Mars Transit in Aries 2020- How it Will Effect You

Mars Transit in Aries 2020- How it Will Effect You

Mars is the vigorous, robust, aggressive, and masculine of all. Even the proud planets take a bow in front of Mars. In Vedic Astrology, Mars is a warm, belligerent planet. Also, ancient history describes Mars as the War God. People and the greatest warrior of all prayed to Mars for valor and victory. For the second time this year, Mars Transit in Aries 2020 will take place.

Mars Transit in Aries 2020 dates
August 16, 2020, Sunday at 19:21
December 24, 2020, Thursday at 11:00

After Sun Transit In Cancer 2020, mighty Mars is ready to enter the fire sign, Aries, from the water sign Pisces. These two astrological signs embrace completely different conduct. Under the shelter of fortune planet Jupiter, Pisces is a shy, silent, and diplomatic sign. On the other hand, with the fire of sign lord Mars, Aries is an aggressive, brave, and candid sign.

Impact of Mars Transit

Mars as a vivid and intense planet depicts all the red and glowing things in life. Also, it represents courage, energy, passion, warmth, aggression, positive self-expression, confidence, endurance, control, and capacity. It is a planet which has a significant role in our life. It defines the caliber of our domestic life. Mars rules over all the red stuff, our body parts like head & face, sexual relationship, career, connectivity, vision, and Karma. Mars is the everlasting source of energy for our soul. It fuels you with the fortitude to combat life obstacles of all kinds. It helps you have the spirit of a warrior and the expression of a conquerer.

Mars is also known as Bhumi Putra. Along with stamina, compassion, and determination, it governs over your native land and brotherhood. With a strong Mars in Kundali, you become courageous, confident, and hold good self-expression. You attain the form of a conquerer and tend to help others. However, an ill-positioned Mars makes you a coward, ill-diplomat, and uncertain.

Mars will remain in the fire sign Aries till October 4, 2020, Sunday 09:10 hours. Further, it will re-enter the water sign Pisces. When an energetic planet such as Mars enters a fire sign, it brings a storm of energy. It encourages the spread of vitality and vigor around you. As the planet will reside in Aries, Mars retrograde will take place on 9th September 2020. Due to the retrograde motion, it wi

Mars holds the position of commander in chief in the Solar System. Thus, when it transits from one sign to another, it brings a gigantic transformation. So, dive ahead to learn how it will affect you this time-

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Aries

Mars is your sign lord and it is transiting in your sign. Thus, you may anticipate a heap of energy and enthusiasm coming your way. For you, Mars transit will take place in your 1st house or ascendant house. Also, it is called the Lagna Bhava. This house signifies your body & appearance, self-expression, ego, mindset, temperament, and health.

As Mars will be in your 1st house, you will feel filled with good thoughts, positive expressions, and mindset. This transit will bring you joy and positivity. You are commonly a vigorous person who takes aggressive actions whenever necessary. However, during this time, you will focus on well-planned actions. As a result, it will get easy for you to conquer. You will get great outcomes from all your efforts.

You are a very benevolent sign. For every good cause, you would choose others before you. However, during this period, it will be fine to be a little selfish. In order to fulfill your desires, you can take the matter into your own hands and ride the cart in whichever direction you like. Mars signifies relationships and sexual encounters. Perhaps, it is a nice time for some great encounters. If you are in love, you will be ready to cross any boundaries for your partner. Besides, your family will have a decent time with you.

Along with your personal life, you will be determined in your professional part. You have the personality of a hard-worker. You don’t fear endeavor, thus, soon there shall be some taste of luxury. Additionally, to make sure the right path, you may consult an elder or experienced person. It would be better if you avoid making any hasty decisions. Also, Mars in the first house can flame anger in you. Therefore, you will have to be careful before speaking.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Taurus

For Taurus, Mars will transit in your 12th house. It is the house that signifies endings. It represents the beginning of spiritual journeys, self-undoing, imprisonment, expenditures, losses, and foreign land. Also, this house represents detachment and the ending of your life cycle.

The transit will bring you mixed results. During the transit, you will sense different energy flowing in your veins. Your behavior will change. You might become obsessive and deny your faults. However, it will be fixed within time. With Time, you will realize how important it is to maintain the equation. You will also become more forgiving.

In your financial aspect, you may expect profits from foreign lands. There can be many other financial benefits coming your way. If you are a student, you can expect a journey to a foreign country for educational purposes. Alongside this, this transit can be a little challenging for you. So, don’t lose your calm.

In the personal aspect, it is a good time to set aside your frustration. You can enjoy some really good sexual time with your partner. They will help you throw away your unnecessary garbage of frustration.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Gemini

For Geminis, Mars transit will occur in your 11th house. It is the house of wealth and income. This house is also called the Labha Bhava. This house defines wealth and affluence in your life. All kinds of income, gains, finances, name, fame, friends, well-wishers, and acquaintance.

In terms of your work, there is plenty of good news to be coming in your way. At your workplace. there are chances of hike and promotion. As the 11th house defines monetary gain, you may attain a good source of extra income. Your professional seniors will be happy with your work. Thus, this transit will serve you well to move towards a better and beneficial future. You can slowly climb the ladder of success during this period.

Mars is an aggressive planet. As it will be in your 11th house, there can be some anger issues that you might face. In a conversation with your well-wishers and friends, try not to involve unnecessary bitterness.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Cancer

For Cancerians, Mars will transit in your 10th house. It is the house of career. Also known as the Karma Bhava, this house rules over your career, profession, business, profit & loss of business, prestige, reputation, and authority. It governs all over your professional life.

Mars in the 10th House is great news for career perspectives. Cancerians would do their utmost to incorporate every idea that comes into their heads. At the workplace, nevertheless, there will be a projected benefit in your hands and you will be required to fulfill your responsibilities. Your success will influence your peers on a brighter note and your reputation will grow in their eyes.

Mars defines determination, strength, and power, as it is in your 10th house, so most of your wishes can now be fulfilled. During this transit period, if you are looking forward to joining the Army, police, etc. there are chances for your selection. Also, people who are already are in these sectors may get a promotion at their job. At the same time, those affiliated with the sports sector should look forward to good outcomes as well.

Moving into your love life, if you are in a relationship or are married, you will experience unique energy. It will make you want to satisfy all your partner’s desires. As for the married natives, you can get some happy tidings from the side of your family. This would also be a good time for your health; however, you will need to stop overindulging in food or sleep.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Leo

Mars transit will take place in your 9th House. It is also called Dharma Bhava. This house rules over inclinations of faith, prosperity, good luck, dharma, principles, higher learning, the tendency to charitable works, and welfare. All your spiritual learnings are also a part of this dominion.

Many who live far away from family and friends can also seek from them an important word of wisdom that will prove helpful to you. Any short journeys you do at this time will bring major benefits to Leo indigenous people. This celestial movement will appear advantageous to Leos, and throughout this period you will earn the blessing of destiny. In your family life, a balance will prevail and many of you will even make money through your parents.

Your common trait includes ego and pride. With the energy of Mars, it might flow out of hands. Thus, it will be important for you to govern your own behavior carefully.

Any property-related problems are also likely to bring positive outcomes for you. Although this is a good period for employees and business executives, you need to refrain from taking on more than one task at the same time. Perhaps completing the assignment one by one will be better.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Virgo

Mars Transit in Aries will take place in your 8th House. It is also known as Randhra Bhava. It governs your longevity, death, age, problems. Also, it is the house of mysteries and transformations. All kinds of sudden events like gains & losses, lottery, property fall under the rule of the 8th House.

As transit is taking place in the 8th house, it will bring good news in terms of money. There can be some financial investment from the past that may bring results to you during this transit. Additionally, this house signifies research work thus, you might look forward to spiritual learning. For better results and concentration you can try Yoga and meditation. You are a sign that believes in hard work and a gentle attitude. With your skillset, you will impress people. In such a scenario, it will become easy for you to complete your tasks. However, you are a deep thinker. It can be a disadvantage for you during this period. So, it would be better if you set your focus on your goal and not the success or failure.

During this period, the energy of the planet may cause some negativity between you and your siblings. With patience and stability, you can fix the issue between you and them.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Libra

Mars will move through your 7th House. It is the dominion of partnership. Also, this house belongs to your own sign. The 7th house is also called Yuvati Bhava. It rules over all kinds of partnerships whether personal or professional. Your married life and relationship and your professional companionship fall under the realm of the 7th house.

For you, it will be a favorable period. In terms of your family, you will receive their eternal support and love during the transition. Also, you will feel a fuel in your passion for your partner. If there are any past quarrels that might disturb your relationship with them would come to an end. It is a beneficial time for your marital life. You will share a great time with your partner.

In terms of your health, Mars rules over the face, head, and eyes. Thus, take proper care of your body to avoid allergies and stitches. Mars also signifies anger. The transit will make you fierce at times. It can drop you in trouble so you must learn to control your temper.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Scorpio

Mars is your sign lord. As it is will transit one of the fire signs, you will experience a tremendous amount of change. Mars transit in Aries will take place in your 6th House. It is the abode that rules over your health, illness, strength, weakness, debts, enemies, and daily routine.

As transit will take place in the 6th house, it will draw an impact on you both physically and mentally. You will feel vibrant and skillful. With your abilities, you will improve your situation. At your workplace, you will work on the desired project and will deliver great results. As an outcome of your efforts, this planetary motion will help you attain your dreams.

Your creativity will improve and you will take risks triumph. In your personal life, there can be some quarrels. Thus, keep your rage at your limit. It will help you avoid disputes.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Sagittarius

For Sagittarians, Mars Transit will take place in your 5th house. It is the dominion of happiness, joy, pleasure, love, romance, sex, affairs, and education. It is also known as Putra Bhava. All the joyous moments of your life, your happiness, love & relationship, and bliss of love life fall under the realm of 5th house.

This transit will pull you closer to your lover. If you have a spouse, you will tend to spend a good time with them. There will be some tremendously good sexual encounters that you will cherish. It is a fine time to take your partner to their desired vacation. Also, it will be an opportunity to start or increase your family with them. Though you have a tendency to run from one place to another, if you feel for this person, it will be the right time to confront your emotions.

Mars is a planet that symbolizes anger and aggression. During this period, you will feel an increase in your anger. Thus, the best strategy for you is to keep calm and listen to what people are saying. The more you understand the better it will get.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Capricorn

For Capricorn, red-rugged Mars will transit in your 4th House. It is called the Bandhu Bhava. This house signifies your roots, your relationship with your mother, financial possessions, house, land, furniture, real estate, and vehicles.

As this is the house of property, there shall be profits in the same aspect. With the energy of Mars, you can expect to acquire or sell a property at an excellent rate. For you, it will be a wish-granting period. You can achieve anything you wish. The time will continue to be in your favor for a long time. In terms of your health, you will feel energetic and vivid. Besides, adopting some more healthy habits and exercise will help you. In your family, there will be plenty of giggly scenes. You will enjoy your time with them. However, take care of your mother.

The red color of Mars denotes energy as well as allergies. Thus, she might suffer some skin itching. If you are married or have a partner, you might face problems with them. Perhaps, it would be best to keep control of your tongue.

At your workplace, you will impress your seniors with your intelligence. The senior officials will also praise you for your efforts. Eventually, you can look forward to a hike or promotion.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Aquarius

The mighty Mars will transit in the 3rd house of the Humanitarian Aquarius. It is the house of skills. Your ability to grasp and learn, journeys, siblings, brilliance, memory, habits, and interests fall under the rule of this house. It also rules over various communication mediums like television, radio, and writing.

For you, this transit will fuel your courage. It will help you gather a sense of strength to prevail. You might have the warmest heart of all. However, during this time you will crush the intentions of your enemies. All you have to do is keep a hold of your ego.

If you are in a government job, you can look forward to succeeding in the time ahead. On the other hand, Aquarians who are preparing for the government exams will succeed. The results will be in your favor during this transit. Along with this, people who have strong leadership skill will prevail.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aries 2020 on Pisces

For the Water sign Pisces, it will be a period of transformations for you. There will be some emotional alterations as Mars will move from your sign to Aries. For you, Mars transit will take place in your 2nd house. It is the dominion of finance, speech, enthusiasm, motivation, and family. Also, possessions like furniture, car, and house and utilization of your non-material things fall under this house. It is also called the Dhana Bhava or Finance House of Astrology.

This transit will bring you fortune and flow of income. You might also receive a hike in your payment. There are chances of promotion. As it is the house of income. Thus, this planetary transition may open many gates to an increase in your wealth. Throughout the transit, you will sense a fortune by your side. It will help you achieve your tasks and complete your pending projects.

The red robust Mars will fuel the energy of your finance house and bring you the courage to attain possibilities for certain positions. However, Red symbolizes anger. Thus, you might feel an undesirable rage. You will have to control your tongue. Otherwise, it may cause disputes in your family which you definitely do not wish for. Your stubbornness and bitterness can cause chaos and only you can avert it. So, think before you speak.

In terms of health, it would be better if you avoid spicy and oily food and take enough liquid. Along with this, Mars symbolizes Eye and Face issues. People with a weak Mars must take care of their eyes. This period may bring some eye diseases to you.

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