These Zodiac Signs Will Not Enjoy When Lockdown Is over

These Zodiac Signs Will Not Enjoy When Lockdown Is over

Socially awkward and very very lazy, these zodiacs will definitely not enjoy when the lockdown is over.

A chilled scoop of ice-cream in the fresh air of freedom is something we are all craving a lot. Our country has seen many years of vassalage. The past few months proved to be equally harassing and upsetting for us. This time, the only difference was the enemy. We still don’t have a proper weapon to defeat it. However, across the nation, our front line warriors are giving their 100% to win over the situation. We salute them.

Meanwhile the combat with COVID-19, there are a few zodiac signs that have absolutely no problem in staying home. They master the art of living in peace and distance. Thus, social distancing, as a rule, was a pleasure for them. They must have followed it wholeheartedly. Now, the lockdown is being lifted from many areas. Therefore, it has become a tense situation for these zodiacs. and they will not be happy when the lockdown is over. Why? Let’s find out-

Aries (21st Mar to 19th Apr)

Aries, well-known for their meek demeanor is unequivocally satisfied with the lockdown. After all, it cuts so much extra interaction with dumb people. For the Fiery Ram, social gathering and attention are the least important stuff. They are comfortable at their home, doing their work all day & night in their 3 pair of pajamas that they wear alternately during the week. It was not tough for Aries to maintain a fine quarantine. Now if the lockdown is over, they must be shattered to leave their den and come out in public.

Cancer (21st June to 22nd July)

Cancerians are homebodies. They are popular for their domestic nature. Would they ever enjoy wandering on streets without purpose? No.

Especially when it is dangerous, Cancer prefers to stay at home. Similar to the Earth Sign Capricorn, these people are deep believers of rules and regulations. One cannot just expect them to break a rule and feel good about it. Besides, Cancerians love being at home and spending time with their people or just with their Netflix. It’s just a matter of time and choice. Wandering in their own fantasy land in much more fun to them than walking on the road where it is not safe.

Leo (23rd July to 22nd Aug)

Leos love to work and be active. What else do they love? Their bed and blanket. Give a Leo opportunity and they can literally sleep anywhere & anytime. With Coronavirus lockdown, Leos had a chance to be in their room for almost a month, binge over their favorite Harry Potter franchise, and waste their time for once.

With the end of lockdown, their freedom to wear filthy comfortable clothes and eat all the junk possible will also end. SO, definitely, it is not good news. Of course, Leos must’ve become addicted to their favorite side of the bed by now.

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