What Does Mole On Body Reveal About You

Body Mole

Moles are basically birthmarks or a common type of skin growth that can appear as small, dark brown spots anywhere on your body. It usually occurs when our body cells grow in a cluster. They often appear during childhood and adolescence as an imprinted mark on your body may have been carried forward from the previous life. New moles on body can also grow as you age.

A mole gives an indication of your character and also tells a lot about an individual’s personality, luck, fortune or misfortune. However, many people try to hide them but unfortunately, they cannot be changed, like your name. They can appear naturally on any location of your body suggesting different meanings and interpretations.

Astrology and Moles

According to the stems of Vedic Astrology and Chinese Astrology, Moles hold a very important significance in describing an individuals’ personality, character, behaviour, traits and overall structure of a human being. An astrologer associated with us tells us that a mole also depicts the destiny, nature, Karma and future of a person. These small marks start influencing a person right from his mother’s womb and their effects can vary according to different planetary positions.

Mole Astrology is basically a part of Saamudrik Shashtra that unveils the impacts of moles on a person’s life. Mole on body can be on any spot. And Mole astrology is analyzing the good and bad qualities of an individual by using different sizes, colours, and shapes of a mole.

Mole Astrology

According to the Mole Astrology of females, while affecting sign and planet feminine, it appears on the left half of the body. On the other hand, when impacting the planet and the sign are masculine, it appears on the right side of the body.

Now, let’s discuss how these moles affect our different body parts and how they affect our overall personality.

Mole on Forehead

People who have a mole on their forehead especially on the right side, it suggests that you have a very strong personality. These people are very strong and self-determined i.e they don’t give up until they achieve success. Mole on right side of the forehead is also a sign of leadership and wealth.

If the mole is in the middle of the forehead it represents wisdom. These people are very clear regarding their thoughts which also becomes a reason for their success. It also gives an indication of a happy married life. However, birthmark on the left side denotes financial crisis nad frequent cash crunch.


People with mole on the right eye denotes luck and they think very highly of themselves. These people are quick earners and in whatever they invest money their luck favours them. However, people with a mark on the left eye are quite arrogant and egoistic.

These people think that they can do anything even if it is not possible, which sometimes creates problems for them. Moreover, these people might fall short of money because of their overconfidence and self-centred behaviour.


Ear Mole Astrology

Mole on Ear represents intelligence, talent and skills. These people are hyperactive and posses good sense of humour i.e they are excellent in studying, acting, sports and also very fond of luxurious items. Birthmark on the back of the ear that you suggest that your very traditional and tend to follow customs and rituals very rigorously. These people may find a partner from a high class or rich family.


The mole on the tip of the nose represents a happy relationship and married life. These people will have a successful love life or even marriage. However, a birthmark on the right side of the nose is not at all a good sign. These people lack in every sphere of life either be it relationships, money, career and also these people are very prone to accidents. However, mole on the right side of the nose is a sign of bad luck and misfortune.


Mole on upper lips denotes that you are very talkative. You like gossiping about others and you love to communicate with new people, sharing thoughts and ideas. However, the mark of lower lips says that you are a big foodie. These people love to eat, it doesn’t matters whether they are hungry or not. They just want to keep their mouth busy especially eating chilly and crispy items.


People with mole on the left side of the cheeks tend to respect their parents and are very loyal to their family members and relatives. These people are very soft-hearted who will never take any step without the permission of their parents. However, people with a mole on the right side of the cheeks seem to be little confused about their life. These people don’t reach to any solution easily whether its related to career, family, relationships, finance etc.

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Chin Mole Astrology

It’s the most common of all. We have seen many people with a mole in the middle of their chin especially women. The mole in the middle of the chin represents beauty and charm. These people are very attractive and anybody can fall for them easily by their looks. These people tend to be very loyal and trustworthy.


Having moles on Neck is a sign of an attractive personality and luck. These people are more into business and with luck in favour, they will never face any hardship in terms of money and finance. Apart from this, these people with moles on neck are interested in technology and the internet. They love to be active on social media, play online games, learn about new modern technologies.


People with a mole on the left shoulder are likely to be brave and courageous. These people love challenges and complete any task even hours before time. They are extreme risk-takers. However, people with a mole on the right shoulder tend to be very religious. These people follow their religion very seriously and will never do anything that is prohibited in their religion. So if you get new moles on body, especially your shoulder, believe that you are a pious person.


People with mole on the right side of the chest are more prone to diseases and most of the times they remain ill or unhealthy. It may be due to the unhygienic food or they consume alcohol to a higher extent. However, people with a mark on the left side of the chest are financially weak. These people face money problems throughout their life and also they are not very good at the workplace which also creates hurdles in the way of their success.


Palm Mole Astrology

People with mole on palms are very short-tempered and remain angry most of the times. These people are very aggressive and if you try to poke them, they will not hesitate a bit in slapping you. Moles on palms is a sign of stumbling blocks and problems throughout your life. Apart from this, these people are very loyal and more focused on their goal. Meanwhile, moles on hand is a sign of mental growth in a person.

Mole on Legs

People with birthmark on their right leg tend to be very rich and they are most fond of luxurious things like cars, branded clothes, watches etc. There are chances that these people will get a partner of their own choice who supports them in every good and bad. However, people with a mole on their left leg are free birds i.e they like to be independent. These people like to travel the world without any limitations and boundaries.

Besides this list detailing about mole on body and what their spot signify, if you have got moles anywhere else, you can contact us to find what it signifies.

These were some major details regarding moles and their effects. Also, you may like to read about: Masters Numbers In Astrology

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