5 zodiac signs that are food lovers

Food lover zodiac signs खाने की शौकीन राशियां

Food lover, who isn’t? There is no lie in the fact that some people live to eat. And we don’t have even one reason why they shouldn’t. If God has made something for us to savour, why shouldn’t we risk tickling our taste buds with it? And that, my friend, is something the below-mentioned 5 foodie zodiac signs have been doing for ages now. 

But wait, the way we see the world, aren’t we all feasting on something or the other, besides Instagramming it? Well, does that mean all zodiac signs are food lovers? Not even close. There is a ton of a difference between liking to eat food and loving it like a food lover. 

If you are a true food lover, you know how hard it can get to resist food. And if you don’t feel the drolls by looking at it just through the pictures, then you are not even close to being a foodie zodiac sign. What we mean is that while most of us love food, but then there are some people who are ready to go to any height for it. And that would be these 5 zodiac signs that are food lovers

1. Virgo (August 23–September 22)


Irritating can be Virgo’s love for food. And how they send you pictures and videos of food all the time is just too big of an issue to handle for someone who is not that big of a fan of food. Virgos are ultimate foodies and seek comfort in food. Be it a date, online class or after-breakup emotional session, nothing is complete without a large pizza or simply a bowl full of ice cream.

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Yet, also the good thing about Virgos is that they don’t only rely on food corners to quench their thirsts for food. Virgos are amazing cooks and thus can help themselves with snacks when none is available in the vicinity. If you happen to date a Virgo, their opinion about where to eat and what to eat is something one can trust blindly. 

2. Taurus (April 20–May 20)


Ruled by Venus, Taurus have a penchant to find happiness in materialistic things in life, with food being one of those things. Yet, though Taurus love food, but most of the time are too lazy to get it for themselves. Furthermore, as a food-lover, Taurus have a predefined genre of delicacies that they invest in and shy away from trying anything outside of their comfort zone.

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A Taurus nature of being old school and traditional doesn’t go away even when it comes to food. And hence, don’t get shocked if they order Begun ka bharat and sarso ka saag on a date while you order a pizza. Besides just eating, Taurus also love cooking and doesn’t matter what the food they have made tastes like, but its presentation will win your heart invariably.  

3. Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)


Yet another foodie zodiac sign is Sagittarius. And also the one on whom the “bahar ko koi kuch de to khana mat” dialogue doesn’t work. As Sags are very extroverted in nature, hence their interaction with the outside environment is a lot, which includes food. A Sagittarius is someone who you can easily convince to try new food. Also, when it comes to food, a Sagittarius may find it tough to share it with others.

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While eating is a Sagittarius favourite pass time hobby, cooking food is not something they are a fan of. And while this may not convince our desi parents, but gives you an opportunity to bring them food to win over them. It works every time!!

4. Cancer (June 22–July 22)


Cancers are considered the mom of the zodiac jungle. And unlike traditional moms, Cancers like to be fed and not just feed. These natives know what to order from where and even if it’s your party, you can seriously rely on their food suggestions every single time. The Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon’s children always know what is going to be comforting and satisfying. 

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When it comes to personal preference, although Cancers are open to trying anything and everything, but they love sweets more than savoury snacks. If in love with Cancer, you can always win them over with a cup of coffee and a tasty sandwich or simply sleiding your share of french fries towards them. For Cancers, gatherings are all about good food and drinks, the absence of which often stresses this foodie zodiac sign.

5. Leo (July 23–August 22)


Leos and food are inseparable. Leos can’t say no to food and need loads of it to exist in their normal human form. So, yes, if you are interested in witnessing a live zoo, simply keep a Leo hungry. More than for the love of it, Leos need food to function at their full potential. If you are visiting a city and want to know where to eat, ask Leo and he won’ disappoint you. 

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When it comes to cooking, Leos are their own chef. They tend to try vivid mixes of ingredients, the combo of which may look like a disaster but can thrill your taste buds. Leos also use food as a sex tool. So Leo’s foodie zodiac sign habit is not just limited to eating food but also eating something extra with it. 

So these were the top food lover zodiac signs as per astrology. Did you make it to the list?   

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