Similarity between scientific and astrological prediction?


A forecast or prediction is a statement about a future event. An astrological prediction is often, but not always, based upon experience or understanding. It applies to scientific predictions as well. No universal arrangement concerns the exact difference between the two terms. 

Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.”

-Steven Forrest

Future events are unclear, so precise details about the same are complicated. A forecast can be beneficial to aid in making plans about available advancements. Howard H. Stevenson writes that forecast in an organization “… is at the very least about two main points: Essential and hard.”

Tarot cards help in astrological predictions.
Tarot cards help in astrological predictions.

Scientific Prediction

In scientific research, a prediction is an extensive, quantitative declaration. It anticipates what would take place under specific conditions. If an apple falls from a tree, it will gravity draws it with a defined and consistent acceleration.

The scientific approach builds on testing declarations that are logical consequences of scientific concepts. Scientists make predictions via repeatable experiments or empirical research studies.

Scientists reject any concept opposed by observations and proof. New ideas that generate many new forecasts sustain. They also do not consider ideas that make no testable estimates as components of science. This process happens until we can make testable predictions.

We use mathematical formulas and computer system models to define the past as well as future behavior of a process. We do this within the boundaries of that design. In some cases, we predict the possibility of a result, instead of details of an effect. Quantum Physics is based on this as well. 

Precise forecast and forecasting are challenging in some locations. These include all-natural disasters, pandemics, demography, population dynamics, as well as weather forecasting. For example, it is workable to forecast the incident of solar cycles. Their specific timing and also size are much more difficult. 

Astrological Prediction

Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”

-Dane Rudhyar

The natural response to the concern ‘Can you make use of astrology to predict the future?’ is present of course. An exact solution to this question is both yes and no. Earth creates predictable psychic environments. So, depending upon one’s astrological education and learning, he or she can see several occasions in advance.

We can direct our thoughts, and the future is never written on the rock. Hence, we have the intellectual capability to move the result and patterns that our minds can play based on the mental stress that influences us. People also consult horoscopes and astrologers for the same.

Nowadays there are several tools available. They calculate horoscopes with the help of house and sign placement of each planet. This software also provides detailed birth chart analysis based on Vedic astrology for free.

This software makes use of innovative astrological methods to calculate natal charts for free. Apart from this, they also analyze personality traits, characteristics and give predictions for the future.

Dwelling on all the crucial factors that play in future prediction, software track and record planetary positions, planets in sign and house and provide planetary aspect analysis. This method makes it very similar to the scientific prediction of the Simulation model.

Here are few models through which astrology predictions are made.

Using the Moon Cycle for astrology prediction

People have lots of cosmic power bubbling with them. It often tends to show up on a very first date, social mingling or when people get in a bar quarrel. If you’ve sown seeds, they usually grow with time.

Emotions bubble up, and individuals blow a fuse, connections start as well as the end or alter occurs in some way. The New Moon is also a means to predict how individuals will feel. They seem like pulling away to reflect and link to their spiritual truth.

This happens to capture a concept that they will nurture up till the Moon that will help them reach their aim. The durations between the New Moon and Full Moon are imaginative.

Also, the duration between the full Moon and new Moon are much less creative, often a bit complicated. Hence, we predict all these durations every month for accurate astrology prediction.

By Locating Inner Planets

We can figure the style for the month and also the primary way people will be acting and even feeling by what sign the sunlight is in. We can also forecast the daily emotional environment by taking a look at what indicator the Moon remains in.

Astrological Planets

The sun stays in one sign for one month and the Moon for 2.5. When you know planetary powers as well as sign traits, you can forecast how inner planets will impact the permanent state of mind of people.

You may have an interest in finding out where each planet will be. Thus, you can use an ephemeris which offers data about which indicator each planet is daily.

There are also outer worlds, of course, that have a significant result on us. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and even Pluto have more significant cycles. These develop foreseeable environments on both the small as well as massive extent on the planet.


We can thereby conclude that there is a similarity between scientific prediction and astrological prediction. However, proving the veracity of the claims is a long shot, and there is still a long way to go for both of them to be integrated under the same umbrella.

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