Plants that can turn the wheel of fortune in your favor

Plants that can turn the wheel of fortune in your favor

Plants are what keeps the Earth alive. They are green beauty which blesses us with life. We all might have read that plants provide us oxygen due to which life is possible. However, apart from giving oxygen and providing basic necessities of life, plants have an astrological aspect too. They have the power to change one’s life for the better. The plants miraculously work in astrology. Some plants and trees have so much importance that it advised to plant them in one’s lawn or garden to bring good health, wealth, peace, and prosperity in their lives. In this article, we are going to discuss those magical plants.

Tulsi Plant

Tulsi plant is beneficial for those households having disputes or fights on petty issues. Also, it miraculously works for those suffering from various diseases. When there is a malefic effect of Sun or Brahaspati on a person or on his house then it is believed the tulsi plant doesn’t grow easily in his home. In such a situation, one is advised to continuously plant this magic plant again and again. The tulsi plant also removes the negative vibes from one’s home and fill it with positivity. In addition, White tulsi also known as Vishnu Tulsi is considered the best to plant in your home.

However, planting at least five trees of the green or Shyam Tulsi plant is also considered auspicious. But, it is important that one should take care of the Tulsi plant. Another important thing to keep in mind is not to offer the leftover milk of puja as it may become an obstacle in the growth of the plant. Another benefit of this auspicious plant is that by consuming the leaves of Tulsi plant, one strengthens his relations with his acquaintances, leads to growth in business and cure all the diseases.


People often have a myth regarding this plant and avoid planting it in their homes. They consider planting it means inviting snakes to their home however this is not true. In fact, planting it is considered auspicious and a good omen. It strengthens one’s Jupiter. The strong Jupiter brings peace, prosperity, and wealth to one’s home.

Money Plant

It is often believed that money plant brings wealth in one’s home. However, one must always remember that money never grows on trees. The plants or trees just create an aura or environment in which one’s business flourishes or leads to promotion in the service sector. At the same time, Karma is also a must. Nothing can happen by merely planting trees.

Talking about the importance of money plant, it brings peace in one’s home and gives the will to fight with any trouble. It is an indoor as well as outdoor plant and protects the members of the home from negative energy. Moreover, one should take regular care of the plant and water it regularly.

Coconut Tree

If coconut grows in one’s home, it is believed to protect one from upcoming troubles. However, it is not possible to grow it in our city houses. But don’t worry, there’s a remedy for that too. Take a Kalash filled with water and place a fresh coconut on it on the eighth day of Navratri. Place it in such a way that the eyes of the coconut are above the Kalash and change the water on a weakly basis. As the coconut will grow, the tiny leaves will emerge out. On one hand, the coconut will be growing while on the other your obstacles would be diminished. It is supposed to bring happiness in one’s home are success in the children’s career.

Peepal Tree

There is a myth regarding this plant that one should not plant it at home. However, this tree is the purest of all and hence Lord Krishna compared him to the Peepal tree in Bhagavadgita. The roots of the peepal trees are considered harmful as they can spread widely and cover a large area. Hence, one can either plant it in a pot or care should be taken that its roots do not climb to your walls.

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