How walking barefoot on grass can improve Shani (Saturn) in kundli

Benefits of walking barefoot

The world heals itself but what heals you? If you will ask your dadis and nanis the question, the instant answer would be walking barefoot. 

We tend to live in a world where walking barefoot on the beach is a wow and walking barefoot on the road is a why? Such an expression assures us that people today, besides being lazy, also ignore the essence of naturopathy.  

Naturopathy is yet another art of healing. According to naturopathy, everything in this world entertains its own energy. And when we combine two forces or energies that complement each other, it leads to healing of mind, body and soul. 

Naturopathy is one of the many ways through which a person can connect with the environment around them. And one way to do it is by simply taking off the shoes and walking barefoot.

What are the health benefits of walking barefoot?

#1 Walking barefoot promotes reflexology 

Reflexology, as the name suggests, deals with the reflexes in our body. The more active your reflexes are, the lighter and refreshed you would feel from the inside. Walking barefoot can promote reflexology. The simple science is that as you walk barefoot, your soles are pressed harder. This interaction of the sole and ground regulates and improves the functioning of the organs in our body.

#2 Helps absorb negative energies

One of the most profound benefits of walking barefoot that our astrologers speak of is that when you walk barefoot, the ground below your feet absorbs the negative energy from your body. Grounding allows you to maintain your root chakra, which is the first chakra of the seven chakras in the body. The root chakra is responsible for confidence building and helps the person feel grounded. 

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#3 Helps improve sleep patterns 

Not able to sleep at night? Try walking barefoot on the grass for 30 minutes. You will be able to sleep much quicker and better. For maximum gains, the best idea is to try walking barefoot after having dinner. It improves the digestion capabilities of the body too. 

walking barefoot improves Saturn

#4 Retunes you psychologically

As you walk barefoot, try to block the unnecessary digital interruptions like cellphones, earphones extra. Try to absorb nature and feel the winds. It’s similar to how you would be on a beach. Let your body loose and you will have the luxury to think better mentally.  

#5 Improves your eyesight

Too much screen-time strains your eyes, which could lead to the weakening of the eyesight. However, the reflexology mechanism can help you with the woe. As you walk barefoot, you put extra pressure on the second and third toe. These two toes own the maximum nerve endings, which arouse the better functioning of the eyes.

#6 Regulates heart health 

Walking barefoot on grass helps in synchronizing your heartbeat. And as the heart gets healthier, it performs its duties of regulating hormone secretion and body temperature better. The mechanism makes your body healthier automatically. 

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Some extra benefits of walking barefoot 

  • Walking barefoot leads to stronger muscles.
  • It improves body balance and body awareness.
  • Walking barefoot betters foot mechanics, which can lead to improved mechanics of the hips, knees, and core.
  • Walking with family allows you extra family time. 
  • It aids digestion and the intake of oxygen in the body. 
  • Walking barefoot can help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar.

How walking barefoot helps you astrologically?

Walking barefoot is related to pleasing the planet Saturn in astrology. It is a great Saturn remedy you can try. As the planet Saturn is a Vayu planet(air), the heightened influence of it can make you feel restless. Thus, a balance of Saturn is needed, which can be attended by walking barefoot. By walking on the grass for a certain distance, you can control the restlessness spewed by the overwhelming force of planet Saturn. 

Planet Saturn in astrology represents the 12th house. The 12th house in astrology is the house of loss. The planet Saturn, who is the son of Lord Surya and wife Chhaya, moves very slowly due to its giant size. Thus it usually stays in an individual life for more than two years. In adverse conditions, the planet could bring sorrow, poverty, misery, loss, and hurdles in life. 

The planet Saturn, however, is also said to be a teacher. By inundating you with misery, it prompts you to work harder. Saturn governs all the bones, legs including feet in the human body. And thus, as you walk, the planet Saturn feels that you are working harder to better your health, which is one aspect that could please it. Planet Saturn appreciates discipline and strictness and being strict to yourself can satisfy it for good. 

So, in a nutshell, walking on the grass barefoot is to help you during the Sade Sati and Dhaiya periods of your life, which are considered very difficult periods for any individual.  

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