5 Myths About Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Myths about Aquarius

We, literally, are having all the fun debunking myths about these different zodiac signs out there. Starting with the 24*7 horny sign Scorpio, we have further unveiled some of the most heard myths about Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. And in this post, we would be finding out myths that has the last Air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, infamous. 

Bearing Aqua in its name, Aquarius (January 20 and February 18) is the water bearer and the mystical healer who bequeaths water or life upon the land. Aquarius in Astrology is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus, as a planet, rules over human traits like innovation, technology and surprising events. This sign is known for its focus and thinking capabilities that help them in doing things with sheer perfection. An Aquarius has the tendency to make the environment and people around feel jolly and after all the hard work, they seek time for themselves somewhere amidst the mountains all by themselves just to vent out and relax. Not technically a loner but well aware of their priorities.

On the downside, just like Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, the other fixed signs of the zodiac, Aquarius can also get a tad bit stubborn. However, Aquarius’ stubbornness is well-thought as they tend to analyse a situation well before making a perception about it. And thus, most of the time, they are right about a situation or even most of the people in their life. 

Cleary all these positives and negatives makes an Aquarius a very difficult sign to understand. And hence people tend to carry their own perceptions about them some of which are right and some just unneeded commentary. So calling out the latter, here are 5 myths about Aquarius zodiac sign. 

Myth#1 Aquarius is Very Preachy

As an air sign, we agree an Aquarian has a tendency to cruise into unchartered territories. And most of the time, these territories are a discussion going on around them that they are not invited too. However, they have a bent for wanting you to listen to their side of the story making many think that all they want is attention. Nonetheless, this is a completely wrong perception of an Aquarius. 

An Aquarius has the leaning towards wanting to improve others, and correcting them is one of the ways of doing it. This sign just can’t sit around and listen to half-baked stories. If they know about something, they don’t shy away from sharing their opinions. This doesn’t mean they are trying to show off or being preachy but all they simply want is to ignite an honest and genuine conversation so that they don’t feel useless. An Aquarius will only speak on a topic they have knowledge of. So, allowing them to share their views is not a bad idea. 

Myth #2 Aquarius is Pessimistic

Really? We get it that an Aquarius have a tendency to anticipate that bad things will eventually happen but one must not quote it as being pessimistic. That, my friend, is being realistic. You must have felt how an Aquarius tries to pile up their savings every now and then? This is because they are always unsure about what situation might pop up. That, literally, is every Indian parent, right? So call it better planning, a trait that an Aquarius might have learned from his/her parents and not being pessimistic

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Contrary, whenever an Aquarius is assured of a situation, they tend to do things like they want them to be done. Whether it is spending extra then they usually would or planning a trip despite the fact that there is piles of work left to complete. Assurance brings them the motivation to do things in their own ways. And that is something we can learn from an Aquarius. 

Myth #3 Aquarius is High Maintenance in Relationship 

Here is another myth that will relieve people from seeing an Aquarius. An Aquarius has a bent to fall in love with whatever they do. And the fact they love what they do so much, they often obsess over it. So obsessed – in a relationship – that they want anything and everything best for the other person. Such people try to adapt to the change they see around them even when there is no need for them to do so. And even if you realise that and tell them that they don’t have to change their ways for the better of the other person, the probability of them listening to you is the slightest.

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So technically, Aquarius adapts to change, for the other person, just like a river change adapts to the course when flowing downwards irrespective of the fact whether they like it or not. Such people will do things while carefully analysing what you seek, and what you say. So simply if you want them to change, you could work on the way you project yourself in front of them.  

Myth #4 Aquarius is not a Good Talker

We get it that an Aquarius often wants to sit alone all by themselves whenever they get the time and opportunity but does not make them any bad with words. An Aquarius can scope into a conversation just like water makes its way into the uncharted territory, unapologetically. And their sharp intellect allows them the power to make some of the most hilarious and humorous conversations. Yes Scorpio, better than you. A hush hush secret, an Aquarius is great at sexting too. 

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If you ever feel down due to whatever circumstances you might be facing, it’s a good idea to sit around with an Aquarius for some serious and fulfilling advice on life, love and anything else. When you have a conversation with Aquarius, you will wish for the time to pause for the moment. Hence, a good talker, and someone you might want to beware of for you might fall for the Aquarius owing to their small yet engaging conversations. 

Myth #5 Aquarius is Uncompromising 

It’s a harsh truth that the world today only listens to reply and not to understand. And in such circumstances, it’s natural for people to get very personal about their opinions. However, Aquarius is different. An Aquarius may have a lot of opinions of their own, which they openly express. Because of this, people think they are confrontational and too stuck in their ways. Well, it’s just one of the many Myths about Aquarius. 

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An Aquarius, like we had said, only speaks when they have enough knowledge about a topic and tend to stand by their opinions. But on the other hand, they also know that might not always be right. This is one quality that makes them separate from the herd. Yes, they may not say directly on your face that they messed up but will try to scoop the apology in between the conversation. They are very open to hearing everyone’s points of view and hence not uncompromising. 

Who else is an Aquarian here? Comment more such myths that you might have heard about yourself and the top comment will get a free session with our expert astrologers


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