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Finding A Suitable Reader

Divination techniques like astrology, numerology, tarot-reading, etc., are tools that aid in self-improvement. And, they help one take control of his/her life. The main application of these tools is to help one lead a content life and become the best version of oneself. A tarot reading, numerology, or astrology session doesn’t majorly focus on the prediction of events. It offers you a deeply personal experience and results in overwhelming emotions. Most of the time, these emotions become so confusing that you end up finding a suitable reader every time or consult multiple readers in a row.

This results in disappointments because the key to effective reading is effective communication. When you consult multiple readers, at the same time, you fail to establish a healthy connection while finding a suitable reader. Also, your mind gathers so much information that it becomes overwhelming. It also makes you experience buyer’s remorse because you feel you’re not getting anything out of it.

For example, consulting more readers for shorter durations would lead to disappointments. Whereas consulting one or two readers for a little longer session proves beneficial and cost-effective. Hence it becomes important to spend wisely and go through a transformational process with someone who’s worth your time, money, and most importantly, emotions in a healthy manner.

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Who is a reader and a good reader?

A reader is someone who guides you through the process of becoming your best self. Plus, his/her major goal is your happiness.

And, Who is a good reader?

EVERYONE. Every client is different with a different emotional/mental state and has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, every reader is different and has a different approach, different approach, and different expertise. Someone who might be a good read to you might not suit someone else, and vice-versa. Hence, a good reader is someone with similar energies as you so that you form a better connection with the reader.

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How to find the reader you vibe with?

  • Reflect on yourself: It is important to know why you need finding a suitable reader. And, if there are any problem areas you want to work on, or you want to generally work on yourself.
  • List of Readers: Make a list of readers when finding a suitable reader. The list must include folks who can offer you the expertise you need, language, culture, and budget.
  • Read The Bio: With that, look to reviews to find out more about the reader’s working style. Then, select the reader you’re interested in.
  • Take Your First Reading: A first session is comparatively cheaper. Moreover, it is actually meant to serve as a two-way interview and establish a connection between the reader and yourself. It is okay to ask your reader about their approach, what it is going to look like, and how they are going to help you. But one must not really expect anything in the first session; rather you must figure out if you connect with the reader. Feel free to communicate any kind of doubts or differences. This will help you determine whether you actually vibe with this particular reader.
  • Reflect on yourself after the reading.

Take some time after your first reading to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Do you feel safe communicating with the reader?
  2. Is the reader a good listener?
  3. Does the reader communicate well?
  4. Is the reader compassionate?
  5. Do you have a fear of judgment?
  6. These questions will help you determine if the reader would suit you.
  7. What if you don’t like the reader?

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Finding A Suitable Reader: Final Word

Remember, it is okay to not like a reader after your first reading with them. Any reading is a two-way street. So, if you don’t establish that connection with the reader, note down any red flags and use them as a microfilter in order to find the reader that suits you best. If you disagree on something with your reader, speak up in a polite manner. This will help your reader understand you better and guide you accordingly.

An effective reading involves the exchange of information from both ends. If you’re willing to open up, your reader shall provide you with more information. Also, it would help you develop more trust between you and the reader. Plus, it would reduce your time and effort in finding someone you vibe with.

This criterion will help one effectively use virtual readings and eliminate overwhelming emotions they might face during their search for a suitable reader.

Blog by – Advisor Ashi

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