Sun Transit In Capricorn 2022: How It Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Sun in kundli

Planet Sun in Vedic astrology is known as the King. Not only it illustrates royalty and your innermost self, but also good health, vitality, and healthy wellbeing. Leadership qualities and the craving to attain a higher position are also what you get from planet Sun. On the other hand, the Capricorn sign signifies organization, order, and discipline. Therefore, Sun transit in Capricorn 2022 is of utmost importance. And, as per your Rashi or Moon sign, it would impact your life in a substantial manner.

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Sun Transit In 2022

Planet Sun usually takes one month to move from one zodiac sign to another. It is an important planet and controls the soul of the native. Representing the father and fatherly figure, it also looks after the creativity and ego you possess in yourself. And, its transit in the Capricorn sign heightens the qualities of the Sun in an intense manner.

There would be a total of 12 transits of Sun in the year 2022. The very first Sun transit 2022 will occur in the Capricorn zodiac sign on January 14, 2022. After a month, you could see it moving to the Aquarius zodiac sign and so on. Lastly, the Surya Gochar 2022 would end in the Sagittarius sign on December 16, 2022.

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Sun Transit in Capricorn 2022: A General Brief

The Sun transition in the Capricorn zodiac sign on January 14 is regarded as Makar Sankranti. Folks who are facing a struggle in the outgrowth of their self-respect and career would get success. Natives who hold plans to settle in foreign lands will seek favourable results.

Because of the fact that Saturn is the lord of the Capricorn sign, most of you might think that this planetary transit in 2022 would not be good for the zodiac signs. But, it is not true. For a majority of zodiac signs, the transit will be auspicious and would help natives in a number of ways. You will enjoy a fresh approach towards life and find yourself efficient and capable towards almost all aspects of your life.

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Let us see how Sun Transit in Capricorn Sign on January 14, 2022, will impact all the Zodiac Signs:

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries zodiac sign

Sun will be the ruler of the fifth house. However, it would transit in the 10th house of your Kundali. The tenth house in Vedic astrology signifies father, arrogance, career, personality, spirit, and self-respect. Impacts of 2022 Sun transit in Capricorn in Aries sign are as follows:

  • People who have an authoritative position in politics and government will enjoy beneficial results.
  • Students with Aries sign who have plans to pursue their career in law, political science, and engineering will enjoy fruitful results. You will find yourself with an increased focus and attention. If you are into internships regarding the following streams, positive results will surround you in it too.
  • Children might tend to distance themselves from their homes and native places. The feeling of isolation would be temporary. Therefore, Aries children must remember not to make decisions in haste and think twice before doing anything.
  • The next consequence of Surya Gochar in Makar Rashi 2022 will be favourable for those who have a strong determination to earn name and fame in their lives. You shall bring changes in society. The same would become the reason for your popularity.

REMEDY: Perform Surya Namaskar early morning every day.

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Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) 

Taurus zodiac sign

For the Taurus people, Sun is the ruler of the 4th house. However, in January 2022, it will transit in the ninth house of your natal chart. 9th house illustrates foreign trips, philosophical views, higher education, and spirituality. Effects of 2022 Surya Gochar shall be the following:

  • If you have plans to settle in a foreign land, this astrological event will influence your plans. It could go either way. On one side, you might delay your plans for a bit. However, on the other side, you might fasten up the process and shift soon.
  • This transit will also affect your health intensely. Taurus natives will enjoy healthy well-being. Those having plans to start with some exercising will seek success as well. 
  • Many of you will become progressive in terms of your career. However, you might alter some of your values. But on the whole, it will be a favourable phase for you professionally.
  • Your mother shall play a major role during this planetary transit in 2022. She would influence you and your personality to quite an extent as per her religious and spiritual views.

REMEDY: Every morning, chant the Gayatri mantra.

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Gemini (May 21-Jun 21)

Gemini zodiac sign

For Gemini natives, planet Sun is the lord of the third house. In January 2022, Sun will transit your eighth house. The house signifies lifespan, joint property, in-laws, secret affairs, and surgery. As a result of it, the Gemini zodiac sign would go through the following results:

  • Younger ones in your family might create troubles for you in your personal life. They might disturb you and become a bit of a hurdle, pushing you towards some delays. 
  • In fact, there are possibilities that your personality might create doubts in other people’s minds. They may become susceptible towards you and see you with an eye of doubt.
  • Sharing what is running in your mind and heart with someone close to you will help you during this transit phase in 2022. However, avoid the same doing with your father as there are high chances that the conversation might go otherwise. You two might get into conflicts as well. 
  • Travelling during the Surya Gochar in Makar Rashi 2022 might stress you out. Thus, it is advisable that Gemini natives avoid any sorts of trips and tours in this duration.

REMEDY: Everyday in the morning, recite the Ram Raksha Stotra.

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Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 22)

Cancer zodiac sign

For Cancerians, the planet Sun is the ruler of the 2nd house. It would move to the seventh house of your birth chart. The seventh house in Vedic astrology signifies life partner, contacts, people, and partnerships. Sun would be weak here. And, Cancer natives will go through the following results because of the Sun transit in 2022:

  • You shall have an edge over enemies. In other words, if they plan anything against it, you would fight back strongly and will be through it without trouble.
  • Profits and gains will be there if your father or spouse owns a business. The same will improve your financial conditions on an overall basis. 
  • During this transit phase, you shall also make new friends. In fact, your social circle would expand too.
  • Career-wise, you will enjoy appreciation from your seniors and fellow mates. Natives who are into trading antiques or running an NGO would enjoy a favourable time. Profits will come to you. Plus, planning for the expansion of business would be great as well, during this phase. 

REMEDY: On a daily basis in the morning, meditate on Surya Yantra.

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Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Leo zodiac sign

For Leo people, Sun is the ascendant house lord. During the transit in January 2022, Sun will place itself in the sixth house of your Kundali. The 6th house is for diseases, court cases, enemies, competitions, disputes, finances, and challenges. As a result of it, Leo men and women shall go through the following impacts:

  • Being favourable for you, you will overcome any issue coming from the side of your enemies. Their tries on creating obstacles in your way won’t be successful. 
  • Leo natives, who are under debts or loans, shall get rid of them during the Sun transit in Capricorn 2022. In fact, your financial condition shall improve as well. 
  • People in government services would attain recognition. Your self-esteem would improve. It eventually will help you grow personally in your life.
  • Competitive aspirants will get success as well. Leo students who have their semester exams scheduled during this time shall study with focus and dedication. 

REMEDY: Facing in the East direction, every morning chant or listen to Aditya Hriday Strota.

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Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo zodiac sign

For Virgos, Sun will be the ruler of the twelfth house. It will transit in the fifth house of your natal chart. The fifth house in Vedic astrology signifies love relationships, art, higher studies, intellect, children, and romance. For Virgo people, the transit of the Sun in Capricorn in January 2022 will cause the following results:

  • People who are married and have a family shall see their children grabbing an opportunity to study abroad. There are high chances that they get this solely on the basis of their braininess and talent.
  • Interestingly, even you shall get involved in foreign affairs via governmental organization and seek benefit from such matters.
  • However, if you possess a malefic Sun in your birth chart, you might go through a tough time during this transit of Sun in Capricorn in January 2022.
  • As a consequence of the point mentioned above, even your children shall face difficulties in students and matters related to the foreign settlement.

REMEDY: Use a copper mug or glass to have water.

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Libra (Sep 23-Oct 23)

Libra zodiac sign

For the Libra men and women, Sun rules the eleventh house. And, on January 14, 2022, it will transit in the fourth house of your birth chart. 4th house in Vedic astrology denotes mind, motherhood, and vehicles. Here planet Sun would act not-so-good for you. As a result of it, you shall go through the following consequences:

  • Hindrances of all sorts are what you shall face during this planetary transit in 2022. Be it your professional life or your personal one, nothing will come to you the easy way.
  • Those Libra natives who wish to buy a vehicle must avoid it till the Surya Gochar 2022 in Makar Rashi is there. With it, dealing with matters related to property would be a bad idea as well.
  • Chances are high that your friend or someone close to you might become a reason for disturbances and hurdles in your life. They may block your road to success, making you feel frustrated and disturbed. Avoiding such scenarios and dealing with things with a calm mind is highly advised by our Astrologers at AstroTalk.
  • Finances will hold immense importance in your life during the Sun transit in Capricorn 2022. Thus, think twice and sanely when making any investment during the transit time.

REMEDY: Chant the Suryashtakam every day in the morning, looking in the east direction.

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Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 21)

Scorpio zodiac sign

Planet Sun is the ruler of the tenth house for Scorpio natives. During the Surya Gochar in 2022, it will move to the 3rd house of your natal chart. The house illustrates short trips, younger siblings, writings, communication, neighbours, and administrative jobs. Following will be the results of this planetary transit in 2022:

  • The bond you share with your neighbors would get intensely influenced. It could be either way. On one side, you might get better with them and bond accordingly, while on the other hand, you might build up some opinionated issues regarding some aspects of life.
  • Your overconfident nature may cause you some troubles, especially in your professional life. You might think that it is helping you build your image, but wouldn’t be the case. Instead, you shall fall down if not kept the same in control.
  • Scorpio men and women who are into journalism and media shall face criticism. Your personality in your esteemed firm might come into question. Thus, you must overlook your pointers before presenting them in public.

REMEDY: Put an extremely high-quality Ruby in the ring finger of your right hand, carved in copper or gold element.

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Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sun rules the ninth house of the Kundali for the Sags. And with the Sun transit on Makar Sankranti 2022, it would be in the second house.The 2nd house, as per Vedic astrology, depicts property, speech, family, savings, eating habits. And, with this 2022 planetary transit, you shall see the following results:

  • Because of the authoritative nature of your father, your abilities to earn and save money would get influenced. Where you shall plan for yourself a statistical sheet of earnings and savings, your father would push you towards doing something as per his plans.
  • There might arise some family emergencies during the Sun transit in Capricorn 2022. Your strict attention towards the same shall be needful on a priority basis.
  • Ahead, as a result of transit 2022, Sagittarius people who have a political background or possess an interest in politics shall seek benefits. Along with it, if you hold connections with the government or governmental organizations, favorability and benefits would surround you from all sides and corners.

REMEDY: Every morning, recite the mantra Om Ram Ramaya Namaha.

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Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn zodiac sign

For the Capricorn, Sun acts as the lord of the 8th house. In January 2022, it will move to the first or the ascendant house for these sign bearers. 1st house in astrology signifies spirit, government, fame, personality, physical, and self. As a result of this astrological event, you shall seek the following impacts:

  • Capricorn natives might get involved in some sort of secret activities. You shall hide the same from your close ones and behave awkwardly weird around them.
  • In terms of career, Sun transit in Capricorn 2022 will be beneficial for you. You shall attain sudden recognition at your workplace. The same would help you get fame and a sudden hike in your income.
  • Those of you who are into some troubles regarding inheritance in your family would find themselves out of it during the transit phase of Sun in Capricorn 2022. 
  • Lastly, those planning to approach someone for a relationship or love commitments, must not do so. The time will be unfavorable for you and may burn your chances to be with them forever.

REMEDY: On Sundays, give away free medicines to someone in need.

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Aquarius (Jan 22-Feb 18)

Aquarius zodiac sign

Planet Sun rules the 7th house for the natives of the Aquarius zodiac sign. During the Surya Gochar in Makar Rashi 2022, it would be in the 12th house. The twelfth house denotes expenditure, spirituality, holding high ranks, loss, hospitalization, foreign residence. And, the folks shall see the following happenings during this planetary transit:

  • If you are involved in any activities related to abroad countries, you shall see favorable results around you.
  • However, if your spouse works as an employee in some company, you might suffer from the ill impacts of the transit. It is highly advisable that you ask your partner to keep their ego in control and handle situations sanely.
  • Because planet Sun here is in its enemy sign, you might feel weak around your enemies. Any hurdle thrown by them in your way might act as big trouble for you. So be careful.
  • Marital bliss would also seem difficult for you during the transit of the Sun in Capricorn 2022. You may run into arguments with your spouse and face hindrances in managing your marriage.

REMEDY: On Sunday, donate jaggery to the needy ones.

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Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces zodiac sign

For the Pisceans, Sun is the lord of the sixth house. During the Surya Gochar in Makar 2022, it will be in the 11th house. The eleventh house in astrology denotes income, profits, elder siblings, professional networks, and completeness. As a result, you shall see the following happening during the phase:

  • Whether you like it or not, you might have to work under your elder siblings during this period. Sentimentally, you might not connect with them. However, your financial conditions would improve because of the same.
  • If you possess an authoritative position, you might go through immense opposition drama. They might create hindrances in your life and make it tough to deal with the situation. So, beware.
  • Sun transit in Capricorn 2022 may not act well for the Pisces children too. In studies, you might lose focus. Some might possess temporary health issues as well.

REMEDY: During the dawn, chant Surya Ashtakam every day.

*Make sure you follow the remedies under the guidance of an astrologer

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