Holi 2020: Lucky Colour For Each Zodiac Sign

Holi 2020

Finally, the festival of colors is here and more interestingly it’s going to be the first Holi of the new decade. Holi 2020 is going to be celebrated on 9th and 10th March. Holi usually falls on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun according to Hindu Calendar. The festival of joy, mirth, and colors; each year Holi brings with it a new set of reasons to be happy and to celebrate. Holi is one of the most important festivals celebrated all over the world but holds more importance in India.

Holi is all about colors! So why not celebrate it with some lucky colors? I know it sounds a little bit strange. However, according to Astrology, if you choose colors linked to your Zodiac sign it brings fortune and good luck. Many experts Astrologers believe that if you choose Holi colors according to sunshine, its a sign of luck and you will never feel a shortage of anything in your life.

So, in this context lets have a look which color will be auspicious for each Zodiac sign this Holi.


The first Zodiac sign Aries will celebrate Holi 2020 in a unique way. These people may love to organize friends and lead the groups to escalate the celebrations. Aries is a very passionate sign belonging to the fire element of the Zodiacs. The lucky color for Aries this Holi is “RED”. It is considered the color of Isht Dev, so in order to attract luck, they are advised to play Holi with the pure red color.


Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus. These people are very enthusiastic and become the center of attraction where ever they go. They love to keep things balanced and peaceful and just enjoy their own flow. Belonging to the family of the Earth element, Taureans are more attracted to the opposite sex in their friend circle. So, light colors such as Pink, Sky blue can bring the utmost energy and luck for them this Holi.


Mercury is the ruling planet of Zodiac sign Gemini and they belong to the element of Water. These people always come up with some unique ways of celebration to remain in the limelight. So, they celebrate this Holi by bringing a DJ or some other way to surprise their family members. However, the lucky color for them might be Green, Sparkling Red or Yellow.


Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon and belongs to the water family of the Zodiacs. These people are very home-loving and usually want to celebrate every festival with their family. They love to play Holi more with colored water than with plain, dry colored powder. So, the best colors for them will be White or pale blue, which they are advised to play Holi with.


Leo is ruled by the mighty Sun and belongs to the fire element of the Zodiacs. These people are very creative and will spend their time in the arrangments and decoration of the house. As the color of the Sun is Orange, so they are advised to play Holi mostly with Orange or some shades of Saffron. It is also recommended for them to wear orange colored clothes on this auspicious day.


The ruling Lord of Virgo is Mercury and belongs to the Earth element. Virgos are said to be very disciplined and well organized. They will rather spend their time organizing things rather than engaging in fun. There are chances that they will meet some old friends, acquaintances, whom they haven’t met for long. However, their lucky color for this Holi 2020 is Yellow, Brown, and Peach.

Lucky colour for each zodiac sign


Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and belongs to the air element of the Zodiac family. These people have a very good quality that they mix up with the people quiet easily. They love to stay outdoors making new friends, so they are going to make this Holi memorable for them. All the little dull shaded colors such as Dark Blue, Red, Violet, Purple are lucky for them.


Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio and belongs to the water element of the Zodiac family. These people are always up for the celebration and when it comes to any festival, they dress up in their own unique way. You might see them wearing clothes in different colors which are not even relevant. They roam around here and there in their own flow without thinking of the world. However, the best colors recommended for them this Holi are Red, Green, Yellow or Pink.


The ruling planet of this Zodiac sign is Jupiter belonging to the fire element of the Zodiac family. These people are comfortable with any sort of culture and what other people prefer they are ok with that. You can also say it’s their quality and that is the reason Sagittarius makes most of the friends. However, the natives of this zodiac sign should wear lime-yellow colored clothes and start playing Holi 2020 by applying a tika of the same color. 


Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and is considered one of the most important Zodiac signs belonging to the earth element of the Zodiac family. These people are funny and might celebrate Holi in a pretty strange and interesting way. They might bring some magicians at home showing you different magic tricks or some other way to entertain you. However, the lucky colors for them are Grey, Black, Blue, Brown, etc.


Saturn rules over the Zodiac sign Aquarius and belongs to the air element of the Zodiac family. These people always want a fresh start forgetting all the things happened in the past. They will rather choose socializing with the new people rather than sitting around doing the same things with their already known people. They want everything positive and refreshing in their life. So, cool colors such as violet, green, blue are mostly lucky for them this Holi 2020.


Pisces is the 12th and last Zodiac sign ruled by the planet Jupiter and belongs to the water family of the Zodiacs. These natives love to welcome people from diverse areas and those who belong to different cultures and countries. They want to enjoy every aspect of Holi and at the same time promote their harmony and show their culture to the other people. So the lucky colors on this Holi will be Indigo, Red, Green, and Pink.

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