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In a brand new episode of the Astrotalk Show, we have anchor, actress, and Instagram influencer Shweta Thukral in conversation with Tarot reader SnehaG.

Shweta is a successful anchor having had hosted a number of shows and events for major brands across various sectors. Shweta, who is also a believer of astrology, shares with us how astrology has helped her not only professionally but also personally in her life.

“I won’t say that I always used to believe in astrology. In fact, I never took an astrology reading or session until the time I decided to get married. So when the astrologer was checking my and my husband’s Kundli to check our compatibility, at that time he told me that not only your marriage will work very well, but after marriage, my husband will prove to be lucky for my profession. Honestly, at that time I didn’t believe a thing, but in the last 8 months, I have seen so much growth in my career that now I want to meet the same astrologer again. So I think astrology really works but all you need to do is to find the right astrologer to have that experience for yourself,” Shweta says.

In conversation, Shweta also shares that her sister-in-law is also a tarot reader and how she always suggests her to rely on astrology for guidance whenever in doubt.

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“More than predictions, I need guidance in life. I fear change so when I try to change, I need to know whether what am I doing is right or wrong at every stage. Thankfully, astrology is not just about predictions these days but also how astrologers can also help you feel positive, guide you, and whatnot,” Shweta adds.

Just like Shweta, if you too wish to get a FREE session with your favourite astrologer, then comment who is your favourite astrologer and why in the comment section of the video or send us a mail at

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