6 Zodiac Signs That Love Kids As Per Astrology

zodiac signs who love kids

Everyone loves kids. Who doesn’t want to hold their tiny hands, sniff their heads, and press their chubby cheeks? We are certain that almost everyone will let out an awwh when they spot a cute baby. And no, we don’t just mean women, men too love babies. But everyone likes babies only when they are cute, clumsy, and playful. Most people won’t want to near a baby when it is screaming bloody murder. But there are some zodiac signs who love kids and accept them for everything they are. These star signs have a natural talent when it comes to taking care of children. And babies too are peculiarly gravitated towards them.

Zodiac signs who love children don’t just love their own babies but develop a soft corner for every kid they encounter. They dream to start a family with the right person and have wonderful kids they will love, cherish and protect at all costs. And if they already have children, they have loved every phase of theirs. It doesn’t matter how many sleepless nights they have spent tending to their baby, these zodiac signs want to experience it all over again.

Here are the 5 zodiac signs who love kids and can’t wait to have children of their own.

1. Capricorn

Capricorns are excellent with kids because they vividly remember how they were treated as kids. And they aspire to be even better with children based on the experience they have had as youngsters. Caps are family-oriented and love the idea of a big family with lots of kids running around in their backyard. Ruled by Saturn, Caps also tend to be very mature. They know how to be patient, protective, devoted while making things fun and playful for the kids around them. So, Capricorn, whenever you feel like you want to start your very own family, just lean into it. It will bring you more joy than you can imagine.

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2. Leo

Leos are very affectionate with the ones they genuinely love. And they absolutely adore kids. Each time they see a baby in a mall, restaurant, or across the street, they have this insatiable need to take it in their arms and shower them with love and kisses. Leos are also very caring and they will be constantly fussing over kids. They want to make sure they are eating right, have the right friends, and have every toy that they can demand. Leos can’t wait to have kids. They won’t exactly be what you call very ‘chill’ parents because they want to make sure their kids are raised right.

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3. Taurus

The stubborn bull becomes a whole new person when a kid is in the room. They are usually the fun aunts and uncles who ruin their nieces and nephews by buying them whatever they want. They only go to family get-togethers because there are going to be kids there. Taurus isn’t one to be annoyed when a child walks up to them and asks to play games on their phone. In fact, they would probably use it as an excuse to spend more time with them. Ever since Taurus was old enough to dream and wish, they have wanted a big family. And they will get there, they are just waiting for the timing to be right.  

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4. Scorpio

Scorpios don’t have a middle ground. They are either all in or all out. And trust us when we say that they are all in when it comes to babies. Now, one wouldn’t really expect Scorpio to be on this list of zodiac signs who love kids. Why, you ask? Well frankly, their intensity can be quite scary and they have major trust issues. But babies don’t care about all that which is exactly why the star sign is so chummy with kids. You ask Scorpio to give up on their party plans to babysit and they will readily agree. Because they would much rather be spending time with kids watching cartoons, eating candy, and pillow-fighting.

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5. Libra

Libras have so much love to give and that becomes evident when you see them handling a baby. One of the zodiac signs who loves kids, Libras are not very sure if they ever want to have kids of their own. But that doesn’t stop the star sign from appreciating and loving babies. If they ever do become parents, their children will be the luckiest kids on earth. Libra will make sure their child has everything in life. The zodiac is also a natural caregiver so their parenting style will soft and full of love. You can rest assured that you will be the favourite parent, Libra.

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6. Cancer

Like Libra, Cancer too is very caring, and even more so when it comes to kids. This emotionally sensitive zodiac can’t help but fall in love with every child they come across. For them, it is almost like love at first sight. Every kid Cancer has spent time with remains etched in their mind. They remember their shrill laugh, moodiness, and broken words. The zodiac was born to be a parent but doesn’t believe that they will be to do justice to the role. This is one of the many reasons why Cancer takes so long to settle down and build a family.

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