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Pendulum astrology

Do u believe in Fortune Telling? Maybe yes!. However, many people will clearly deny this practice. Our fortune relies on what we create, how we deal with things. We have the power to shape our own future according to our own will. It is not necessary to follow any path to decide our future. However, there are certain things that give insight into how to tackle different situations. So in this context lets talk about Pendulum Dowsing and what is the Mystery behind it.

What is Divination?

Divination is a method of gaining higher knowledge, mental clarity, and spiritual guidance related to certain incidents. In other words, we can also say, Divination is the practice of determining the hidden significance or cause of events, sometimes foretelling the future, by various natural or psychological methods.

What is Pendulum Dowsing?

Pendulum dowsing is an art of divination used for gaining information that is yet to be revealed. A dowsing pendulum is typically a rock or crystal that hangs on the end of a string or chain. A pendulum works similarly to an antenna. It absorbs the energy vides surrounding you, whether they’re coming from people, places or some spiritual objects.

Crystal pendulum dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is an incredibly effective way to tap into and develop your intuition. However, you need to learn a lot to get things clearer regarding dowsing and how it is done. Moreover, it connects with a person’s unconscious mind and helps in gaining or recalling certain events that you might have gone through in the past.

We can also relate Pendulum Dowsing to Hypnotism in which you hypnotize the other person by keeping his concentration on a pendulum. It is a sort of game which you used to play in your childhood with your friends.

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How does Pendulum Dowsing Works?

A pendulum is simply a tool, it doesn’t have magical powers that can bring out your inner soul. However, pendulums made of copper, silver, crystal carry certain vibrations that play a very important role in the process of Pendulum Dowsing.

Pendulum dowsing astrology

When we ask a question, our unconscious mind responds by influencing the nerve endings in our fingers. As the pendulum moves, you gain answers in response to your questions. It also depends on you how you are connecting yourself with that thing. However, in any form of divination, using a pendulum involves a certain degree of faith, belief, and an open mind. All the answers come from your intuition and from higher spiritual guides.

Pendulum Dowsing can be used for a number of reasons like:

  1. Healing purposes and identifying allergies
  2. To cleanse and dispel negativity in a room.
  3. It helps you find lost objects or pets.
  4. To find water or ley lines (dowsing rods are often used for this too, which works in a similar way to a pendulum).

Things you need to know

Pendulum dowsing is a very simple process anyone can apply but still knowing better about the things will help to achieve desired results. Before starting the process, choose an accurate pendulum that suits your current situation. Most of the people go with Crystal Pendulum. Crystal Quartz has the power to connect with your spiritual mind which helps get desired results.

After you have chosen the right pendulum for you, clean it properly before starting the process. However, you can also clean it with dry sand or keep it under hot or cold water, even placing it under the moonlight will also work. Once you sense that the pendulum is clear, you can then use it.

Pendulum Crystal

Never use pendulum if you are feeling emotionally or mentally low as it will give inaccurate results. You need to be very clear and neutral regarding your thoughts in order to get a perfect outcome.

Don’t be too reliant on Pendulum Dowsing. It is a form of divination to help you make decisions. It is important that you take self- responsibility and consciously make decisions. 

These were some of the important points regarding Pendulum Dowsing. Also, you may like to about:- Best Christmas Gift for All Zodiac Signs

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