Will Nifty Touch 20,000 Points By Year-End? Astrologers Predict

Stock market predictions

Stock market? An investment that can make you richy-rich? 

People usally think so and the reult is massive growth in the demat accounts since the last one year.

Stock market is about taking calculated risks and these risks can either be the ‘cha-ching’ you wish to hear or simple erode much of your wealth. But the second scenario can always be countered, and one way to do is through astrology.

Astrology & Stock Market

Like everything else, astrology can also predict the future of the stock market in India. Stock market predictions is a part of wealth astrology and there are obviously a set of planets and combinations that influence an individual’s prospects in the market.

Having said that, before our astrologers predict the stock market’s future in India, here is a small summary of favourable combinations in Kundli that can help an individual in the stock market as per our astrologers: 

  • If the lords of the 2nd, 5th and 11th house conjunct, then chances of making a profit through the stock market are high. 
  • Dhana yoga is formed when a connection is formed between the 5th and 9th house in any of these houses – 2,5,8,11 and 9.
  • When Jupiter is in the ascendant and characterised by lords of the second, fifth and ninth house, stock markets gains are possible. 
  • If Ketu is in your 11th house, the time is favourable for stock market investments. 
  • If the 8th house lord is in combination with Ketu in the 2nd house, it brings sudden money.
  • The position of Mars and Rahu in the 2nd house is also favourable. 
  • Jupiter and Venus in the 11th house make you lucky in the stock market trading. 

Real Deal: Will Nifty Touch 20,000 Soon?

Nifty or Sensex touching higher points means there is an additional flow of capital in the market. The money invested in the market is used by firms to expand and generate income. And as they generate income, you, as a shareholder, also get the profit. So in a nutshell, Nifty trading up at 20,000 points – up from the current 17,800 points – would mean that there would be more money in the market and thus more profit.

But the catch is the fact that both Nifty and Sensex have been falling for the past few weeks amidst market correction. Such as scenario may make one wonder whether to hold on to the wealth or invest?

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Well, as per our astrologers, now may be one of the best times to invest in the Share market as the Nifty, as per AstroTalk astrologers, will cross 20,000 points by the end of the current financial year. As per our astrologers, there is a strong exchange brewing between the Lords of the 2nd (Wealth) and 11th (Wealth and Profits) house with lords of the 5th (Profits through Stock Market, Lottery, etc.) and 9th (House of Fortune) house in the coming months. This signifies excellent success in stock trading for the country as a whole.

So obviously you can consider investing in the market but make sure you don’t go blindly into it. Market investments, as they say, are subject to market risks and you must first invest your time in understanding it before you finally start investing.

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