Coronavirus Tips- World Fights Against Corona| Astrological Aspect

Coronavirus Tips- World Fights Against Corona Astrological Aspect

Presently, the earth is under the wave of coronavirus tips. Across the world, people from all the nations, professions, and belongings are encouraged to put a full stop on the Coronavirus outbreak. Every day, they come up with different ways to offer gratitude towards the heroes who are helping the world fight against COVID-29.

Let’s see what Astrology has to tell about Coronavirus. However, before that, let’s discuss Google Doodle to encourage saving lives.

Google Doodle- Coronavirus Tips

As Coronavirus patients are increasing day by day, the Google Doodle urges people to stay home and stay safe. It gives message to the world to stay home and save lives.

Google Doodle- Coronavirus Tips

Every day, Google observes enormous number of people using the portal to ensure their work. In order to address a larger section at once, Google features different doodles in its logo. It spread awareness. In the past few days, Google offered gratitude towards doctors, cleaning services, courier services, and food services across the globe through doodles. Continuing with its campaign, on Thursday, it featured an animated gif to promote Stay Home. Save lives. Help Stop COVID-19.

The colorful doodle gives a hint about how people can stay home and yet stay social. It encourages staying home with family to avert the risk of infection. The doodle features the alphabets of word “GOOGLE”. Herein, the first letter is “G” is reading a book. Then, “OO” are enjoying the bliss of music. Whereas “G” is talking on the phone, “L” represents exercising, and “E” is connecting with their loved ones over phone calls. Furthermore. when a user moves the cursor over the Google Doodle, it says “Stay Home. Save lives: Help Stop COVID-19“. In addition, one click on the doodle links you to all the necessary information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and how to stay safe from the infection.

How India is Fighting Against Coronavirus

As of today, 23rd April, there are 21,393 cases of COVID-29 in India. Here, the first case of Coronavirus came into existence on 31st January 2020. Since then, the government has offered uncountable Coronovirus tips and precautionary measures to stop the COVID-19 outbreak. Though India was one of those countries that were fighting very again coronavirus. However, Delhi Police evacuated 2,361 people from the Markaz Banglewali Mosque in Nizamuddin a few days ago during an operation that lasted five days.

This is India’s greatest COVID-19 complex incident. The Tablighi Jamaat meeting was the reason behind 20 percent of the national events registered so far. The Health Ministry said that if the incident Jamaat hadn’t happened, the rate would be slower. However, as coronavirus prevention, the government is ensuring lockdown extend till May 3rd.

Lately, students, teachers, doctors, and many other people are doing there best to prevent the outbreak rage. Now the question is, when will coronavirus end? Let’s see what our expert Astrologers have to tell-

Astrological Aspect of Coronavirus

People all over the world go through one similar question over and over again these days. All they want to know is, When will Coronavirus end? However, even the greatest researches across the globe have no accurate answer to this question. In this situation, taking the help of the ancient science of Astrology, the best Astrologers of India have tried to answer this question.

According to Jyotishacharya Amrita-

Initially, if we summarize this year, it’s 2020. It sums as 4. In Astrology, the sign of Cancer that is dominated by the Moon. Now, if you look, we have two of 2 that stand for the Moon in numerology. Now, if we add the 2’s, we get 4 that are governed by the Rahu in numerology. Our heart, mouth, lungs, and blood is governed by the Moon. In Astrology, Moon and Rahu are not friendly planets. As Moon is auspicious and Rahu is unruly, Moon never is happy with Rahu. Therefore, this yoga is more likely to produce bad results.

Read here detailed Coronavirus Astrological Analysis by Jyotishacharya Amrita.

Connect here with Jyotishacharya Amrita to Know more.

Coronavirus Tips and When Will Coronavirus End?

In medical aspects, there can be extensive development after the Sun Transit in Aries 2020. It is an astrological event when the source of life, Sun will enter fierce fire sign, Aries. It will bring growth in the medical sector. As a result, a few Coronavirus Vaccine is about to be tested on humans. Additionally, numerous researchers across the globe have begun their testing for coronavirus vaccine.

Gradually, it will bring things at their normal pace with the end of June month. As a result, the coronavirus will wash off after June 2020. Nevertheless, the complete recovery will take its due time. Therefore, panic among citizens will remain for a while.

When will Lockdown End?

As per our expert astrologers, COVID-19 will begin to recede when the Sun will pass Rahu and take up Revathi Star. It is a gigantic astrological event. Thus, many people are waiting for it. This event will slowly minute the impact. Owing to the decline in negativity due to Mars transit in Aquarius on 4th May, there will gradual lifting of the lockdown.

However, immense precautions will be necessary to ward off another threat. Thus, as a precautionary measure, the month of June will be happy optimistic. Additionally, our astrologers’ mention stars suggest the disease will be gone in a jerk. The month of September will observe ending of COVID-19. Till then, one of the best Coronavirus tips is to maintain social distancing.

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