5 Baseless Myths About Leo Zodiac Sign


After unveiling some of the most infamous myths about Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn, we are once again here to scoop out the myths about another zodiac sign. And this time on the list is Leo

People born between July 23 – August 22 are the Leos in the town. Leo belongs to the Fire Element along with Zodiac signs Aries and Sagittarius. It is the fifth sign of the zodiac cycle and shares the traits of a Lion, the King of the jungle. As per the Greek Astrology, lion represents the courage and toughness of the battle between Nemean Lion and Hercules.

A Leo individual is said to be very brave, daring, tough, and dominant in character with some of these qualities being unique only to Leo. These people are born leaders who believe in accomplishing rather than just dreaming about things. Just like a Lion, these people have a tendency to dominate and love being the centre of attention. If you got a Leo in life, you would know how independent-minded and mesmerizingly fun they are to be around. 

The ruling planet of Leo is the mighty Sun that represents determination and energy. The sun rules over our ego, self-expression. Thus with a combination of King lion and mighty Sun, one can only wonder how an overall Leo personality would be like. 

On the downside, Leo people, just like every other Zodiac, too possess some negative traits. They are very outspoken and hence people usually develop a negative image of them in their mind. But then there are also some baseless myths about the Leos, which are completely baseless. Let’s chalk them down.

Myth #1 Leo is Egoistic

It’s easy to assume a Zodiac sign with the personality traits of Lion and Sun would be egoistic. However, that is not with Leo. A Leo doesn’t tend to take things at heart and is ready to forgive until you don’t do something on a repetitive basis. Being a lion sign, Leo does have an ego but the whole of it doesn’t implode on humans. They tend to use it positively in life. Like when they fail at something, it’s their ego that can’t handle failure and inspires them to give something a second try. Also, sometimes, it’s their charisma that has them in the centre of attention wherever they go but that doesn’t mean they are egoistic or rude.

Myth #2 Leo lacks the problem-solving ability

Truth to be told, Leos are one of the most intelligent and confident of all people you would know. Looking at the personality traits of Leo, these people are highly focused and brilliant at figuring out things. In my personal opinion, I have a Leo friend and I don’t think there is any other who is so good at solving problems and that too in the easiest way possible. Although it’s a fact, a person cant solve all the problems, only God has all the answers and he is the only one we all refer to at last. However, putting a statement that Leo lacks problem-solving ability is not at all relevant.

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Myth #3 Leo is Selfish

To be very honest, I don’t know the criteria for how people judge others just by looking at their one side. As we already know, Leos are focused and they don’t like to compromise their goals for anything. Does this mean they are Selfish? NO NO! people with such thinking need to open their minds, explore more, and look at themselves before judging others. However, you may find Leo people more obsessed with the own life because it’s just their nature, once they decide something they will achieve it by hook or by crook. If being yourself is a sign of selfishness, then I will also say Leos are selfish.

Myth #4 Leo is a Bad Listener

Leos are good motivational speakers or you can say they are storytellers who can speak without any hesitation. Just because of their so outgoing behavior people assume that they are bad listeners, they don’t listen to the opinion of others, which is again a misconception about this Zodiac sign. Leo people indeed make their own decisions but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need any suggestion or consultation from others. It depends on the vibes, if they feel a sort of positive vibes from someone, they will surely consider their opinion. However, they may not pay attention to things like complaining or excuses, or bitching about someone. But if you come up with some serious topic, they will stay up all night to find a solution for that.

Myth #5 Leo cannot be a Good Partner

Another misconception, people hold in their minds about this Lion sign. No doubt, these people focus much on their dreams rather than indulging in relationships or making friends but this doesn’t mean they cannot be good partners. Trust me, if you have no one around to listen to what you are going through, Leo can be highly supportive who will guide you, motivate you and you will automatically find a good partner in them. Here partner can include any relationship like a friend, girlfriend, wife, etc depending upon the situation. You will often notice a Leo person having a small circle of 2 or 3 friends but for those Leos can do anything.

At last, I will describe Leo in one sentence “If you are on good terms with a Leo, they will remain by your side even in the worse but if you are bad with them, you won’t find anyone cruel and harsh than these people”

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