Wealth Astrology: Money, Business, and Remedies

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In today’s era, everyone needs money, all want to live a life full of luxuries. No one wants to take loans for small needs like studies, homes, vehicles. But at times rich people also need to take loans to grow their empire, to make their business bigger. In today’s article, we will discuss how we can see the status of money, property, income, loan and overall wealth in the horoscope.

On seeing the horoscope, natives can understand their finances and wealth. From the horoscope of a person, the ability to take a loan and pay off loan amounts can also be predicted. Keep in mind that Vedic astrology has its own rules, it’s own conjunctions and some exceptions also.

Wealth in horoscope

In Vedic astrology, the second house in a native’s horoscope is the Dhana Bhava or the money house. The second house is a bank of funds. If the second house is in a good state and doesn’t have an effect of inauspicious planets, native’s money life will be balanced. 2nd House also reflects the personal finance of a native.

Wealth horoscope

In addition to the 2nd House, the strength of the 6th, 10th, and 11th houses also needed to be checked. These are also known as “Upachaya House” which also means prosperity. When all these 3 houses are properly activated they result in money growth. 6th House should be very strong for payoffs of loans and debts.

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Best Business options based on Horoscope

Job is a more secured career option in comparison to business is believed generally. But some others believe that business provides financial freedom. Below mentioned are a few major planetary positions and based on those profitable business ideas for natives:

  • Taurus or Pisces Sign with Venus in 2nd House: Profitable businesses are cotton, textiles, silver, and Manufacturing.
  • Libra or Aquarius Sign with Saturn in 11th House: Stock market investment will be beneficial.
  • Saturn in 10th House in Libra or Capricorn, Iron, steel or oil business will be profitable.
  • If Moon is present in Taurus, Mercury in Virgo or Saturn is present in Libra in 11th House, in that case, most profitable businesses for natives are machinery and manufacturing units.

Conjunction for Wealth in the horoscope

Conjunction In Astrology
  • Venus present in the 12th House in horoscope results in native’s life full of luxuries. Such people can also take a loan for buying luxuries.
  • If Moon is in a good state in a horoscope, it also makes a native rich and wealthy.
  • In case, Jupiter in the horoscope is in conjunction with the moon or on the 7th, 10th, 11th place, then this creates Gaj keshari Yoga, which proves to be great for money and property.
  • If the lord of 9th house (house of luck) and lord of 10th house (house of career) see each with 7th vision, it is an indication of better performance and growth of native in a job.
  • If the 11th House is affected by auspicious planets, it results in good income and gains. means the flow of money is maintained for all whole life.

Remedies to improve finance and wealth

Who doesn’t wish to be wealthy?

In today’s era, we can live life in a very enjoyable and prosperous way with money. “Kuber” is the god of wealth. The primary way to be assured that you are consecrated with good wealth is to make lord kuber happy. Below mentioned are few remedies to make lord kuber happy and be wealthy:

  • Place a mirror in front of the locker, such that the mirror reflects the image of the locker.
  • Start chanting the Laxmi mantra on a daily basis for getting rid of loans and debts.
  • On the first Friday of every month, donate yellow cloth and Kheer to unmarried girls.

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