Must-Have Lucky Charms For Each Zodiac Sign In 2022

Lucky charms for zodiac signs

Lucky Charms have been with us for ages. Like really, many people, even today, wear anklets and consider it as a lucky charm. But do you know that the Harappan people also used to wear anklets? And that would be back in 3500 BC. Like many things, the belief in lucky charms is also a world-renowned concept. The popular belief has been passed down for ages, and thus today, astrologers have been able to define the suitable lucky charm of each zodiac sign

People usally consider whatever is close to their heart as their lucky charm. For example, some people suggest keeping a 786 numbered note in your wallet. And though, yes, that would be lucky for you, but then there are more things; keeping which by your side can make you luckier. What are they? Hear it from our astrologers, who reveal to us the Lucky charms 2022 that each zodiac sign can use for luck and prosperity.

Lucky charm for Aries zodiac sign in 2022

As per horoscope 2022, the upcoming year is going to be full of ups and downs for you. Though you will work hard, but you may not get the results you desire very soon. So you may be wondering what would be the key to a successful, prosperous and happy new year 2022? Well, that would be a key. As per our astrologers, the lucky charm for Aries in 2022 is a key, especially your home keys. However, if you don’t carry home keys, you can choose to wear a key pendant or bracelet too. 

Lucky charm for Taurus zodiac sign in 2022

The lucky charm for the Taurus zodiac sign in 2022 is number 7. Interestingly, it also happens to be the Taurus lucky number for 2022. If you see this number often in 2022, know that something fortunate is going to happen for you. And how to see the number more often? Maybe buying a t-shirt with the number seven printed on it? Or a phone cover?

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Lucky charm for Gemini zodiac sign in 2022

As per astrology, the Gemini zodiac sign must keep Chirmi beads with themselves in order to attract luck in 2022. Chirmi beads don’t stay with unlucky people, so if they vanish (you lose them) somehow, it is a sign that some kind of problem is headed your way. But the good part is that now you would be aware of it and the credit goes to your 2022 lucky charm.

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Lucky charm for Cancer zodiac sign in 2022

The Cancer sign must try to plant a sunflower plant for good luck in 2022. The Cancerians are warm affectionate people and are known to care for things. So even after all the care, if the sunflower plant dies (during its season), there is a possibility that something fishy might happen to you.

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Lucky charm for Leo zodiac sign in 2022

Leo natives must keep horseshoe at their business area or at their residence. Luck is favouring Leo in 2022, and thus, keeping a horseshoe in your vicinity will ensure you are guarded against any kind of buri nazar aka evil eye. Horseshoe is one of the most beneficial Lucky charms in 2022 for Cancer along with dices.

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Lucky charm for Virgo zodiac sign in 2022 

Moving on, the lucky charm for the Virgo zodiac sign in 2022 is the evil eye. Make sure you choose a wearable eye evil, like a pendant or bracelet and not one that is for decorative reasons. The evil eye in 2022 will safeguard you from people who are jealous of you. And honestly, they will have reasons to be jealous of you in 2022.

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Lucky charm for Libra zodiac sign in 2022

Have a study table? Office table or simply a table? Bring a glass tortoise home and place it there as it is your lucky charm for luck and prosperity in 2022. Also, when you place the tortoise, keep it on a glass plate, fill the plate with water and let the tortoise face the northeast direction.

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Lucky charm for Scorpio zodiac sign in 2022

The Scorpio natives can choose to keep Sidh Swetark Ganesha at home for luck and prosperity in 2022. When installing this lucky charm at home, make sure it is always facing the north direction. This lucky charm is believed to keep one’s family happier and enhance bonding between couples too.

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Lucky charm for Sagittarius zodiac sign in 2022

Sagittarius natives should bring home a small old vessel made of Tamba and keep it at home filled with water. Light a candle in the vessel. Tamba will absorb the negative energies from your surroundings and help in creating a positive ambience for you to live in. 

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Lucky charm for Capricorn zodiac sign in 2022

Capricorn natives must keep four-leaf clovers with themselves as it is their lucky charm for 2022. The clovers symbolise hope and prosperity. They will also embed a sense of belonging in you and save you from the harmful effect of laziness. And when that happens, you will be able to achieve your goals much swiftly.

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Lucky charm for Aquarius zodiac sign in 2022

Considering lucky charms 2022, bringing home a wind chime would be very lucky for the Aquarius natives. The chime should be made of glass and placed in the northeast direction of the home. The sound produced by the chime will fight the negative energies and whoosh them away. 

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Lucky charm for Pisces zodiac sign in 2022

Pisces natives must start wearing a watch in 2022 for good luck. Watch is said to make the native aware. It will help you in being mindful of what you need to do and what you shouldn’t. In a nutshell, wearing a watch will enhance the decision-making capabilities of the Pisces individual. 

That’s all for our lucky charms 2022, but we wonder what is your current lucky charm? Do let us know!!

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