Tumblr To Get A New Owner?

Tumblr, sold by its owner Verizon Media has shook the industry. Recent reports suggest that the micro blogging is being sold to WordPress owner, Automattic.

In the world of leading social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter which garnered larger market shares. Tumblr, a micro blogging website soon made its presence and rapidly garnered the audience eye.

Read on to know what prompted Tumblr to sell it off to a new owner. Also what factors influenced such decisions.

Success Tumblr

Tumblr Tale Of Success-

Founded in 2007, Tumblr, owner David Karp innovated thee idea when he was on an internship programme at New York. David Karp always had the idea of tumblelogs. Soon after he found  of having his own tumblelogging platform.

Along with a developer Marco Arment, Karp soon launched his own blogging platform. After loads of hardwork and research, he launched his own blogging platform in February 2007.

Tumblr serve their users to convey via 7 kinds of upheld pictures, media, video, content, audio, dialogue, quotes and links. Besides, the post can be performed within a click of a button, provided on the dashboard. Enabling clients to drive the ideal media to their tumblelog, looking towards people in general.

The idea of Tumblr was envisioned with providing users with the most easy and comfortable way. It enabled users to communicate their thoughts on the micro blogging platform.

In just two weeks of its launched, Tumblr garnered a base of 75,000 users. Later in 2011, the app received an enormous funding of $125 millions from various investors. Various investors like Spark Capital, Union Square Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Martin Varsavsky, Fred Seibert, John Borthwick and Krum Capital.

Then later in 2012, along with Adidas, Tumblr featured it first and foremost brand advertising campaign. They altogether launched an official soccer Tumblr blog and eventually bought placements on the user dashboard. Hence the company witnessed it very first official big advertising campaign.

Downfall Tumblr

Downfall Of Tumblr-

In spite huge success, the company experienced a slight downfall and several critical claim among the industry. In 2017, Verizon Media bought the company after it bought Yahoo.  Same year, Tumblr founder David Kapr, left the company due to some personal reasons.

Automattic purchased it for under $3 million, as indicated by Axios, a staggering drop in an incentive from the $1.1 billion Yahoo paid for it in 2013. In spite of the fact that it bodes well.

Tumblr was at one time an enormously compelling power in the blogging and social media platforms, however it become less so under Yahoo and after that Verizon’s tenure.

Whereas other social media platforms like Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram moved to fill the void. These platforms become a lot bigger social media influencers eventually. All things considered, Tumblr has a functioning and devoted network.

 Later in December 2018, Tumblr put a ban on the adult content which lead to its downfall in the Google Trends. Since the start of January 2019, the content ban plunged many users to shift to other platforms. Official reports suggest that Verizon Media has been looking for a new Tumblr owner for months and has finally found one.

New Tumblr

Will New Owner Give It The Much Needed Stability-

The latest reports suggest that Tumblr owner, Verizon Media, is now looking for a new owner for the company and is all set it to sell its franchise to WordPress owner. At the moment, Verizon is in talks for selling it for a small amount of what it was esteemed at 5 years prior. Recent reports suggest, WordPress owner bought for just $3 million.

Acquisition of Tumblr by Automattic, is the massive ever on the basis of price of head and count. Tumblr staff will be well taken care of. Since after the transaction take place, no staff will find themselves in vulnerable positions of losing their jobs.

Executive of both the companies, i.e., WordPress and Tumblr will proposedly look out for ways in building up their services and functionality more.

According to reports, one piece of being a supplement to WordPress is perhaps sharing services and functionality. Tumblr has a portable interface that officials could use to use WordPress’ very own mobile platform.

It’s not clear what different administrations the two organizations may share, yet considering both are blogging stages somewhat, there’s space for experimentation.

Astrologer’s Opinion-

According to our Astrologer Acharya Raman, who is a numerology expert. This will be a failed exercise and the decision will prove fatal to Automattic because they won’t be able to achieve what they wanted from this sale.

Tumblr= 4+6+4+2+3+2= 21

Automatic= 1+6+4+7+4+1+4+1+3= 31

Automatic totals to 4 and Tumblr totals to 3 ans these are not friends with each other. Because 3 is the number of Jupiter and 4 is the number of Rahu. They are very different. There can be a steep downfall in the use of Tumblr in the time to come later in 2019. Thus this year is also not turn out to be a good one for the Tumblr company.

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