How to Keep Our Vibrations High During Self-Quarantine

How to Keep Our Vibrations High During Self-Quarantine

We all are aware that presently the world is experiencing great change and difficulty to survive with. This is the time when the entire world is experiencing panic and fear due to the pandemic COVID – 19 mainly know as ‘CORONA VIRUS’. Every day we are getting new updates related to this and the virus seems to have spread worldwide, affecting people physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Emotions and questions arising this time

Most of us are in self-quarantine. It has resulted in the biggest lifestyle change that is the lack of mobility. During such time, it’s obvious that each of us will feel fear, sorrow, anger, anxiety, tension, irritation, etc for many different reasons.

There must be running a lot of questions in everybody’s mind like how can we keep a healthy mindset during all of this difficult time? How do we keep our inner self centered, grounded, and balanced when everything seems to be unpredictable? How can we keep our vibrations high when things are changing moment? 

Ideas for Self-quarantine

Well, here we are to some ideas that might help you to develop a healthy mindset to cope up during self-quarantine period

Consuming High Vibrations Food:

This is key to any healthy lifestyle. By the term “high vibrations food” we mean consuming organic foods that are loaded with natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients. If possible it is best to eat foods as close to their raw or natural state. This means to cook food with a minimum of preparation. It is advised to cook food at low temperatures and only for as long as it is needed. This will help to hold back the natural enzymes and nutrients in your foods.

Acknowledge Gratitude:

Life tends to move by without any hesitation or showing any sign of slowing down. In this difficult time, it’s too easy to forget to be thankful for all the awesome things, one has in their life. Keeping an eye on what one is thankful for and acting on those feelings of appreciation, will not only make one happier but actually boost one’s immunity and keep them healthier.

Being compassionate towards yourself:

Whenever we feel upset, we should try to take a breath and admit our feelings to ourselves. We often deal with a lot of pressure to stay positive and not feel difficult emotions, and we may curse ourselves post being upset. When we admit our feelings and accept ourselves despite our difficulties. Admitting how we feel and compassionately telling ourself “That’s fine, I’m fine” also brings a lot of mental clarity. This helps to see the next right step if a resolution is needed.

Dedicating time to exercise:

We spend a lot of time sitting down on the computer or laptops and with clients since the maximum of the population is working from home. Spending so many hours and working on laptops can be draining for us. One of the daily practices that we can help ourselves to stay energized is to take breaks and exercise. We can take a break for yoga, dance, martial arts or even a short walk inside the premises.

Introducing Stress Management practice:

Introducing a stress management practice daily, such as meditation, self-healing,  deep breathing, etc can be a great help. It is very important to calm the central nervous system. It allows the body and mind to automatically return to a state of balance. The kind of practice we choose isn’t as important, it could be in many forms. Meditating is one of the best ways to reduce stress, relax, raise our vibrations and check in with your heart and subconscious mind. 

Connecting life with Music:

Music is literally the best form to increase vibrations instantly. Many people use music to raise their vibrations and enhance their mood. No matter how difficult the day is, trust me the moment you pick up an instrument and feel it vibrate through yourself, you will instantly feel better. It is advised to avoid music with negative lyrics. As its energy can lower our vibration, and music with positive lyrics and energy can raise our vibration. Chanting mantras does equally work with listening to music.

Raising the vibrations and aligning our chakras is how one can open to a new level of abundance, clarity, certainty, self-love and attract prosperity. This is how one can not only align with fulfillment, joy, love, and harmony in one’s life. However, this is how we step into your responsibility for humanity. This is how one can step into own’s role and attract the positive change in order to return more love, peace, and balance on earth.

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