Things to know if having sex with a Taurus

Taurus sex

The second sign of the zodiac jungle and the Bulls of the chart, Taurus are one of the most sensual signs on the list. Ruled by Venus, it is obvious that sexuality is a big part of their personality. They are the masters of the second house of possessions, material things and value. Taurus sex is not simply sensual but they attach a larger value and meaning to their sexuality.

Pisces and Taurus are some of the signs most likely to attach spiritual value to intercourse, something that appeals to their romantic Venus side. So if you are in the process of wooing a Taurus, these are the things you should know when having sex with a Taurus.

They do not appreciate flings


Taureans dictate over value, to them everything no matter how trivial, has value to it and they do not accept otherwise. They are not one-night stand people. They do not look for quick hookups or situationships, they need commitment and honesty. If someone is looking for something quick and simple, Tauruseans are not their best bets. You have to appreciate their company; you have to make them feel cherished and put in the effort. Easy is the last thing this Earth sign is. So if you are not there for the long run, you might wanna rethink your decision.

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Romance them


Taurus is one of the most romantic signs on the zodiac list. They love being romanced. This is perhaps on top of the list of things to keep in mind about sex with a Taurus. This is the reason Tauruseans get attracted to Libras very quickly even though they lack the commitment and stability that the bulls love so much. Take them out on dinners, buy expensive wines, bring flowers and pull the chair for them. They notice the romantic gestures very quickly and are quicker to get attracted to it. Courting makes them feel valued and they like nothing better.

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Foreplay is everything


The secret of pleasuring a Taurus lies in the foreplay. Do not try to rush to the intercourse, Taurus hate nothing more than being rushed. They are relaxed individuals and prefer their sexual experiences similarly. Take time exploring them and appealing to them. Do not expect them to get straight to it. Taureans have to be initiated into it. Do not make them feel rushed because they will call it off without fear. With a Taurus, slow and steady indeed wins the race. You will not get anywhere with them if you try it quick and fast. You might want to aim for slow and steamy instead.

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Erogenous zone


Every zodiac sign has a dictated erogenous zone. These are areas that lead to instant arousal and pleasure in the individual. If you want to know things to keep in mind about sex with a Taurus, it is only obvious you might want to know their erogenous zone. For the Venus-ruled Bulls, it is the neck. While getting it on with a Taurus pay special focus on the neck. A deep tissue neck rub will make a puddle in your palms. They absolutely love kisses up and down their throats, including playful nibbles and deep love bites sometimes hard enough to leave marks. They will proudly show off the marks if they love the process enough.

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Smells and Scents


Taurus has a very sensitive sense of smell. One of the reasons for their appetite, the smell is a medium for impression formation when it comes to this Earth sign. If someone smells bad, it is a deal-breaker for them. They leave never to return again. To romance a Taurus the right way, smelling good gives one the extra edge they need. Use perfumes and scents, the best you can find and tickle their olfactory senses to arousal. Use of scented candles will help build an environment of comfort for them and they will absolutely melt in the fragrance.

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The best brand of Vanilla  


One thing to know about sex with Taurus is that sexual encounters with them are often vanilla but really the best brand of vanilla out there. While they are ruled by Venus they are not brazen and proactive with their sexuality like their counterparts Libra. One should never try to push the Taurus into becoming more proactive since they simply do not enjoy it. They enjoy meticulousness, stability and comfort, something that is very well provided by being vanilla. They are most erotic when they are conservative and wish to maintain that equilibrium.

Tried and tested


Taurus love to go for tried and tested methods. They know what has worked for them sexually and they believe in repeating it instead of going off the syllabus. They are known for their love of routine and they like to maintain that in their sexual encounters as well. Once they know what works for them they will stick to it. Some find it to be boring but Tauruseans take pleasure in the comfort of knowing what is coming. Unpredictability is just not what they look for.

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They are not spontaneous

They do not like things at random. Taurus love stability and comfort and does not appreciate being forced out of it. They need prior notice before their sexual encounters. They prepare themselves during this period and make sure that they are comfortable with what will go down. Most Taurus just can’t get their heads around the concept of a quickie. However, if you can handle pre-planned sex, you’re likely to find them to be satisfying in bed.

Do you have an advantage?

When it comes to knowing things about sex with a Taurus, one naturally wants to know if they have what it takes. These are signs that have the best sexual compatibility with Taurus.

Taurus: No one knows what a Taurus wants better than a Taurus. They will satisfy each other and will never go back. No one can match the sparks of when the horns lock. When two Tauruses come together, there is an understanding of the importance of setting the scene and being totally comfortable before getting it on.

Scorpio: Taurus is one of the few signs of the zodiac that can actually match the intensity of Scorpio. Taurus and Scorpio are astrological opposites, their experiences together are magical. In this case, opposites definitely attract to create some serious heat.  

Libra: Both Venus-ruled signs put equal value on sexual experiences but their approach toward it is very different. While Taurus enjoys steady vanilla sex, Libras love to experiment.

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