AstroTalk’s Astrologers Gets It Right About CSK Winning IPL 2021

IPL 2021 winner

A cracking Dhoni-style finish vs Delhi Capitals to the team finally lifting its fourth IPL title, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) fans are surely over the moon right now.

And honestly, though we are as excited as you are about CSK winning the IPL 2021, but we have an extra reason to celebrate.

A couple of weeks back, we had published a blog in which our astrologers predicted who would win the IPL 2021. And happens, the insightful predictions of our experienced astrologers hit the bull’s eye. 

Predicting Chennai Super Kings horoscope for 2021, we had stated, “Chennai Super Kings seem to be our astrologers favourite as they predict that CSK will make it to the IPL final 2021 and likely win it. This is owing to the strong influence of Jupiter on the team horoscope. However, the one seeking some Dhoni-action may not have much to savour on as the planetary position is not in favour – sports-wise – of Thala this year.”

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In addition, our astrologers also had a live session on Instagram, a day before the IPL final, to explain to the fans the prospects of the final game. In case you missed the same, the astrologers had said, “CSK will dominate the game right from the start. Batting will look controlled, and this will be an easy win for the team fighting for its 4th title.” 

Apart from CSK, the astrologers had also predicted the fate of other teams, including the finalist – Kolkata Knight Riders. For KKR, the astrologers had predicted, “The SRK owned Knight Riders have really been dominating the IPL over the years. And this year too, the team, despite lagging behind in the initial stages of the tournament, is all set to make it to the playoffs and even the IPL final.” However, “the team won’t win the IPL 2021 due to the 9th house, house of luck, not being in their favour,” the astrologers had added. 

To check what astrologers predicted for your favourite team, you may find the predictions here. And yes, do wait for our next insightful and accurate prediction. Till then, you may read about 6 Zodiac Signs that our astrologers predict are going to be lucky in love in 2022.

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