Quarantine- Spiritual Meditation to Connect Soul With Higher Source

Quarantine- Spiritual Meditation to Connect Soul With Higher Source


We all are endowed with the great power, the highest intelligence, the all-knowing wisdom of the soul and the intuition. Intuition is the power that our soul acquires through which we perceive truth directly without any other source or faculty. Intuition is indeed guidance that a person receives during a calm and open state of mind. Many of us have had experienced the strange moment when we encounter a sudden thought in our mind and get to know that the thought is indeed absolutely accurate.

Intuition needs to be developed

Two forces of knowledge are operative since the birth of every human. one is the power of logical thinking, perception, beliefs, etc. and the second is “the power of intuition”. The first one is developed through our interactions, beliefs & experiences while the second one usually remains undeveloped, uncultured; because we often miss focusing on that source of knowledge & wisdom due to lack of guidance and lack of realization of the need to introspect & connect with the higher self.

Our soul often talks to us even if we do not nurture that highest source of knowledge. But we often ignore the messages our soul gives in several ways. Think about the times you ignored your soul guidance. Chances could be so high that you did ignore many times. Your soul wants you to not to marry a person, but wedding invites had been sent, so you “should” not step back now, you’ve spent many years in training for the job, so you should not leave now; while your soul wants you to leave.

Many times we ignore the intuition – our soul talk

We often make decisions based on our first source of knowledge, that is logical thinking and ignore another source of knowledge, which indeed connects us with our higher self, with the universe. Loads of judgments, confusions, circumstances, outer forces overpower our self-desires, beliefs, and self-talk, and we end up ignoring the voice of our soul which shouts to give us the right guidance and consider it as a mere coincidence.

Each time we supersede the soul and universal guidance, the soul tends to get louder; because the universe and the soul always keep trying to help you get through. The soul doesn’t really talk in the same language as we humans do. However, it may use anything to convey the messages and guidance to you; it could be, dreams, people you come across, emails, physical symptoms, synchronicities that make you pay attention.

The soul always tries to guide you at every path, but when you repetitively ignore, you may get guidance through painful interventions, drawbacks or losses. The universe uses any vehicle at its disposal to help you face the TRUTH about who you are and what is aligned with your true self, You just need to stop and pay attention.

Spiritual meditation to connect deeply with the universe

Spiritual meditation takes the meditation process a step ahead to help you connect with the higher self and the universe. This power we all human beings are gifted with is invaluable when faced with difficult situations and charting the best course for a life path. Just relax and be open to anything you receive during the practice. The meditation takes you on a beautiful journey to meet your guides and your Higher Self.

This is a significantly profound and exceptionally emotional journey as the practitioners truly feel the source light and love entering into the body, filling the heart space and make one get connected with radiantly beautiful ‘beings’ who are there to guide, which includes the real “you”, your spiritual self.

How Spiritual Meditation Helps

Spiritual meditation gives you an opportunity to look inwards, connect with higher source and receive guidance. We all pray and seek guidance, but miss to pay attention to the guidance we often receive from unexpected sources.

Hence, one must gain the skills of listening calmly the voice of the universe to make the most of this universal gift called “intuition”. A lot of information can come in all sorts of weird and cryptic ways that don’t seem like messages at all, and so it is sent away. Spiritual meditation helps open your heart and your mind to this alternative information. We all are so used to depending on information perceived through physical senses; we believe in what we see.

However, spiritual guidance often comes in the form of feeling, strong intuitions or mental images. However, we often ignore it as either being unrealistic or made up.

This is disastrous since depending on the physical faculties and rationale alone can make you settle on choices that are against your higher great. Spiritual meditation takes you into the realm of ‘believing is seeing’ where you can see everything as a possibility, not as a physically-limited impossibility.

Ways to perform spiritual meditation

Relax very deeply. Visualize an incredibly bright and beautiful light entering your body and permeating each cell of your body. You feel a deeper connection with yourself. And while embracing this purest energy, you open up yourself to receive guidance. When the meditation level goes higher with regular practice, one can also see his/her spirit guides and angels, and interact with them.

The beautiful experience makes you realize who you really are, what is your ultimate purpose, your powerful potential. It makes you stop seeing yourself as limited. For instance, ugly, incapable, lonely, unwanted, unlovable, etc. and makes you love yourself, love the people around you and love this entire universe. You begin seeing yourself as a radiant being of love and light.

Connecting with your higher self

Meditation opens the doorway between the conscious, unconscious and superconscious minds; it makes you realize your eternality and open up correspondence with the universe. You begin to trust yourself and allow guidance to come your way, which could be challenging skills to learn but also a beautiful experience.

In the beginning, you may or may not feel any difference in your day-to-day life. However, energetically, a lot is happening beneath the surface. Eventually, as the energy compounds, it will lead to noticeable physical changes in your environment. Also, you will notice changes in your body and even in people around you.

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Living life with awareness

All human beings have the gift of beautiful power and must make the best use of it. We often feel stuck in life not knowing where to go. And while running in the race of everyday competition and materialistic desires; we end up avoiding what we truly desire. Or which path is indeed made for us, and get settled in whatever easily comes to us. None of us has time to stay quiet for a while and introspect. And which is why we often let this beautiful power remain undeveloped.

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