Sun Transit in Leo 2020- How it Will Affect You

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- 4 Signs That Can Expect Some Good News

Sun, the king of all nine planets is going to enter Fire Sign Leo from Water Sign Cancer on Sunday 16 August 2020, at 19:27 hours. As a very optimistic part, Sun is the governing planet of Leo. Thus, there can be many great transformations that people can expect through Sun Transit in Leo 2020.

Sun is the significator of the soul. It is a planet that governs all kinds of fortunes, betterment, authorities, and respect in your life. With the blessing of the Sun in Kundali, you can conquer any region of life. A great portion of India recognizes the event of Sun Transit in the form of Meenark. According to the best Astrologers of India, it is a very auspicious occasion to fix marriage dates, perform Janeu Sanskar, and Naamkaran Sanskar. In addition to this, Sun Transit in Leo is called Simha Sankranti.

The days of Sankranti are considered holy and spiritual. In this pious time period, devotees take a holy dip in rivers and perform havan. As the Sun will reside in Leo sign for a period of 1 month, i.e. 16 August 2020 to 16 September 2020 there will be a dynamic transformation in the life of one and all. However, there are a few signs that will get some extra fortune bliss with the transit. So, dive ahead to learn more-

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Aries

  • For Aries the ram, Sun Transit in Leo will occur in your 5th House. It is the house of joy, playfulness, pleasure, romance, love, and creativity. It is also called Putra Bhava. The 5th house governs over a large portion of your inner & outer personality as well as your life aspect.
  • As the 5th House also signifies reputation and position, the transit will bring an immense fortune in your life.
  • It is the house of love and romance, owning to Sun transit in this house you will experience obstacles in your love life. As Sun is a pride planet, it might make you a little arrogant with your partner. They might carry some expectations that you are unaware of. Thus, the best option would be to understand their perspective and flaunt love. Proud will only make them look away from you.
  • Students of this sign will find this period very beneficial. If you are going to appear in an exam, all you need is good preparation. Rest, the fortune of Sun will spread light.
  • There might be some times when you will find yourself under confusion. In such a case, your inner voice will be your best guide. Along with this, your health will be good.

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Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Taurus

  • Sun transit in Leo will take place in your 4th House. It is the house of possession, land, luxury, vehicles, real estate, and mother. It governs over your relationship with your mother, your home, and land.
  • For you, there will be some mixed results in the transit. On the one hand, it will bring health issues in your mother’s life. On the other hand, your love life will blossom. You will have a wonderful time with your spouse or partner. They will support your decisions and be a part of your success. So, you may enjoy your time with them and take proper care of your mother.
  • You may also look forward to the purchase of expensive possession like a vehicle or property. However, you must take proper advice and precautions before buying any investment.
  • There will be good and promoting scenes in your workplace. You might also get a promotion soon. Keep up all the good-smart work.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Gemini

  • For Gemini natives, Sun transit will take place in your 3rd House. It is the house of communication, writing, mental intelligence, neighbor, ability to memorize, skills, siblings, habits, and interests. All kinds of interests and abilities are governed here.
  • As Sun signifies aspects regarding the government sector and authority, you might receive some benefits from the same. If you are going to appear in a government exam, there are chances for you to conquer. So look forward and prepare well.
  • The transit will bring a fast pace to your life and help you grow in many forms. There are chances that you might decline an upcoming opportunity. To avoid that happening, look wisely.

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Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Cancer

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  • For Cancerians, Sun transit will take place in your 2nd house. It is the house of money, finance, possessions, and investments. Whatsoever investment and possessions that you hold in your life fall under this dominion.
  • As your Sign Lord has a friendly relationship with Sun, the Sun transit in Leo will be favorable for you.
  • You will find yourself in good times and happy vibes. In your family matters, there shall be positivity, support, and adoration. Your family will enjoy a nice time with you and offer you the utmost support.
  • You are a domestic sign. Thus, during this time, you will prioritize your family. It will also bring calm and goodness in your life.
  • In your professional front, with the energy of the Sun, you will do your best. In return, hard work will bring good results. On your financial front, there will be many positive changes. You have to carefully analyze the situation and make decisions. Also, there can be a good raise in your salary. So, be ready for plenty of celebrations.
  • It is a beneficial time in your financial life. Thus, you may consider making an investment.
  • In your personal life, you are looking for a partner you may meet a person with whom you can spend your life. Additionally, Cancerians who are married may be blessed with good news of becoming a parent.
  • This is an extremely auspicious period for you. However, Sun defines pride. Therefore, in this period, you will have to push the brake of your ego.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Leo

  • As Sun is your sign lord, be ready because the Sun transit in your own sign will bring a tremendous amount of change. For Leos, Sun transit will take place in your 1st House or the House of Ascendant or Ascendant House or Lagna Bhava. The 1st House determines your outer persona. It governs over your intellect, personality, ego, body, appearance, temperament, habits, fortune, healthy, nature, childhood, and self-expression.
  • The transit will give a push to your basic nature. You will sense a drive of leadership within you. Further, it will guide you to go beyond boundaries and make a shining image for yourself in society. You will impress everyone around you. Especially, at your workplace, people will notice your skills. It can take you to a promotion.
  • Sun in your sign will increase your energy. You will move to grow your knowledge in many terms. Additionally, you will influence people. Your behavior will grow you some real followers of your tactics.
  • As one negative factor, with the energy of Sun comes anger and fire. This period will increase your anger and ego. Therefore, you will need to control your temper. Otherwise, it can generate some undesirable disputes.
  • You are a family person, thus, a little bit of control over your tongue will help you stay closer to them. Arrogance and anger will only push them away.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Virgo

  • For perfectionist of all the signs, Virgo, Sun transit will occur in your 12th House. This house signifies the ending. It is the house of expenses, foreign land, unconscious, imprisonment, and self-undoing. Additionally, it indicates spirituality, donation, and charity.
  • This Sun transit will bring you a few challenges. However, you master the art of dealing. Thus, it won’t be so much trouble.
  • In your health aspect, it is high time you start practicing a healthy diet. At this time, leaving junk food will be best for you. There are many health-related issues that you might have to face like eye diseases, infections, and digestion problems. So, it will be a good step if you take a healthy diet and drink enough liquid.
  • In your financial matters, you have to stay a little alert. The energy of the Sun might not be very helpful for you. Thus, you will have to plan a good budget and avoid expenses. Do not break any law or rule. It can land you in trouble.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Libra

  • For Librans, Sun transit will take place in your 11th House. This is the house of gains. Thus, it is also known as the Labha Bhava. It rules over income, wealth, gain, money, finances, and fame. It also governs over your well-wishers, acquaintances, friends, and elder brother.
  • For you, this will be a confusing time. However, with Sun’s blessings, your friends and elder sibling will help you come out of your confusion. You will also have a great time with them.
  • Sun also signifies your father and your relationship with him. Therefore, during this period, you will receive a great amount of support from him. On your financial front, it is a good time. With the help of your family, you can make a good investment for the future.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Scorpio

  • For Scorpio, Sun transit in Leo will take place in your 10th House. It is also known as the Career House of Astrology. This house rules over your workplace, profession, authority, reputation, business success & failure, and prestige. It is also called the Karma Bhava.
  • As a matter of fact, the Sun is a very fortunate planet for the career aspect. With the energy of the Sun, you can grow to an authoritative level.
  • This is an auspicious planetary motion for you. For you, there will be much good news in your professional life. At your workplace, you will impress your authorities and seniors with your knowledge and good work.
  • In your personal life, you will share a good time with your family. As Sun signifies father and father figure, if there is any tension in your relationship with your father, it shall get better.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Sagittarius

  • For Sags, the Sun transit in Leo will take place in your 9th House. It is also called the Dharma House. This dominion rules over your good-fortune, religion or Dharma, dreams, principles, truth, foreign trips, journey, good karma, higher studies, and ethics.
  • The illumination of the Sun in this house will bring you good fortune. It will turn the tables in your favor. Thus, you are one of those signs who will get lucky during Sun transit in Leo.
  • Especially, if you are a student you will sense a drive to work hard and achieve better. Your dreams will come true and you will gain the respect of one and all. If you are aiming to join a respectable institution, it is a fine time to apply for it. You will triumph.
  • You were born with an immense urge of reading and seeking knowledge. During this period, you will tend to grow your knowledge. Your wisdom will grow both spiritually and scientifically. You will get chance to learn about different religions and spirituality.
  • In your personal life, you will experience happiness. In your professional and financial front, you will grow step by step with your wisdom. You are such a keen learner. This habit will serve you well to grow.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Capricorn

  • For Capricorns, Sun Transit will occur in your 8th House. It is the dominion of longevity and thus it is also called Randhra Bhava and Ayur Bhava. It governs over longevity, death, sudden gains, lottery, and sudden losses. Also, it signifies your enemies and problems in life.
  • As Sun does not share a friendly relationship with the Lord of your sign, Saturn, there are many obstacles that you may have to face in the meantime. There will many transformations and not many of them will be in your favor. So, sit tight you will have a bumpy ride ahead for a while.
  • As there will be challenges, there are chances of job change. However, this may bring a good amount in your salary raise. Thus, do not low your expectations.
  • Once you harmonize yourself with the changes, there might not be many issues. In your personal life, there will be only goodness coming. Especially, if you are married, you will spend a good time with your partner.
  • Perhaps you may try yoga and meditation for mental peace. It will take away your stress of all kinds.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Aquarius

  • For Aquarians, Sun transit will take place in your 7th House. It is the house of partnership. All types of partnership and companionship either personal or professional fall under this abode. This is the house that governs over your spouse and marital companionship.
  • Sun is a pride planet and shares a cruel relationship with your Sign lord, Saturn. Thus, there can be some disputes in your family. Your astrological sign bestows you a robust outer personality and dominating tongue. Thus, during this period, you might rub people in the wrong way that may push you in arguments. Therefore, try to maintain a calm and understanding tactic.
  • In your personal life, this period might generate some difference between you and your partner. All that you have to do is sit back and try to understand their point of view. Otherwise, things might turn worse.
  • In your health matters, you will feel an improvement. You must adopt a healthy routine and consume enough water. With the help of meditation and relaxation, you can gradually pull back your long lost mental calm.

Sun Transit in Leo 2020- Effect on Pisces

  • For Pisces, the transit will take place in their 6th house. This house is also called the Ari (enemy) Bhava. It is the house of well-being, Illness, enemies, debt, and obstacles. All kinds of diseases and hindrances are a part of this dominion.
  • This transit will bring favorable situations for Pisceans. Among the 12 signs, you will be the luckiest during this time period. Especially, natives who involved in studies will experience success.
  • Sun Transit in Leo will push you towards good work and thus you will improve your image in the society. There will be triumph everywhere, including your pending projects and cases.
  • You will walk towards spirituality and gradually it will bring you mental peace. Your family and friends will have a happy time with you. Also, you might change your job in a respectable firm.
  • In your personal life, there shall be happiness coming your way. Gradually, your health will improve. Perhaps you may try Yoga for health issues.
  • All in all, during the transit you will revive your strength and thrive.

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