Will Cryptocurrency get banned in India next week? Astrologers predict

Cryptocurrency ban India

Cryptocurrencies, over the years, have not only made headlines but also billionaires. However, the unregulated virtual currency has always been under the scrutiny of the government for it being used for wrong reasons like money laundering, a hideout for taxable income, corruption, allurement and more. Nonetheless, maybe it’s time when we would finally be bidding adieu to the currency. Why?

Well, we would let our astrologers do the talking.

Earlier prediction for Bitcoin AstroTalk

On an Instagram live, back in the month of June 2021, one of our followers asked the astrologer about the future of Bitcoin in India. Back then, the astrologer had replied, “as per Bitcoin’s solar chart, its Saturn passes through the house of finance, which has been already occupied by Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu. Meaning, there would be many challenges for the currency starting 26 July 2021 to 6 January 2022. During this time, Bitcoin holders need to be very careful.” 

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Happens, another of our predictions seem to be coming true as there are speculations that the government is planning to introduce a bill to ban all the cryptocurrencies in India in the upcoming Winter Session of the Parliament. Hence the future of cryptocurrency is actually bleak. 

Astrologers future predictions for cryptocurrency

The threat of a ban looms over cryptocurrencies and we have already discussed it. But our astrologers believe that chances are that there would be some caveats either regarding the cryptocurrency or the blockchain tech that powers it thus allowing it a minimal existence. However, more government-related issues will spawn back to haunt the currency from 5 July 2022 to 26 August 2022, due to Saturn, Rahu, and Sun antardasha. 

Starting next week till the end of August 2022, it’s no fun ride for the virtual currency. And having predicted that, you must take your investment decisions accordingly.

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