Vastu Tips For Diwali 2021: Easy Ways To Bring Home Prosperity

Vastu tips for Diwali 2021

One of the most prominent festivals, people of multiple religions celebrate Diwali or Deepawali all over India. To bring home prosperity, people perform the Laksmi Pujan to seek blessings from Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. But, what if we tell you that by following some tips, you can improve your chances of having immense welfare this festive season? Well, it is possible.  Adopting these Vastu tips for Diwali 2021, you can wear off negativities from your house and bring home Sukh, Shanti aur Unnati.

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Diwali 2021: Date and Puja Subh Muhurat Timings

Diwali occurs every year in the Kartik month on the 15th day according to the Hindu calendar. And, this year, the auspicious festival is on November 4 Thursday.

The Amavasya Tithi on Diwali 2021 would start on November 4 at 6:03 AM and end at 2:44 AM on November 2021.  Among which the Pradosh Kaal would be from 5:34 PM to 8:10 PM, and Vrishabh Kaal would be from 6:09 PM to 8:04 PM.

As for the Subh Muhurat for the Lakshmi Pujan, the auspicious time would start at 6:09 PM and end at 8:04 PM with a duration of 1 hour and 56 minutes.

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Vastu tips for Diwali 2021

  • The very first and one of the most important Vastu tips for 2021 Diwali is to assure that your house is neat and clean. You should also remove items such as broken utensils, broken furniture, and non-working electronic gadgets during Diwali cleaning. Also, eliminate the old clothes and waste papers or your Raddi ka Samaan prior to the festival date. Doing so would remove the negative vibes and ill impacts of malefic planets Shani, Rahu and Ketu.
  • What’s Diwali without the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi? Because worshipping them is very lucky, you must get the deities’ idols composed of soil. You can also pick one made of Ashtadhatu.
  • Off to next is the positioning of the idols for the auspicious Lakshmi Pujan. And for Diwali 2021, our Vastu Experts at AstroTalk suggest you keep the idols facing either the North direction or the East one. For worshipping, the West direction would be suitable too, but avoiding the South one is what you should not forget.
  • While doing the decorations, make sure you decorate the entry of your house with Rangoli or flowers. With that, go for a Bhandhanwaar of mango or Ashoka leaves, as people believe that these keep the negativities off your house.

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  • To put the lights for decoration, the Diwali Vastu tips 2021 says that if you are accessorizing your office and it is East facing, go for the yellow lights. And, for those who have South-facing houses, decorate your home with red lights instead of blue or green. For offices and homes with West facing, use blue and white lights. Lastly, for the North facing ones, furnish your Ghar with, green and white lights.
  • Next from the Vastu tips for Diwali 2021 is to get positivity in your house by painting and furnishing it. You must go for the light colors according to the Vastu. Plus, remember to paint the kids’ room with any shade of green.
  • Last comes the gifting section. And, for that, the big Vastu tip is not to gift or offer your friends or family members firecrackers. Gifting knives or weapons of any kind would be a bad idea too. Adding to it, also avoid giving black leather material things. It could harm or adversely affect your relations with them and their wellbeing too.

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Other 2021 Diwali Vastu Tips

With those main ones, there are a few other Vastu Tips for Diwali 2021 that you must remember:

  • Remember to light diyas or candles in every part of your house and in each room. If you have a water tank, hand pump, or well, don’t forget to light a diya there as well. It would please the Lakshmi Goddess and would bless each part of your house.
  • Don’t miss the Akhand Jot on Diwali 2021. Lighting a lamp for the entire night near the idols.
  • Next, do donate clothes to poor children this Diwali, especially to the poor girls. As the Vastu says that it attracts wealth and immense riches.
  • When you perform the Puja, do not keep fruits and flowers which broken, half or have cracks. As per Vastu Shastra, keeping the broken ones is considered highly inauspicious.

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