Mika Singh’s Kundli: Everything you need to know


Mika Singh is no stranger to any of us. A famous singer, composer, performer, and songwriter, Mika is known in the B-industry for his wide catalog of songs, including “Singh Is King”, “Mauja Hi Mauja”, “Ibn-e-Batuta”, “Dhanno”, “Dhinka Chika” and many more. And if this musical journey of the singer wasn’t impressive enough, then the fact that he is having a Swaywavwar for himself is an add on that makes his life fulfilling. Isn’t he the luckiest brat in the town? Well, sure he is, and today we will look at Mika Singh kundli to find out what makes Mika this lucky.

Mika Singh Kundli details

  • Rashi – Pisces (Moon in Pisces)
  • Birth Nakshatra – Uttara Bhadrapada
  • Ascendant – Virgo
  • Rising Nakshatra – Chitra
  • Mika Singh birth date: Friday 10 June 1977
  • Birthplace: Durgapur, city in West Bengal, India
  • Birth time: 2:00 PM (local time)

As per the horoscope, Mika Singh has a favourable Muntha in his chart. This allows Mika to have enough to contribute to each and everything in life, making sure he lives it to the fullest. Mika also has in the Kundli planetary combinations that assure him gains from the foreign lands. Talking about his character, Mika knows how to express his feelings in public and may sometimes even overreact. The singer has a gift of being humorous and witty. However, he has less understanding of what is right and what is wrong for him.

Certainly, Mika Singh is an entertaining personality, and his bubbly nature helps him make friends easily. He also enjoys a considerable influence over people he is around. The favourable position of Jupiter in Mika Singh Kundli helps him forge connections that he can cherish. Mika Singh’s greatest failure is that Mika Singh’s energies are directed into too many channels. Concentrating on fewer branches of work and pleasure will greatly benefit him.

Mika Singh’s future horoscope

2022 is a great year for Mika in terms of love life. But, on the other hand, his finances may go up and down going forward, say the astrologers. The money issues will worsen for Mika if he is not careful about his temper. In fact, money matters can also result in disputes with close friends and relatives. Going forward, travels will prove interesting and will pave the way for exciting interactions. This chance of travel in the horoscope hints at the booming concert business ahead for him.

In this time, Mika Singh’s cherished desires will be fulfilled with difficulty but will ultimately bring Mika Singh prosperity fame, and good income in the future. The best part about Mika Singh’s future is that he will get and enjoy the company of the opposite sex, which he will certainly find through his ongoing Swaywavwar.

After 5-6 months of hiccups, a relaxing period for Mika will set in. His outlook will be confident, and he will feel positive about life. This positiveness will show in his work too, which he will find in abundance. Short-distance journeys will be fruitful and bring luck. Also, his new life with his bride will help him socialise more with his family and friends. In terms of health, he will be blessed with good health. Post marriage, Mika Singh will tune into his spiritual side, and his growth will be directly connected with his ability to accept the deep philosophical transformation.

Mika Singh’s love horoscope 

There is no age to find love, and Mika Singh is proving it by finding a bride for him through the old-school Swaywavwar way. Mika Singh’s Swaywavwar, which is being sponsored by Astrotalk, is the singer’s hunt to find the perfect Votti for himself. When it comes to love, Mika Singh’s horoscope says that he loves with an ardour that is unquenchable. Mika Singh likes to be pampered and is both a giver and a taker when it comes to love. 

Venus, the planet of love and relationship, sits with Mars in Mika’s horoscope. Cosmically, the conjunction makes the native a bit flirty, which is obvious for Mika as he has got in trouble for the same reason. The two planets together, however, are also responsible for bringing much-needed stability to the relationship of Mika. In mythology, a Venus and Mars conjunction reflect a sacred union of equal and opposite energies. Hence, the couple will be able to understand each other’s desires well.

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