Sirius portal 2022: Know what to expect from the gateway

Sirius portal 2022

This week’s energy is something special as we shall have a Sirius portal opening. The Sirius portal 2022 happens on the 4th & 5th of July. But, we can still experience Sirius energy throughout the entire week. It’s a doorway that opens and connects us to a higher realm.

Generally, the ancients believed it was a gateway to heaven because of the alignment in the universe. The Sun and Sirius align their energies during this time of the year. We can’t see Sirius as it gets blocked by the Sun. Once this period ends, Sirius shall move away from the Sun, and you shall observe the rising of Sirius in the night sky. Sirius moves higher and higher.

That rising will later become the Lions gateway portal on August 8, 2022. It’s also one of the auspicious periods in the year.  

The Sun, which is also the energy source for all, activates its energy during the Sirius portal 2022. Thus, this is the period to activate one’s energy and align ourselves. So, during this portal opening, the Sun, known as the ruler of all the planets will activate. It ultimately would lead to the activation of our mind, body, and soul. This, in turn, would charge each little cell in our body and aid in its rejuvenation. We can connect with our higher selves. This beautiful gateway allows us to find a balance between body and soul, between the 3D and the 5D world.

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How can we optimise or tap into Sirius gateway 2022?

To reach this high-frequency energy, you can harness it in some tried and tested ways: 

  • Firstly, cleanse your mind and body and eliminate laziness and low energy. It is so because people believe that lethargic energy may act as a hindrance to one’s success. 
  • Next, set your intentions clearly. Try to connect with your intentions. You should have full faith in yourself, trust your goals and then focus on your intuition. 
  • To get proper clarity and guidance, you can light a blue candle. Imagine that you possess protection by a blue cloak. 
  • Blue light is all around you. Imagine a blue light passing through your crown, 3rd eye chakra, then moving down through all your chakras. This light is healing your chakra, nourishing your mind and soul. 
  • Use sound therapy by playing your favourite meditation music or mantra. Then, simply concentrate on your breathing and thoughts. Your intuition will take you through. 
  • This period is excellent for sound bathing, manifestation, journaling, meditation, Chakra balancing, and healing yourself. So, let your intention to receive the Sirius energy do wonders.  

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What is so amazing about Sirius gateway portal 2022?

  • This energy is a free spirit. Thus, it will bring a want of freedom. Every person would like to be their true self, away from bondages. It’s the energy of rebirth after death. 
  • The New Moon that we had last week had sensitive Cancer sign energy. This week, we will have the energy of renewal. Therefore, it is the best time to heal our mind, body, and soul. 
  • Sirius energy is directly related to technology. So, you will find yourself working out with new ideas and upskilling yourself. Technically sound job opportunities or projects will get great success. The creation of blogs, websites, etc., will be fruitful. So, we can easily presume that this energy is completely positive and awesome. 
  • According to modern astrology, Sirius is liberation and freedom. So this time is a free-spirited period. Where one can stay away from all sorts of restrictions. Set yourself free and learn to express one’s inner soul.  

Sirius portal 2022: The dos and don’ts to remember

  • Try to come out of your comfort zone and daily routines. 
  • Stop chasing the mysterious battlefield. 
  • Enjoy this beautiful energy by pampering yourself. 
  • Do the activities that will refill and boost you up. 
  • It’s time to get charged for the year ahead. So, plan for a short vacation or outing with your loved ones, friends, or family. 
  • Try to avoid serious tasks and heated arguments. Thus, keep cool and relax yourself. 
  • Self-care and personal time are very important. So, look out for that.

Blog By- Tarot Nirvana

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