Facial Recognition Technology: A Threat To The Economy?


Facial Recognition technology has received loads of public appraisals over the past few years.

But presently the latest technology is having a buzz in the US market. Due to introduction of the New Bipartisan Bill.  People in United States now fear its usage.

Before getting into details about the effects of the new bill passed. Lets get to know how this technology is actually revolutionizing lives of the people.

Facial Recognition Technology-

A human face does a significant job in our social collaboration, passing on individuals’ identity.

Utilizing the human face as a key to security, bio-metric face acknowledgment innovation has gotten critical consideration. In previous years, it got more due to its usage for a wide variety of applications in both law implementation and non-law authorization.

Facial Recognition incorporate bio-metrics, which use to map out the facial features via a video or photograph. It contrasts the data and a database of realized facial appearances to discover a match. Facial acknowledgment can help check an individual’s identity, however it likewise raises protection issues.

Facial Recognition technology examine the geometry of your face and its bio-metrics: the separation between your eyes, between your brow and jawline,between your ears.

This facial information would then utilize to coordinate with a picture. Which is officially accessible in the database of the agency being referred to, so as to recognize an individual.

The latest facial recognition technology functions on an algorithm scale. With having all sorts of commercial applications, the technology is all set to grow by $7.7 billion by 2020. Now, it is immensely in use for marketing, surveillance and numerous other sectors.

Technology Facial

Facial Recognition Technology In Various Sectors-

In comparison to the bio-metric system, which function by utilizing the unique fingerprint of an individual. Facial recognition provides users with various advantages via its non-contact process.

This facial recognition technology incorporates no required communication with an individual or any physical touch.

With the growing popularity and usage of this technology in the recent years. Various mega giant companies have invested in their R&D Department to get the best out of this technology.

Back in 2014, Facebook launched Deep Face program. To determine whether two photographed face fit in the same facial features of a specific person.

Later in 2015, Google also came up with FaceNet feature, which utilized special algorithms and neutral networks. The purpose for this program was to provide users with more easy and automatic ways by tagging photos and looking out for individuals. On the basis of their facial features bio-metrics stored in the algorithms database.

Facial recognition technology is in use in various other fields. There is also an explicit use of the facial recognition technology in astrology. Which help in mapping down the individual differences and its causes. 

Now facial recognition is in use in security and law enforcement to fight off terrorism and crime. Moreover, it has also set a benchmark in the health care industry by tracking down the accurate use of medication more precisely.

There are additionally a number of disadvantages associated with the facial recognition technology.

Effect technology

Effect Of The New Bill On Facial Recognition Technology In United States-

The past few months in United States, three cities, i.e., Oakland, San Francisco and Somerville have enraged several laws on the ban of this technology.

Additionally, Cambridge in Massachusetts, have also been in the controversy of banning the facial recognition technology to limit its usage among the citizens.

Lately,top lawmakers Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Elijah Cummings have induced the Bipartisan Bill to put up the national ban over the usage of this technology.

The new Bipartisan Bill has encouraged the national lawmakers and local US politicians to surveil their citizens on a daily basis.

Citizens in United States fear this technology due to its usage in law enforcement agencies. This will enable the law agencies to keep a track of anyone they consider to be suspicious. Without any solid evidence that the certain person has committed a crime.

Several years ago, the facial recognition technology police in Orlando, Florida used this technology. Which utilized the Amazon’s facial recognition software,i.e., Rekognition to track down people in the real time via data from the live video feeds.

In Orlando case, four observation cameras were placed in open zones around the city. Which according to police was just used to test individually officials, was taken off with no open notice or legitimate rules.

After continued open investigation and reports the use of technology, later the officials decided to drop out this technology.

The Orlando facial recognition technology usage case, in an uncivilized method escalated this technology into a bad dream.

Criticism technology

Another Criticism Surrounding It-

Cities in United States are implying several rules and law enforcement to put a ban on the usage of this technology. People now believe that this technology is drawing more towards racism. When it is implied on women and color of the individuals.

A famous example of bad impact of this technology is the use of Amazon’s facial recognition technology. Conclusions came out where the program incorrectly identified 28 black members of the congress as criminals.

The facial recognition technology also worsened the case of dark-skinned people. Where the artificial intelligence algorithm was unable to recognize their facial features in comparison to the white skin toned people. This worsened the current situation in the US market.

This further suggest that the technology is unable to perfectly work under certain given conditions. In Maryland, this technology is in use to identify criminals in black communities and target activists.

The latest bill announced is a strong indication that now the US firms and lawmakers are now taking mandatory steps. To further ensure the reduction of wrong usage of this technology.

Let’s see what the future might hold for this technology.

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