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A fresh episode of The AstroTalk Show is here! And once again, we are back with astrologer Sarika Ji alongside another fan of hers – Deepti – as our guest. The chatshow has Sarika Ji answering Deepti’s questions about her career and relationship. 

The duo does a lot of chit-chat around the job, career, personality, and more. Sarika ji is an astrologer, neurologist, leader and master expert. 

The show begins with Sarika Ji deep diving into Deepti’s personality through numerology and tarot cards. She tells Deepti about the influence of Rahu she has in her life.

When Deepti asked, she wanted to know about her career growth and whether she would be selected for the job she applied for. Sarika Ji very well answered her queries.

“Sarika Ji is well versed in knowledge, and I’m impressed with her knowledge. She helped me a lot and vanquished my confusion. She is a great help, a great friend. The way she comforted me in the conversation is one plus point. I have never been so comfortable with anyone else when sharing problems. :- says Deepti

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She also discussed her career field, and Sarita Ji honestly replied to her about the right venture she should walk in. It’s all about the belief, right? Deepti is immensely happy with her chatting partner as they both shared an incredible experience. 

If you also want to ask anything about your health, life, career, education, money or marriage. You can comment down on your favourite astrologer and why and then stand a chance to have an excellent chit-chat session with your famous astrologer.

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