IPL 2022: MI vs KKR on April 6, who will win?

KKR vs MI April 6 2022

IPL match on April 6 will be played between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Mumbai Indians (MI). The match number 14 will be a crucial one for MI as the team is yet to register its first win in IPL 2022. Meanwhile, KKR has already won two out of three matches and will want to go up in the IPL 2022 points table with another win on Wednesday. And with the likes of the Khan family cheering for KKR alongside Ananya Pandey, that is something quite possible. 

Anyway, the fact that the two teams are quite a contender, the match is going to be an interesting one. But who will come out victorious in the battle between KKR and MI? Well, here is what astrologers have to predict.

MI Vs KKR: Who will win?

Mumbai Indians 

In IPL, Rohit Sharma has a history of starting the season pathetically before making a U-Turn and emerging victorious at the end. So the first two losses are not something that would bother Mumbai Indians much. Also, a solid team lineup with the likes of players such as Tim David, Arshad Khan, Pollard, etc., is yet another positive for Mumbai. But will they be able to help MI win against KKR?

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Talking specifically from the astrological perspective, Jupiter, which is the ascendant lord of the Mumbai India team, is placed in a strong position. On the match day, Gemini, which is the own sign of Jupiter, is placed in the 12th house, the house of enemies and evolution. Astrologers predict that the placement is positive but don’t give MI a higher probability of winning against KKR in the IPL match on April 6.

Kolkata Knight Riders 

Talking about KKR, Shreyas Iyer will lead the team from the front. The team has played some good cricket under the captaincy of Iyer and has been able to win two out of the three matches till now in IPL 2022. And this time too, as per the astrologers, the captain will be able to take the team home

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As per the KKR horoscope, the ascendant house of KKR is being afflicted by negative planets for the day. As for the ruling planet of the Virgo zodiac sign – Mercury, it is in the 7th house. The following planetary position is making the stakes tougher for Kolkata Knight Riders. However, the stakes are still better than that of MI.

MI vs KKR IPL match 2022: Which captain will shine?

Considering the astrological perspective of the match, the astrologers are of the view that MI will not only outshine the KKR collective but individually, MI’s captain, Rohit, will outshine KKR’s captain Iyer. Lagan Lord of Rohit Sharma, Moon, is transiting positively for him with Jupiter maintaining a cross transit in his favour. 

On the other hand, Shreyas Iyer, born in the Leo ascendant, has his lagan lord as Sun. The Lagan Lord in the 8th house is not very favourable for him. Hence, he should focus on playing carefully rather than competing with Rohit.

NOTE: The above predictions are solely for astrology-related practices. Kindly do not use it for personal benefits.

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