4 Zodiac Signs That Will Likely Remain Single In 2022

Single zodiac signs

You all might be expecting great things from 2022, right? But are those ‘great things’ knocking at your door too? Be it our career, health, business or love life, we all have some kind of New Year resolution for each of these aspects. And honestly, while some things or resolution we have total control over, some, on the other hand, at butter in our hand. The same is for love; because your 2022 new year resolution could be to fall in love, but this list of zodiac signs who would likely remain single in 2022 might have different plans for you.  

In one’s Kundli, the placement of Mercury and Venus is what control the mushy traits like love and relationship. And thus, a weak Mercury or Venus in 2022 could be a hindrance to your ‘I will find love in 2022’ plans. Having said that, here is 4 zodiac signs that our astrologers predict will likely remain single or would find it difficult to find love in 2022.  

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1. Gemini

Hey all the Gemini folks, we wonder whether you are shocked or relieved to find out that you are amongst the 4 zodiacs who are most likely to be single in 2022? It looks like it is your year to celebrate the solo lifestyle. Though you are likely to feel the void of relationships, but as per our astrologers, the end of the year might bring some surprises in terms of love for you. However, romantic relationships are less likely to flourish at the starting of the year, and if there is any fling, then taking it slow should be the way to go. 

Gemini Love Horoscope 2022 says that good things tend to take their own sweet time and you should abide by the wheel. Nevertheless, for all the high on self-love Geminis who seek some space to focus on personal stuff, 2022 is your year. Being a twin sign, if you are likely to stay single in 2022, it should not be a problem because as you are used to enjoying your twin company. Also, did we tell you that it’s very difficult to make the Gemini feel lonely? 

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2. Aries

Aries pals are among the zodiac signs that are most likely to remain single in 2022. To the Aries people already in a relationship, Aries horoscope 2022 suggest you to work on your relationship as some problems in a connection can arise in mid-2022. Also, astrologers hint that most single Aries are to remain self-focused and are not really ready for a relationship in 2022. Well, if you want to stay away from the mess, don’t force anything to happen. 

However, it’s not like you won’t be able to find someone to have those love moments with. It’s simply that if you find someone, you will have to put extra effort and commitment (which is not your strong trait) to make things work between you two. Looking at your Love horoscope 2022, some of the tough time in love awaits you. Thus in 2022, Aries must work more on the relationships that they already have and maybe delay the urge to find the perfect partner just yet. 

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3. Leo

Leo is a natural leader, independent and confident zodiac sign. And if you like being that way, aka, independent, then the fact that Leos are on our astrologers’ list of single zodiac signs in 2022 shouldn’t bother your much. Leos are usally not afraid of staying single as they are often too occupied to feel the void of a relationship. In 2022, apart from being occupied, it’s the transit of Sun and Mercury that has the potential to impact your bond with your partner. 

Horoscope 2022 clearly says that stabilization and reshuffling the goals of your life should be the sole motto this year. To do that, you must maintain a good balance of things in your life and to achieve the same, you might have to keep love out of the picture. Leo should focus on their career-related opportunities and enjoy the single phase of their life. 

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4. Capricorn

Last on the zodiac signs who are likely to remain single in 2022 list is Capricorn. Capricorns, if you are dreaming to find your Prince or Princess in 2022, then this year, you might have to rein the urge. Starting 2022, due to the planetary transits, you are likely to face issues in your love life, and thus might want to stay single to avoid any kind of love conflict. Nevertheless, if you play your cards in the right direction, you may cross paths with a special friend, who might become more than a friend going forward. 

The new year 2022 is all about the planning and execution of things for Capricorn. If you do it in the right direction, you can get lucky, and if don’t, then things might get tricky. The driven and ambitious Capricorn should foucs on 2022 with a whatever happens, happen attitude, and won’t mind considering taking advantage of this peaceful break from the urge to fall in love. 

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So, these were the zodiacs that are most likely to remain single in 2022. Remember, these are only the predictions based on the Horoscope 2022 and, placement of the planets. These 4 signs should focus on the positives like enjoying their own company, working on their goal, and just enjoying the fun time while they are single. 

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