Good Looks, talent & wealth, why Hrithik is so Roshan?

Hrithik roshan kundli

Hrithik Roshan is a magnificent actor known for his dancing skills, good looks, good looks and good looks.

And if words aren’t enough to justify the same, then he being recognised as the sexiest Asian man shall do the explanation. In fact, Forbes India’s Celebrity one hundred celebrates him for his increasing quality of work and also his financial gains.

So basically, good looks, pool of talent and wealth. Name a thing and Hrithik Roshan has it. And who does he owe the credit for all these luxuries? Let’s find out from his Kundli.

About Hrithik Roshan 

Date of Birth: 10th January 1974

Birth Time: 03:25 am

Place of Birth: Bombay (Maharashtra)

As per Hrithik’s chart, he is born in Sagittarius ascendant and is the native of a Cancer zodiac sign. The Sun is associated with Mercury and Jupiter in the ascendant house. 

For Hrithik, the best part is the fact that Sun, the lord of luck, is placed in the first house of his Kundli. The first house is also known as the house of self. This placement of Sun allows Hrithik the luxury of great physique, looks and charm, along with the talent he is known for. The placement also makes him confident and determined, which is something he has been able to use for his good.

Hrithik Roshan’s love life

Talking about Hrithik Roshan’s love life, this is one area of his life that hasn’t allowed him the best experiences. And his divorce with Sussanne Khan back in 2014 and following spat with Kangana make the well-known examples. Well, interestingly, the kundli is able to explain why Hrithik doesn’t has the best relationship with ‘relationships’.

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The planets Saturn and Ketu sit in the 7th house in his Kundli. The house of love being influenced by these planets creates issues in the actor’s love life. And that’s exactly what has been happening to him in the past few years. Meanwhile, Mars, in its own house, bestows the actor with a brilliant, creative, and intelligent mind.

Nevertheless, Hrithik’s Roshan Kundli 2022 hints at a great year for him where he might mend things with his old mates. As of now, we wish the actor a very Happy birthday.

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