The important Yantras in astrology and how to install them


Your Kundli forms as soon as you are born. And, by the state of planets, a significant amount of your life gets determined. A person may be born with many doshas. Expert astrologers advise worshipping the yantras in astrology about the planet causing troubles in your life.

Yantras are vital for eradicating planet-related negativity and obtaining divine benefits. Yan signifies a tool in Sanskrit, while Tra indicates the cessation of suffering. God himself created and bestowed yantras onto humanity. There are 56 yantras, and Gods and planets are honoured by each yantra. Moreover, worshipping an energetic yantra will delight the yantra’s presiding deity or planet.

Most important yantras in astrology

Although there are 56, some are more significant than others. To begin there is Sri Yantra. It is believed that the entire cosmos is inside this yantra. Then, there are yantras for each planet in astrology, including Rahu, Brihaspati (Jupiter), Mangal (Mars), Ketu, Shani (Saturn), Surya (Sun), Budh (Mercury), Shukra (Venus), and Chandra (Moon), come in at number two on the importance scale. Another highly important yantra is the Lakshmi-Kuber yantra. People believe that it brings prosperity, fortune, and luck. If we move ahead, you call to look for the Saraswati yantra, which symbolises wisdom and is best for school-age children.

How does a yantra get its energy?

If you wish to seek the advantages of a yantra, you must activate it. You must keep it on a level surface towards the direction of the reigning deity. To cleanse the yantra, use gangajal, and repeat the mantra of the presiding God 108 times. Chanting the mantra while lighting an incense stick would help you to focus better.

What to consider when worshipping a yantra?

Yantra in astrology can facilitate your connection to God. As a result, there are some considerations to make when worshipping a yantra.

  • Never use it after ingesting alcohol or eating anything that isn’t vegetarian.
  • If the yantra slips from where it is hanging, you cleanse it again.
  • Remember that you should never keep a yantra close to your feet. It is highly disrespectful to the Gods and the planets.

1. Profit-increasing yantra, or Vyapar Vriddhi yantra

It is an extremely potent yantra designed for business people. This yantra helps one increase the revenue from his commercial endeavours. Not only it paves the path for more revenues, but also provides the naive with fresh ideas for obtaining funding from additional sources. Additionally, it shields the company from rivals’ and others’ ill wishes and jealousy-related ailments. People who frequently experience losses in their businesses must employ this yantra as a must since it will undoubtedly be highly advantageous for them in the long term.

Setting the yantra: It would be auspicious if you put up this yantra on a Sunday during the brighter part of the moon cycle. After hanging this yantra, one should recite the Lakshmi mantra 108 or 1008 times.

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2. Saraswati Yantra

To show devotion to Goddess Saraswati, the deity of wisdom and study, The Saraswati yantra is installed. Because, she is a goddess of righteousness as well, of all the yantras in astrology, it is highly important for children of any grade, class, and age since applying it allows one to do better in school and surpass others. Success in competitive tests is possible, and a comfortable life is possible.

Setting the yantra: Vasant Panchami or Thursday are the two most favourable days to place this yantra. Moreover, take a bath and put on some light-coloured or yellow clothing. Take it to a chamber designated for worship or study and bathe it with panchamrit. Following that, the yantra should receive an offering of yellow or red flowers. Plus, recite the Saraswati mantra 108 or 1008 times.

3. Kuber Yantra

Kubera is the Lord of riches. You shall seek abundant prosperity in life if you worship the Kubera yantra. Not only do you receive all kinds of material benefits, but also enjoy a regal life and do many noble deeds. Keep this yantra in your office, cash box, or home safe, and you shall obtain money from other sources. Anybody may apply this yantra, and it can transform anyone from rags to riches.

Setting the yantra: On Dhanteras and Diwali, you can install this yantra in astrology. Another option is to build this yantra with the help of a knowledgeable pandit or astrologer. The yantra should be panchamrit-soaked before being presented with crimson flowers. The next step is to recite the Kuber mantra 108 or 1008 times. After that, display it wherever you like— in an office, house, or store.

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4. Mahalaxmi Yantra

The Goddess of riches and pleasure is Mahalakshmi. In a native’s life, she is capable of anything. She can transform a commoner into a king. To ensure that one never has a financial shortage in his lifetime, one should always seek the blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi. By employing this yantra, the native attains prosperity, offspring, and good fortune. Moreover, you can experience all types of material and bodily pleasures. This yantra in astrology can eradicate all forms of negativity from a native’s life and restore happiness and prosperity.

Setting the yantra: On the day of Kaartik Amavasya, you can establish this yantra. Take an early bath, bring the yantra to the puja room, and give panchamrit and flowers to it. After that, recite the Lakshmi mantra 108 or 1008 times. The yantra should then be kept in a safe locker at home, in the office, or in a cash box.

5. Mahamrityunjay Yantra

One of the yantras blessed by Lord Shiva, the deity of death, is the Mahamrityunjay yantra. People repeat the Mahamrityunjay mantra for healing purposes for those near death. Similarly, the Mahamrityunjay yantra protects against all negative effects and wicked deeds committed by foes. Moreover, it prevents someone from passing away too soon. It also serves as armour for many people, providing constant protection.

Setting the yantra: Take a bath in the morning before bringing this yantra to the patient or puja room. Remembering Lord Shiva, seek his blessings. Then, recite the mahamrityunjay mantra at least 51 times, immersing the yantra in charnamrit. Place the yantra with the patient or in your pooja room after offering milk and Bel pattar.

6. Shree Hanuman Yantra

Lord Hanuman is always by the side of those who invoke his name when they are in need. The Shree Hanumaan yantra is the best technique to appease the Lord and solve your issues. The native’s family receives knowledge, consciousness, wisdom, and tranquillity through this yantra. When someone is struggling, they should invoke the name of Hanumanji, bow before the yantra, and confidently beg the Lord for his blessings or the end of their terrible days. The Lord will undoubtedly pay attention to them.

Setting the yantra: Tuesday is the day of Hanumanji. Thus, take an early morning shower on Tuesday and offer sindoor, rice, bananas, flowers, and incense. Next, recite the Shree Hanuman Chalisa at least 21 times before placing the yantra in your pooja room. Wear red and consume red food, such as red-garnished rice, etc. Observe fast and recite the Hanuman mantra 108 or 1008 times in your thoughts and prayers.

7. Shri Yantra

Another yantra for obtaining wealth and happiness in life is the Shri yantra. It is one of the yantras in astrology which employs everyone seeking monetary and interpersonal success in this lifetime. Lakshmi Ji blesses this yantra and helps you attain all types of siddhis and well-being during one’s lifetime.

Setting the yantra: On events such as Navratri, mahashivratri, Deepawali, or Akshay Tritiya, put this yantra. Early in the morning, take bath and place the yantra on a crimson cloth. It is feasible for you to wear red clothing as well. Present the yantra with panchamrit, sandalwood, red flowers, gulaal, roli, and rice while meditating on its mantra. Chant the Sri mantra 108 or 1008 times and place it in your safe room or money box.

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