marriage of the person.

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  • The combination of Saturn and Ketu in the 7th House can besmirch your relationship with your partner and ruin the friendship or companionship swiftly.
  • Natives with such a planetary combination fail time and again to have a fruitful venture with any partner. Whether they want or not they have to choose to walk alone. Especially in careers, they never get triumph with people. They have to struggle alone.

Saturn and Ketu In 8th House

  • Your death, longevity, and sudden events define the 8th House. It is also called Randhra Bhava. Swift events like sudden gain, lottery, sudden losses are also a part of the 8th house. It is also the realm of mysteries, discoveries, and transformation.
  • According to the expert astrologers, the combination of Saturn and Ketu In 8th House is the most lethal position. It may cause the natives to take the impact of sudden death or incurable disease.
  • It may also cause quick accidents and inoperable injuries. Thus, it is the worst position in terms of health and life span.
  • This house also signifies the gain of inherited property. However, Ketu stimulates abandonment and relinquishing the gain. Thus, the native would not accept or appreciate the gain.
  • Owing to this planetary combination the native would have to face a heap of obstacles, illness, and struggle to through with life.

Saturn and Ketu In 9th House

  • The 9th house represents truth, principles, inclination towards good deeds, charity. It is also known as Dharma Bhava. This house governs your learnings, ethics, higher studies, immigration, religious inclination. Thus, Saturn good effects in this house are very giving.
  • Herein, Saturn and Ketu deteriorate the native’s relationship with their father. It stimulates them to abandon their father and pursue religious traditions, worship.
  • Due to this planetary combination the native bids farewell to all their responsibilities and take the path of spiritual learning. Such a native would be sincerely involved in religious activities.
  • Owing to this planetary position, the native holds a keen interest in charity, good deeds, serving other, social services, and spiritual practices. They do not understand the terms of the materialistic world.

Saturn and Ketu In 10th House

Saturn And Ketu In 10th House
  • Your career, profession, success, failure all are what the 10th house rules over. This house is also known as Karma Bhava. It governs your prestige, designation, triumph, authority, reputation, and area of occupation.
  • The combination of Saturn and Ketu In the 10th House destroys the energy and strength of your career house. As these are both hindering and slow planets, they create obstacles of many kinds in your way.
  • A native with such a combination never gets successful in any kind of business or venture whether sole or partnership.
  • On the other hand, the natives find themselves unable to settle for a choice. They continuously struggle. Also, they lack concentration. Regardless of how hard they try, they cannot focus on anything. Thus, eventually, they fail to do something worthy of their life.
  • Herein, Satturn and Ketu form Mahadasha which keeps obstructing the natives to achieve success. The combination in the 10th house annihilates their career.

Saturn and Ketu In 11th House

  • The 11th House is called Labha Bhava. This house governs gain, wealth, income, name, fame, and monetary benefits. It also rules over your social circle, friends, well-wishers, elder brother, and acquaintances.
  • This combination takes away financial Saturn good effects. The combination of Saturn and Ketu In 11th House demolishes all the sources of income. Herein, the planets are the cause of the complete apocalypse in the genesis of wealth.
  • Along with this, the native finds it difficult to get a proper source of income and get settle. Gradually, their life becomes tough with a lack of money.
  • As Ketu is a planet that influences to renounce money and forsake the materialist desires, the native slowly becomes distant from the worldly desires. Even if they have family, they choose to leave everything behind.

Saturn and Ketu In 12th House

  • The 12th House is the end of the circle. It corresponds with the last sign of the zodiac cycle. Therefore, this house represents the end of the worldly journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey.
  • This house also signifies sleep, confinement, loss, and separation. Therefore, here Saturn and Ketu increase the chances of separation of natives from friends and family. They might have to suffer great losses.
  • The combination in the 12th house also gives a push to the expenditure. The native may find it difficult to manage their budget and balance their monetary flow.
  • Gradually, the financial problems of the natives become the most significant matter in their life.

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