LIC IPO launch date prediction by astrologers


Disclaimer: The blog’s purpose is not to advise the reader on whether they should or should not invest in LIC IPO. The blog simply highlights the predictions of astrologers about the upcoming LIC IPO.

When will LIC IPO come? Not just you, but investors from across the globe want an answer to this question. However, the LIC IPO date is still something that no one has a clue about. In fact, the truth is that even the government of India has no idea as to when they would be able to launch the highly anticipated LIC IPO owing to the current geopolitical tensions having had occurred due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Had Russia not invaded Ukraine in February, the government of India would have launched the LIC IPO by mid-March, 2022. However, as the war continues to rage even after a month, the end of it is something that no one can predict, which indefinitely delays the LIC IPO launch.

What is LIC IPO?

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India is a fully government-owned company that dominates India’s insurance market. Through IPO or Initial Public offering, LIC plans to raise money to meet the government’s disinvestment target for the financial year 2021-22. 

LIC’s upcoming IPO has created a major hype among the investors owing to the size issue and the company itself. It is the size of the issue that would certainly make LIC IPO India’s biggest IPO in the history of the stock market.

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To give you a picture of LIC’s worth today, let us dive into the financials of the company. As per the IPO papers filed by the LIC to SEBI, the government has decided to sell 5 per cent of its stakes in the company. With a mere 5 per cent sale, the government plans to earn as much as 70,000 to 1,00,000 crores for its disinvestment targets. The size of the LIC IPO will likely be double or even triple of the country’s biggest IPOs to date, namely Paytm IPO at Rs 18,300 crore, followed by Coal India (2010) at nearly Rs 15,500 crore and Reliance Power (2008) at Rs 11,700 crore.

Financial YearTotal Assets In MillionProfit After Tax In Million
FY 2020 – 21Rs. 37,464,044.68Rs. 29,741.39
FY 2019- 20Rs. 34,141,745.74Rs. 27,104.78
FY 2018 – 19Rs. 33,663,346.17Rs. 26,273.78
LIC’s financial highlights

LIC’s embedded value, which is a measure of the consolidated shareholders’ value in an insurance company, has been pegged at about Rs 5.4 lakh crore as of September 30, 2021, by international actuarial firm Milliman Advisors.

The current market value of LIC has been touted at 3 times its embedded value. So as per the industry standards, LIC’s overall market value would be around Rs 16 lakh crore.

Well, these stats about LIC are surely big. But what is the LIC IPO launch date is the bigger question? Well, we asked the same question to our astrologers, and here is what they predicted.

LIC IPO launch date prediction 

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has delayed the launch of the LIC’s IPO. Earlier, the projection was that the IPO will launch on 20 March 2022. However, the finance minister of the country preferred to delay the same after investors started pulling out their money from the stock market owing to the war. 

After reading LIC’s chart, the astrologers predict that the LIC IPO will launch somewhere in mid-May 2022. By then, astrologers claim that the war will be over.

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“The chart of the world has been disrupted due to the conjunction of Rahu with its enemy sign in the first house. The situation has led to the current scenario. However, the crisis will start to decline from April 20, when the harmful effects of Rahu will start dozing off with its tanists,” astrologers say.

Will LIC IPO be a success? Astrologers predict

Talking about the success of the LIC IPO, astrologers have some good news for you. As per the astrologers, Aries ascendant is rising in the chart of LIC. Also, Lord Mars will come in conjunction with the Lord of destiny Jupiter, in the chart of LIC in the coming days. Also, Ketu as of now is placed in the 9th house of LIC and will transit from it soon. The planetary combinations suggest that the LIC IPO will be a successful one, but not as much as the government wants it to be. 

Astrologers add that in the months ahead, the Lord of the 5th house of stock market gains, Sun, will come into the 12th house. This placement indicates that FIIs and DIIs will show interest in this IPO. Besides, the Lord of the 9th house, Jupiter, will aspect the natal Venus, which indicates a strong interest by the general public in the IPO.

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The IPO will attract a good response from the investors, and there is a high possibility of listing with a premium, says astrologers’. Also, the planetary combinations indicate oversubscription on account of higher demand in public. 

LIC IPO share price prediction 

The share price is undoubtedly the key to any IPOs success. Aka, the share price should justify the valuation, revenue and profit of the company. For example, Paytm kept the share price of its stock at Rs 2,150 despite its ailing financial health and hence had to bear the wrath of the market as its share price has been crashing ever since. 

As far as LIC is concerned, the market experts are of the view that the LIC IPO share price will be priced somewhere between Rs 2100-2250. However, astrologers predict a bit lower share price. LIC IPO GMP (Gery market premium) is predicted to be somewhere between Rs 100-300, as per astrologer.

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