Karma Alignment Technique & Its Use In Marriage & Career

Karma Alignment Technique

It invariably arouses your curiosity when the remedies suggested by an astrologer aid you sail through the toughest phase of your life. However, many times, you feel that remedies are unscientific and absurd. For instance, when an astrologer asks you to move away from your birthplace to get a better job, you find it illogical and meaningless. However, to your utter surprise, the moment you do so, you get your dream job or something exceptionally great happens. In this article, I shall explain the logic behind the much sought-after remedies. Also, I would quench your curiosity with the Karma Alignment Technique.

The Karma Alignment Technique

As per my experience, whenever you are into trouble and find yourself trapped at the bottom of a tunnel, you need to align your “Karma” (Action) as per your horoscope. 

The alignment of your “Karma” with your horoscope is known as the “Karma Alignment Technique” in Vedic Astrology. 

Below, I’ve cited a few illustrations to help you understand the “Karma Alignment Technique”.

Case I: Related to Career

If your career lord, the planet ruling your 10th house, is posited in the 12th house—the house of abroad, you are supposed to get your dream job far away from your birthplace. So, if you are working at/near your birthplace, your career growth will be stagnant. 

If your career lord, the planet ruling your 10th house, is posited in the 8th house, many astrologers would say that your career will be full of impediments. 

However, I would suggest you to try your hands in research-based works, tax department, astrology, and occult sciences. 

If you don’t wish to work in these domains, try to link your profession with the above-mentioned streams. For instance, if you are an IT expert, try to seek a job in the companies that operate in these domains.

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Case II: Related to Marriage

If your marriage lord, the planet ruling your 7th house, is there in the 4th house— the house governing your mother, you shall find your partner through the connections of your mother and her efforts. She will play a pivotal role in your marriage. 

Also, if you are unable to find the right match for yourself, then seek your mother’s aid.

If your marriage lord, the planet ruling your seventh house, is establishing a strong connection with the fifth house— the house of love and creativity, and there is no malefic aspect on it,  then you should try to find your match on your own.

In fact, you should prefer love marriage over an arranged marriage.

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Case III: Related to Skill Development

If you possess plans to acquire new skills to enhance your career trajectory, then in your Karakamsha Lagna, check the lord of your fifth house and the planets sitting in it. 

For instance, if Mercury controls your fifth house, you should start working on your communication or finance skills. It will help you in the long run. 

The above-mentioned cases show how you can maintain stability in your life through the “Karma Alignment Technique”. 

Blog by – Astrologer Ansh

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