If LIC were a person, here’s what its future will be like


The opening of the IPO of the Life Insurance Corporation on May 4 marked the beginning of the disinvestment of one of the country’s largest public-sector firms, which is the leader by a pretty great distance in its domain. The IPO already saw its delay as it was to be out in the last fiscal year. Also, the government sold off 3.5% of its stake in comparison to the mandatory 5%, citing market conditions. LIC IPO is a great hype to the market and the investors since its opening. Let us see the journey of the company and if the company had a Kundli, here’s what is there in LIC future?

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History of Life Insurance Corporation

Insurance is as old as mankind. The knack of securing self from bad times and disasters makes everybody tilt towards insurance. If we see the journey of general life insurance, it started back in 1818 in India. Europeans started the firm on Indian Soil in Calcutta with the first life insurance company— named Oriental Life Insurance Company. Later, in 1870, Bombay Mutual Life Insurance came into the act as the first life insurance business.

However, in the year 1965, approximately foreign and Indian provident societies and insurers were taken over by the nationalized and central government. All this led to the formation of Life Insurance Corporation (Indian) by the Act of Parliament, viz. 1956, LIC Act. It was a capital contribution of approximately Rs. 5 Crore from the Indian government.

LIC Horoscope: Yogas that will help it flourish

Name: Life Insurance Corporation of India

Date: Sep 01, 1956

Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

As per the LIC future, it possesses a Scorpio ascendant chart. This makes LIC future have the capacity and capability to attract and acquire people in a large amount. With the help of its ruling planet Mars, LIC shall possess a keen tilt toward the ideals and disciplines to follow the norms and rules that are required. With time, the Life Insurance Corporation of India has all the chances to grow and create a mass impact on individuals.

Yogas for LIC mass growth and popularity are as follows:

Sunapha Yoga

This yoga forms when any planet other than Sun stands second from the planet Moon. As a result of this Yoga in the LIC horoscope, recognition shall be a prime factor in the growth. Moreover, it indicates a renowned financial spread of the people connected with LIC. Moreover, Sunapha Yoga in the horoscope says a lot about having a subtle life. Therefore, the possibilities of having so are high in the future along with settlement and contentment. Plus, reputation is likely to be on par, and growth will reach heights.

Adhi Yoga

Adhi Yoga forms when there are favorable planets in the 6th, 7th, and 8th house from the planet Moon. It basically illustrates trustworthiness in the chart. Therefore, having such Yoga in the LIC horoscope is highly beneficial. It helps in the elimination of hurdles and hardships. Therefore, one can say that it would aid in the substantial stable and long journey of LIC in the country’s economy. Moreover, it also aids in the accumulation of beneficial wealth accumulation. No doubt, the Life Insurance Corporation of India shall see great growth right from the year of establishment.

Chatussagara Yoga

It occurs when all the Kendras are occupied by the planets. This Yoga is generally responsible for respect and reputation. Therefore, having this in the LIC chart is highly auspicious and great for it. There is no doubt, that as per the Lic future predictions, there shall be a lot of reputation in all these years. And this Yoga will certainly be the reason behind it. Moreover, it shall bring prosperity and well-being to Life Insurance Corporation and the people connected with it.

Vasumathi Yoga

This Yoga forms when there are benefic planets in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, or 11th house from the 1st house or planet Moon. It is responsible for diligence and helping others. LIC horoscope possessing this Yoga illustrates the prime motive of what LIC will hold. It would help many natives in form of new ways and ideas and would possess the capacity and capability to do it with great enthusiasm.

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