When Coronavirus Will End? Prediction by Expert Indian Astrologer

When Coronavirus Will End Prediction by Expert Indian Astrologer

We are aware that convalescent plasma is an experimental procedure for patients of Coronavirus/Covid-19. The plasma enrichment technique entails taking blood plasma from a person who has recovered from the disease as it contains antibodies that can boost immunity and help in recovery.

COVID-19 and Astrology

There is an astrological relationship between blood plasma therapy and Mars. In Astrology, Planet Mars represents blood and platelets, rectum, and red bone marrow. It represents muscular tissues and colon.

Also, Mars is the planet that signifies our immunity and stamina to fight diseases. It also represents the colour red that symbolises heating, stimulating, expanding, and acts as a tonic. The planet stimulates the nervous system and regulates the circulation of blood.

It has a particularly important role in stimulating the lymphatic nervous system also and helps to overcome the cold sensation in the body in addition to problems of chronic cold and nervousness.

As Mars is transiting on May 4 at 9.39 am to Aquarius, which is an air sign, coming out from Capricorn where it was creating Vish (poison) yoga with Saturn, as Saturn represents the western part of the world. Therefore, the pandemic was out of control in those countries. For instance, countries such as the USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, and Japan are yet under a great threat.

It has caused devastation on a physical, mental, and financial level. Mars is very friendly with Moon and Jupiter. Where Moon governs our lungs, esophagus, thymus gland, and water, while Jupiter governs the liver, kidney, and blood in arteries. While it can be seen that this virus is impacting the liver, kidney, and disrupting the blood flow to the arteries, leading to heart failures, it’s essential we follow a diet rich with foods that align with these planets.

Coronavirus Pandemic- Role of Colors to Beat COVID-19

There are three primary colors: Red, yellow, and blue. If we mix red and yellow food together, it turns orange. This stimulates the nervous system, increases platelets in the body, and betters blood circulation. Along with red and yellow, incorporate white food options too. The color is symbolic of the Moon and will aid in strengthening the lungs. The Moon in the last quarter of the new moon weakens immunity. Thus, the Moon diet along with red and yellow diets are important to fight coronavirus.

Coronavirus Pandemic in India- When will it end?

From January 17-24, from February 15-23, from March 16-24, and from April 14-23, the Moon transcended into its last quarter as the new moon. From May 14-22, the transition may lead India into the third phase of the pandemic. The first quarter of the moon looks harmful from April 30-May 7. A combination of red, yellow, and white foods may help.

Muladhara Chakra meaning root chakra is red in color which represents Mars. This chakra is adapted to planet Earth and its positive energies help build health, home, and career. Hence, it’s essential to increase the energy of Mars to fight the virus.

Moreover, Coronavirus will begin to diminish in India from 21st May 2020. While around 21st June, when the Sun reaches Northern Hemisphere, COVID-19 will begin to vanish from India completely. However, the year 2020 is the year of calamities. After 16th November to 18th February, global situations might take a worse turn. As far as Astrology suggests, a pandemic similar to greater than Coronavirus may hit earth in the same time duration.

Yoga and Ayurveda to end Coronavirus-

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