On Day 3 Of Chaitra Navratri 2023, Know How To Worship Maa Chandraghanta & Get Rid Of Your Problems

Maa Chandraghanta, Day 3 of Chaitra Navratri 2023 (मां चंद्रघंटा, चैत्र नवरात्रि 2023 का तीसरा दिन)
  • Navratri 2023 Day: Day 3
  • Form of Durga Maa Worshipped on this Day: Maa Chandraghanta
  • Lucky Colors: Orange, Golden, and Brown
  • The favorite flower of Goddess Chandraghanta: Shankhpushpi or Morning-glory flower

Devotees worship Maa Chandraghanta as Mata Durga on the Day 3 of Chaitra Navratri, and she appears with her consort tiger. People believe that tyrannical demons fear the goddess. She is the avatar of Mata Durga, the supreme provider of welfare and harmony. She is known as Devi Chandraghanta because of the half-moon in the shape of an hour on her brow.

By the Goddess’ grace, devotees feel the divine scents and get visions of the spiritual world. Sometimes, they hear a variety of sounds. Hence, devotees or worshipers should exercise greater caution during these times as they gain courage and fearlessness from worshipping this manifestation of Maa Durga.

Let us understand the significance of this form of Maa Durga and how to worship her on the Day 3 of Chaitra Navratri 2023.

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When to perform Maa Chandraghanta pujan in Navratri 2023?

On the third day of Navratri or Chaitra Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi, worshippers worship Chandraghanta Mata, the third manifestation of Maa Durga. This Navratri devotee must worship the Devi and perform her puja on March 24, 2023.

How to worship Maa Chandraghanta?

It is important to have a clear mind and feel connected to Maa Chandraghanta before starting the procedure for the puja. After feeling spiritually cleansed, follow the following steps to please the goddess.

  • Get up early on the third day of Chaitra Navratri 2023, bathe, and prepare clean water and Panchamrit for worship. After that, give the goddess a bath using Ganga Jal or plain water.
  • Furthermore, offer the goddess flowers, Akshat, Kumkum, Vermilion, incense, lamps, Bhog, etc.
  • Then, offer Mata Chandraghanta sweets or saffron milk kheer for the third day’s worship.
  • Moreover, offer the Devi a white lotus, a red rose bouquet, and a conch flower.
  • After that, you should recite Maa Chandraghanta’s and Durga Saptashati Mantra. Devotees must sing Mata’s Aarti to conclude the puja.
  • On Day 3 of Navratri this year, one must ring the Ghanta (bell) while reciting the Mantras. According to astrology, it ensures positive energy in the house and banishes demonic forces.

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Benefits of worshiping Mata Chandraghanta

  • Worshiping this embodiment of Durga Maa strengthens a person’s confidence and fearlessness.
  • Pray to her Mata Durga if your horoscope contains any Venus-related flaws because she governs the planet Venus. Thus, worshipping her eliminates Venus-related flaws.
  • You must worship Maa Chandraghanta if you want a happy and prosperous household.
  • Goddess Durga guards the family, especially the kids. She instills strength in them and makes her kids brave.
  • You should worship her if you are facing marriage-related problems for some reason. Hence, by her grace, the marriage issues will disappear.

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Powerful mantras of Mata Chandraghanta

ॐ देवी चन्द्रघण्टायै नमः॥

Om Devi Chandraghanta Namah

Prayer Mantra

पिण्डज प्रवरारूढा चण्डकोपास्त्रकैर्युता।

प्रसादं तनुते मह्यम् चन्द्रघण्टेति विश्रुता॥

Pindaj Pravararudha Chandkopastrakairuta

Prasadam Tanute Mahayam Chandraghanteti Vishruta


या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ चन्द्रघण्टा रूपेण संस्थिता।

नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Chandraghanta Rupen Sansthita

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah

Dhyan Mantra

पिण्डज प्रवरारूढा चण्डकोपास्त्रकैर्युता।

प्रसादं तनुते मह्यम् चन्द्रघण्टेति विश्रुता॥

Pindaj Pravararudha Chandkopastrakairuta.

Prasadam Tanute Mahayam Chandraghanteti Vishruta


आपदुध्दारिणी त्वंहि आद्या शक्तिः शुभपराम्।

अणिमादि सिद्धिदात्री चन्द्रघण्टे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

चन्द्रमुखी इष्ट दात्री इष्टम् मन्त्र स्वरूपिणीम्।

धनदात्री, आनन्ददात्री चन्द्रघण्टे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

नानारूपधारिणी इच्छामयी ऐश्वर्यदायिनीम्।

सौभाग्यारोग्यदायिनी चन्द्रघण्टे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥

Animadi Siddhidatri Chandraghante Pranamamyham

Chandramukhi Ishta Daatri Ishtam Mantra Swaroopinim.

Dhandatri, Ananddatri Chandraghante Pranamamyham

Nanaroopdharini Ichchamayi Aishwaryadayinim.

Saubhagyararogyadayini Chandraghante Pranamamyham

Kavach Mantra

रहस्यम् शृणु वक्ष्यामि शैवेशी कमलानने।

श्री चन्द्रघण्टास्य कवचम् सर्वसिद्धिदायकम्॥

बिना न्यासम् बिना विनियोगम् बिना शापोध्दा बिना होमम्।

स्नानम् शौचादि नास्ति श्रद्धामात्रेण सिद्धिदाम॥

कुशिष्याम् कुटिलाय वञ्चकाय निन्दकाय च।

न दातव्यम् न दातव्यम् न दातव्यम् कदाचितम्॥

Rahasyam Shrunu Vakshyami Shaiveshi Kamlanane.

Shri Chandraghantasya Kavacham Sarvasiddhidayakam

Bina Nyasam Bina Viniyogam Bina Shapoddha Bina Homam.

Snanam Shauchadi Nasti Shraddhamatren Siddhidam

Kushishyam Kutilaya Vanchakaya Nindakaya Ch.

Na Datavyam, na Datavyam, na Datavyam, Kadachitam

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Mythological tale related to Maa Chandraghanta

According to the ancient texts, the gods and asuras fought a prolonged war in the distant past and had Indra Dev as the gods’ lord and Mahishasura as the Asuras’ lord. Mahishasura won the battle, defeated the gods, and took control of Indra Dev’s throne to rule over heaven. 

The gods became concerned and rushed to Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (collectively known as Tridev) to seek a solution to the problem. They revealed that the demon Mahishasura had captured Indra, Chandra, Surya, Vayu, and other gods and deprived them of their authority before taking control of heaven.

The gods said that because Mahishasura rules over them, they can go nowhere in heaven. Hearing this, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shankar became enraged. The three deities’ mouths began to emit energy because of their rage, and this energy combined with the one that emerged from their bodies. 

Following this, it began to expand in each of the ten directions. A celestial deity only then appeared there. Goddess received Trishul from Lord Shankar, while Mother received Chakra from Lord Vishnu. Similarly to that, other gods gave the mother their weapons. The deity received an hour from Indra Dev. Surya Dev also offered the goddess his sword’s sharpness and a lion to mount, and she was named Maa Chandraghanta after that.

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The war between the demon and the goddess

Following this, Mata was totally ready for the battle with Mahishasura. Mahishasura, the demon, realized that his time is near after seeing his gigantic appearance. More hordes of demons joined the conflict after Mahishasura commanded his army to attack the mother. 

Nevertheless, Mata Chandraghanta slayed each one of them at once. Along with killing Mahishasura in this battle, Devi obliterated many other demons too. 

Rituals to follow to please Maa Chandraghanta

On the third day of Navratri, people must worship her, especially if their Kundli indicates that their Mars is weak or that Doshas related to Mars is developing. By praying to her, the Mangal Dosha in your Kundli disappears, and the planet strengthens.

  • Offer the goddess red flowers, a copper coin or other copper object, pudding, dried fruits, etc., on the third day of Navratri.
  • Worship the goddess correctly, and after worship, keep this copper coin with you by putting it in your purse or pinning it to a string and wearing it around your neck. Her grace will continue to be in your life if you do this.
  • If you are struggling with debt for any reason, recite the following Maa Chandraghanta mantra 51 times on the third day of Navratri. By doing this, your loan will wear off quickly.
  • In addition, on Day 3 of Navratri 2023, present a lotus garland to the mother or 48 cloves and 6 camphor by dabbing Makhan Mishri on the lotus petals. It will provide you employment success, financial security, and debt freedom. Moreover, your wish will undoubtedly come true.
  • Provide Roli, rice, flowers, and water to the banana tree’s root on the third day of Navratri, then plant some soil in the banana tree on Navami. You must keep it in your safe. By doing this, your life will continue to be prosperous financially.

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