Benefits of all 12 Mukhi Rudraksha

Benefits of all 12 Mukhi rudraksha

Rudraksha essentially means the tears of lord shiva. As stated by the Puranas, Rudra is Shiv and Aksh means tears. It is astonishing to see that there exist 12 Mukhi Rudraksha which are very different. This difference arises in shape, distribution, color, benefits, astrological planets they represent and its properties. Given below is a detailed analysis of your expert team of astrologers to tell you the best Rudraksha according to your Kundli.

Rudraksha Ek mukhi

The One Mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Shiva, the God who has made the whole world, the maker of language, movement, music and Ayurveda and Lord of affection and for the cycle of birth and demise. It is the primary

There is no dread of inauspicious passing. One who gets it and adores it gets not just all the common joys during his life expectancy yet additionally stays unaffected by them. It is a perfect thing for specialists. It encourages them to analyze the malady because gives them achievement in the medical procedure as well.

 Rudraksha Ek mukhi

Getting up toward the beginning of the day the fan should salute the one confronted Rudraksha first, articulating mantra.

This satisfies wants and chops down the issues and hindrances made by the Government or bosses. In crystal gazing it is likewise used to expels the malefic impacts of Sun because it is accepted that it washes away the wrongdoings as genuine as executing of Brahmin (Brahman Hatya).

The wearer gains Brahma Gyani because it prevails upon every one of his detects. It gives unceasing delight to the wearer and moksha after death. Wearing one mukhi defeats from the propensities like smoking, drinking, sedate maltreatment tobacco biting indulging, over the top talking.

In addition, a person may use the Rudraksha Ek mukhi for a Rudraksha bracelet.

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2 Mukhi Rudraksha

The decision god of this Rudraksha is Lord Ardh Nareeshwar, a consolidated picture of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This Rudraksha helps in fitting relations between two people, in this way making more joyful and enduring relations.

It liberates an individual from even the transgression of a dairy animals butcher because it gives a gift of cheerful family, improved associations with all individuals around just as getting a reasonable match

A 2 mukhi Rudraksha speaks to this amalgamates Shiva and Shakti and then an individual attains all-around great relationships. Planetary Powers of 2 Mukhi Rudraksha. The speaking to god is Ardh Nareeshwar.

It prompts the orchestrating of energies between two people and accordingly making cheerful and enduring connections. Astounding dab for improving relationships.

Two mukhi Rudraksha fixes the malefic impacts of Moon. It helps in settling the brain, making an individual deliberate, making an individual finish an undertaking before moving onto the next one. According to the antiquated Vedic writings as this bead cures stress, tension, discouragement, and negative musings.

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3 Mukhi Rudraksha

Three Mukhi Rudraksha speaks to Agni, for example, the fire that consumes and expends everything. This Rudraksha encourages the wearer to battle with a wide range of circumstances and prevail upon them.

Vidyesvara Samhita Suta said Rudraksha is a most loved dab of Shiva. It is profoundly purifying. It evacuates all wrongdoings by sight, contact and Japa SHIVA said If a man isn’t freed after Meditation and obtaining of Knowledge, he will wear Rudraksha. Because a Rudraksha of 3 Faces continuously presents methods for happiness.

Three Mukhi Rudraksha diminishes the ruinous powers inside an individual and develops his innovativeness because it expels the malefic and terrible impacts of Mars.

According to Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, this Rudraksha overlooks the wrongdoing of performing fetus removal. Likewise, it makes the spirit unadulterated and empowers one to carry on with an existence without guilt. Wearing three mukhi defeats from a wide range of ailments and furthermore counters the evil impacts of Mars-like land questions, blood harming and mishaps.

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4 Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksha is honored by Lord Brahma who is answerable for the formation of the entire Universe. In this Rudraksha intensity of Brahma exists in its entire viability and Divinity.


As per Mahabharata, One who wears four mukhi Rudraksha achieves the degree of Dwij, and changes himself to an absolutely new character and accept another and better job throughout everyday life.

Taking one dot of four confronted Rudraksha affix them in a red string, wash it with the Ganga water and unboiled drain and wear it reciting the mantra. This Rudraksha vindicates the individual from different sins including sins like murdering of people or creatures. Additionally, filter the mind because it makes awareness and commits individuals genuinely for the errors.

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5 Mukhi Rudraksha

A five mukhi Rudraksha has five regular lines from head to base. As indicated by Padma Puran wearer precludes over a wide range of living beings. It gives security from all sorts of ailments because it gives mental harmony and happiness. As per sacred writings and Puranas. Also, it’s administering the planet is Jupiter. This speaks to Lord Shiva because he is the image of propitiousness.

The wearer of five Mukhi mala gains wellbeing and harmony. Five Mukhi Rudraksha screens pulse and heart infirmities. By wearing the mala the wearer’s mind stays tranquil. There is no doubt about the way that the wearer of Five Faced Rudraksha mala never gets inconvenient passing.

By wearing its mala the wearer’s mind stays serene. It keeps the circulatory strain normal. Also, the dread of less than ideal passing vanishes.

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6 Mukhi Rudraksha

Six mukhi Rudraksha is a low estimated Rudraksha and it can without much of a stretch be found. A six mukhi Rudraksha is the same as five mukhi yet the significant contrast is it has six lines that began through and through. According to Shrimad Bhagwat, six mukhi Rudraksha relegated to Kartikeya senior child of Lord Shiva and Nirnaya Sindhu importance covered up knowledge. This Rudraksha improves aesthetic characteristics, articulation power and makes the wearer great orator.

The decision planet of 6 mukhi Rudraksha is Venus. Six confronted Rudraksha is the focal point of the intensity of Lord Shiva?s second child, Kumar Kartikeya. It gives learning, shrewdness and information and increments determination. Additionally, it spares us from the common distresses.

A blend of four faces Rudraksha and six face Rudraksha expands the psychological intensity of the wearer incredibly. It is generally excellent for organization supervisors, specialists, writers, and editors and so on. Additionally, it administers Genital organs.

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7 Mukhi Rudraksha

This rudraksha speaks to Mahalaxmi the goddess of riches. This Rudraksha additionally doles out to Sapta Matrikas i.e seven moms. These seven moms are Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumaari, Vaishnavee,Vaaraahee, Indraanee and Chamunda.

As per Brahm Puran seven Mukhi Rudraksha because of Ananta meaning the preeminent master Brahma who is dimensionless. Also, to seven Martrikas (seven mothers) Sun, Sapta rishis (seven extraordinary sages), Mahasen (Kartikeya), Anang (Kamadeva), Ananta (Vasuki), Nagata (Nagaraja).

7 Mukhi Rudraksha

This Mukhi oversees Saturn. This Mukhi sublimates the malefic impacts of Shani, for example, Diseases and Death happening all of a sudden with no reason, impotency, cold, obstacle, sadness, despair, delay in accomplishments, long time ailment, shortage, stress, etc.

Its administering planet is Saturn (Shani). Seven confronted Rudraksha is the image of Anang Shiva. Seven confronted Rudraksha is Saptmatradhi Daivat, Saptashyadevat, and Saptmuni Daivat. It speaks to Goddess Mahalaxmi.

Good wellbeing and riches are favors to him because he wears Seven Faced Rudraksha. The individuals who are experiencing tragedies relating to the body, fund, and mental set-up should wear it. He doesn’t want for more and runs every single work in his accessible assets.

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8 Mukhi Rudraksha

Eight mukhi Rudraksha is an uncommon dab and is found in uncommon in number. This Rudraksha evacuates the impediments and brings achievement. This Rudraksha likewise appeases the planet Rahu. As per Rudraksha jabalopanishad, it is a type of eight mother goddess, eight Vasus and Ganga each of the three gives their endowments to the wearer.

Its decision planet is Rahu. Hence useful in sublimating the malefic impacts of Rahu. Its malefic impacts are like that of Shani or Saturn as in 7 mukhi. Snake nibbles are additionally the consequence of malefic impacts of Rahu. Because the wearer of 8 confronted rudraksha keeps a beware of the malefic impacts of the planet Rahu. They are long-life resources.

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9 Mukhi Rudraksha

Nine mukhi Rudraksha is an uncommon globule and is found in uncommon numbers. Essentially this Rudraksha is oval fit as a fiddle. This Rudraksha is honored by Goddess Durga, the Goddess known as Shakti for example Power.

9 Mukhi Rudraksha

These nine manifestations or Goddesses are – Shailputri, Brahmacharni, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyayni, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri. As per sacred texts and Puranas, Lord Bhairav favors this Rudraksha.

Its decision planet is Ketu, which is a shadow planet like Rahu. 9 Mukhi is useful to sublimate the evil impacts of Ketu. Ketu exacts the infections of lung, fever, eye-torment, entrail torment, skin illness, body torment and so forth. Wearing this rudraksha keeps a mind the malefic impacts of planet Ketu and keeps the wearer from anyone and wellbeing related issues.

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10 Mukhi Rudraksha

It is synonymously called Dus Mukhi Rudraksha in Hindi and some other local dialects in India. This sacrosanct 10 confronted dab symbolizes Lord Vishnu because he is the preserver of the entire universe and this globule is profoundly powerful and valuable.

The individual who wears this consecrated Rudraksha can spare himself and his family from a wide range of danger. The ten confronted Rudraksha is profoundly valuable dot for the individuals who are anxious to have both otherworldly and material advancement. Aside from this, this Rudraksha likewise spares us from the wrongdoing done by the 10 organs of our body.

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11 Mukhi Rudraksha

It speaks to Lord Hanuman, who is the eleventh Rudra or variant of Lord Shiva. Ruler Hanuman is the master of experience, valiance, and mental fortitude. Consequently, wearer of this Rudraksha has an encounter of right activity, boldness, and mental fortitude.

This Rudraksha additionally makes up for the individuals who want to make a decent gift for an extraordinary reason yet neglected. It adds up to the gift of 100 bovines to Brahmins and 100 Ashwamedha Yagnas. He appreciates good karma.

11 Mukhi

This Rudraksha helps responsible for physical faculties. In this way, it is useful for reflection and other Yogic practices. It additionally assists the individual with getting away from the destiny of Akala Mouth or less than ideal demise like a lethal mishap.

Lovers of Lord Shiva can do well with this Rudraksha. This is on the grounds that administering god is Lord Hanuman who decimates every single negative vitality. The gifts of Lord Hanuman encourages one to have an effective existence because free of wrong choices and any embarrassing encounters.

This Rudraksha helps individuals with poor certainty and dread of the obscure. It gives exchange and expressive abilities which are great characteristics for the initiative.

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12 Mukhi Rudraksha

This dot offers security against even mystery adversaries. It is a holy dot of Hinduism which conveys 12 common lines or Mukhas over its surface. It falls under the governance of mighty Sun. All things considered, the individual wearing this dot receives the honor of brilliance, brightness, and quality of the sun.

In addition, this Rudraksha has an intensity of 12 suns. An adversary plotting against the wearer is frustrated. This globule offers insurance against even mystery foes. On the off chance that the Sun is malefic in the horoscope of an individual because its negative effect is appeased by this dab.

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