7 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs Of 2020

Dangerous Zodiac Signs

According to Astrology, every Zodiac sign possess both negative and positive personality traits. Talking about the negative traits, the first things that come in our mind is “Anger”. Nobody is perfect in this world, everyone makes mistakes or gets angry when things don’t go right. But how you are going to deal with things is what makes you a wise person. Everyone has a different way of expressing anger some stay quiet and try to sort the things, some people hurt themselves and some people even commit a crime.

Every Zodiac sign is different, each has its own way of expressing its feelings and thoughts. But there are certain Zodiacs who have very little patience and get angry even on little things. At times, they can become so dangerous even when they are angry nobody can stop them from committing a heinous crime.

According to one of the reports by the FBI, there are certain Zodiacs that are most prone to committing any crime and the criminals they have arrested over the years. So now besides asking yourself what is my zodiac sign? You can also ask if my zodiac sign a criminal? Jokes apart, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most dangerous Zodiac signs that are likely to commit any specific crime in 2020.

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Mental Instability

Cancer is considered as the head of criminals. Born between June 20- July 22, these people lack mental stability which makes them the most dangerous Zodiac sign among all the Zodiacs. When they get angry, they completely become mad and can commit any horrifying crime leaving terrific marks on the body of a person.

Cancerians are very emotional and hypersensitive, poking them means you are landing yourself in trouble. People born under this sign are seen as people who kill because of jealousy or of passion and they are arrested the most due to their mental instability.



After Cancer, the Scorpio zodiac sign is another to have extreme anger issues. Born between zodiac signs dates Oct 23-Nov 22, these people are very passionate and don’t give up easily. They want each and everything to run according to their choice and if doesn’t happen, they lose their temperament. You can also say their competitive nature becomes their biggest weakest.

Scorpio zodiac sign doesn’t not like failures, they want to achieve success either by hook or by crook. So, there are chances they might get involved in money laundering or a big financial scam. Their temper is what makes them do all these unlawful activities.


Jealous, Aggressive

On the list of dangerous Zodiacs, the Taurus zodiac sign is in 3rd place. Born between Apr 21- May 21, though Taurus is the best zodiac sign in bed, but these people are also very jealous and get aggressive if things don’t work for them. These people are very sadistic and excellent at manipulating things. However, they will not directly commit a crime but due to their intelligence, they will get their work done from others.

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These people want to be the leaders of the world and for this thing, they will not hesitate a bit even before killing someone. Extremely jealous Taurus zodiac sign cannot see someone going beyond them. They are often seen as sadistic murders.


Harsh and extremely smart

Sagittarius another dangerous Zodiac sign you need to be aware of. Born between Nov 22- Dec 21, these people are very harsh but highly intelligent and smart. They have all the tricks in their pocket and can get out of any difficult situation very easily. These people have a very high I.Q level which is one of their biggest strengths.

Sagittarius will never shed blood until and unless their lives are in danger but can be extremely harsh. These people are all-round criminals who can commit any crime but due to their cleverness, they can easily escape from prison. It’s very hard to keep a Saggitarius at a single place for a longer time.

Dangerous Zodiacs


Professional Thieves

The most dangerous zodiac sign Virgo is often called a Perfectionist. Born between Aug 23 – Sep 22, these people are very organized and want everything to be done in a perfect manner. These people are specialists in stealing and that too without leaving behind any proof or a hint.

You need to be very alert while making friends with the Virgo zodiac sign as they are not at all trustworthy. They only make friends for their own greed and when their work is done, they will leave you standing nowhere like a fool. Hacking, burglary is the crimes they commit.


Serial Killers, Greedy for money, druggist

Pisces is among another dangerous Zodiac signs who is always behind money. Born between Feb 19 – Mar 20, these people can do everything for making money and that is the reason they kill people for money. They are also likely to abuse their own body using drugs. Due to their tendency toward addictions (especially on the drug), when Pisces commit murder, it’s very likely to do it in an unusual way.

You will often see them involved in some unlawful activity, doing some heinous crime just for the sake of money. However, when it comes to helping others, donations, charity, these people are always at the front. This is the best zodiac sign quality that Pisces possesses.


Fraud and Inconsistent

Last but not least, the Gemini zodiac sign is in 7th place among the dangerous Zodiac signs. Born between May 21 – June 21, these people are big frauds but their inconsistency sometimes lands them in trouble. These people are quick learners and have a very good sense of humour but their decisions always keep fluctuating which the reason they are considered the most inconsistence among all the Zodiac signs.

If you are hiring them at a workplace, be very alert as they might be leaking some secret information to your competitors. Gemini zodiac sign people are emotionless and only believe in making fool of others for their own benefit. You never know what will they use against you.

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